Friday, June 1, 2007

Take a walk with me....

~~My flowers and me
welcome thee~~

Here is a peek at my shade bed....
This big boy is my favorite hosta!
He is a real show stopper!
I got a small division from my friend Barb when I lived downstate....
he grew and grew so I divided it a few times, and now look at him.
He can be divided again!

This is a frances williams hosta!

This little painted lady fern I have to protect ....
last year my chicken girls almost killed her!
They like to scratch in the flower beds for bugs and worms...
well they dug around her roots and she was not happy!
She wilted and stopped growing early in the summer!
I babied her, gave her lots of TLC and talked nice to her
{ begged her not to die}
and now she looks great!

Don't you love columbine?
Their pretty flowers dance above the foliage!
I have them everywhere!
In shades of pinks and purples and creamy white!
I think they like it here....
they reseed every year and pop up here and there!

Last summer my friend was digging out her irsis
and throwing them out because they stopped flowering!
I am glad I came along when I did!
I suggested she divide them and give them room to grow
and they will reward her with new blooms!
She saved a few and gave me the rest !
Look what happens when you give them some room and TLC.

This soft sunshiney lemony yellow irsis makes me smile!
I found a bunch growing wild in the woods
so I transplanted some in my flower bed....
she needed a place of honor!
Is'nt she awesome!

This is my first poppy to open so far...

I planted her last year but did'nt get any blooms....
the bush is filled with buds so there will be more opening soon!
I love their gentleness and vibrant color....
it reminds me of crepe paper... yet soft to the touch!

The first clematis blossom opened...

Look at the vibrant colors... hot pink trimmed in lavender!
I am so excited!
I sure hope it covered the arbor by summers end!

Mmmm can you smell the peonies?

Their fragrance fills the air!
Such sweet sweet splender!
These girls have been with me for many years!
Each time we move I dig them up and bring them with me!
I remember my mums garden...
she had red climbing roses that completely covered the fences
and white peonies that came from her mommas garden!!

I hope you enjoyed visiting my garden!

You are invited to wander thru anytime!

If friends were flowers... I'd pick you!

~~Enjoy your weekend~~


Anonymous said...

Hello, I love your blue columbine. Do you know the name of it? I have to start some seeds for my cottage garden.

Stephanie said...

Love all your pretty plants. You even sweet talk them, huh? It shows! How tall does columbine usually get? Love it!

Angelic Accents

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hi Dolly!

I love all of your pretty flowers...isn't this the best time of the year?


Dolly said...


My columbine shown in pictures are alil over 36 inches tall!
I know there are different kinds out there if you wanted something shorter!

They sure are pretty are'nt they!

Hugz, Dolly

Dolly said...

I am not sure what the names are of the columbines..... I always lose the tags once they are in the flowers beds for a few years!


Nancy said...

What a pefectly wonderful garden; peonies are my personal favorite! Anxious to see more. Nancy