Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Blessings & Basket swaps

I joined Miss Rheas Easter Basket swap,
so I am here today to show you all what wonderful baskets
I received from my partners
and the baskets I had fun creating for them!
This precious basket is from the infamous Miss Viv out on a whim.
She filled it with her precious felties,
there is Miss Lambsy and Quakers the duck
plus 2 eggys and an edible chocolate egg too! :-).
Thank you Miss Viv,
I have always admired your sweet felties!
I am thrilled to have received these precious treasures!!

Close up of Miss Bunny girl!

Above is the Easter basket I created for Miss Viv.
Green gingham fabric wraps the yogurt container base!
I love ruffles so I added plenty of crepe paper ruffles to the bottom
accented with german glass glitter for extra pizzaz,
and I ruffled the top with lace!

Oh la La.......
A bouquet of posies adorn the ribbon tied
to the sparkely chenille handle!

This is the Easter basket I made for my other partner Erin.
Yes more ruffles {I did mention I love ruffles didn't I}
I love the combination of pinks and lavender especially in the spring!
This too has german glitter glass around the bottom ruffles... for sparkle!
I love this basket I sure hope Erin loves it too!

Erins' basket was filled with a cupcake candle, lace, ribbon and tags
and such that I thought she could use for her tote boutique!

Erin creates the sweetest totes
{you should go to her shop and take a peek}

Above is the sweet Easter basket I received from Erin.
In my favorite colors pink n green.
She filled the basket with such sweetness.
Take a look at that egg holder {sa-weet} and the rubber stamp, ribbon, tags,
paint { a girl can never have too many paints} :-)
I love it Erin. Thank you so much!
And BIG HUGE Thanks to Miss Rhea for her genious idea for this swap!
Be sure to visit Miss Rheas blog for more BEAUTIFUL ~ Creative ~ Easter Baskets!

Wishing you all a wonderful Blessed Easter!
Hugz, Dolly

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A bucket of chicken

Now this is what I call a bucket of chicken.......

Lisa Lovebug {a.k.a Mr. Friendly}
loves to play in this 5 gallon bucket that hubby has left on the porch.

She just pecks at the bottom and turns and turns around
in it like its a merry go round,

poking her head up over the side every now and then!!
She is too darn silly!
{ she also keeps the cats entertained }

On another note: remember me telling you we had 15 roosters?

Well they all { except one} got butchered !
Now the hens are more friendly and relaxed!
And laying regularly!
:-) {eggs for sale} :-)

Enjoy your week and don't forget to read my previous post about Cathys' give away!

I am hopping off to spend the week with my grandbabies!
You see I am having grandbaby withdrawals so hubby is sending me downstate to get my fill of those precious kisses and warm hugs!
I will miss you all
as I will have no access to a puter but know that I am thinking aboutcha!
Hugz, Dolly

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring has Sprung Chickie

Happy first day of Spring chickies!
I am really looking forward to green grass, tulips, daffodils, singing birds
and all the new beginnings that spring brings to us!
{especially since we got snow last night!}

My dear sweet friend Cathy @ Treasured Heirlooms as been featured in
the latest Cottage Style magazine!
I am so excited for her!
Congratulations Cathy
To celebrate she is offering a $100 gift certificate to any of her beautiful boutiques!
This gal has talent beyond belief! You have to see her creations!
She is amazing!

Her home is like a candy store.... full of yummy treats!

Can you guess what her favorite color is?????
** I think ~~ PINK **

Stop by Cathys' blog, see her beautiful home and enter her fabulous giveaway!
Tell her Dolly sent you!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Tease

I am loving this wonderful spring like weather God has blessed us with these past few days!

Even though we still have plenty of snow left {a lot has melted}
I couldn't wait to hang my bedding on the line to dry!

I love love love sun dried laundry!
It smells so fresh and wonderful!
Yes I do hang my laundry out all winter {it's called freeze dried} :-)
Do you wanna bet my neighbors think I am crazy! {te-hee}

Today the sun was shinning bright so it dried pretty fast!

And since we have been cooped up all winter we decided to take advantage of this wonderful day and do some yard work!
I had a few pines to cut down....
Wonderful day to burn them since we didn't have to worry about causing a forest fire!
Anyone ready to roast marshmallows?
I am walking on sunshine today!
~~ Hope you are too ~~

Hugz, Dolly

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hooray for a Sunny Day

We are lovin the sunshine!
Hope you are havin a sun shiney day too!
Dolly & Miss Emma

P.S. I will post my birthday party pics as soon as Miss Emma leaves...