Monday, October 25, 2010

You are invited

To the Corpse Masquerade Ball
proper attire demanded or

The Queen herself welcomes you
{she is animated and will raise 12 feet into the air }

This couple actually spins

Love her gown...its beaded and sequins
Have you ever seen a boar in a tux with a top hat?

Look closely at her features.... her skin is drying and rotted.....
so much detail goes into each figure to make them spectacular

The horny devil and his date

This couple actually dips..... it's way cool!
There is also a beautiful crystal chandelier that hangs above the ballroom...
it sparkles with a spot light on it!
More to come soon!

Thank you for visiting I hope
you are enjoying your visit to our haunted halloween street!

Ships ahoy mattee

Arrrr you ready...
Climb aboard yee sinking pirate ship

This is our front yard.....
ready for halloween

sinking pirate ship

with canon that really works
Gold digger pirate wench
Captain Jack Sparrow
Mobsters trying to steal the pirates booty

keeping watch at night
a sparkling treasure chest!
{the pirate holding the lantern tips back n forth, the captain steers the ship
{the wheel moves} and we have fog machines and a strobe light we use at night to make it more magical}

Have a blessed day


Halloween is here

Here are just a few of the halloween displays on our street.
I'll try not to do much talking since there are a lot of pictures here!

HUGE pumpkins donated by a local farmer

Looks like its on fire

Take a look at this home at night

Close up of ghost in windows.. they move and dance
The orchestra guys move and play music
Same house at day time...
it takes on a new look at night doesn't it!

Sparkey..... in the electric chair

Ghouls... made from branches and great stuff

Love the skeletons boosting each other up the side!
I will show you more tomorrow!


I am back

Hello sweet dear friends.
I can't believe its been months since my last post.
Time flies when you are having fun!
:-) I am missing my blog buddys.

We are moved in and enjoying our beautiful new home!
Our neighbors are the best... we already feel like family.
So blessed to live here.
I haven't done much as far as decorating and making many changes
to the house because we have been way too busy thus far!

You see our street is FAMOUS for its Halloween displays.
We have met people from all over
> example > Australia, Texas, France, Kentucky,

Missouri and so on.
It is truly amazing the talent and ideas our neighbors come up with!
I am serious when I say some of the displays are hollywood/disneyland quality!
Animated, walking, talking, unbelievable,
you really have to see it to believe it!

Saturday we had an open house birthday party here for our son and daughter.
All of our guests were amazed at the amount of people that walk up and down our street looking at the displays!
Over thousands each night.

We have been told last year there were 2000 trick or treaters.
Yep 2000.
Thats a whole lotta candy to buy and pass out!
I will share pictures of some of the displays with you tomorrow....

For now you can enjoy my 2 grandbabies

Miss Emma.... my candy corn girl!

Miss Emma wanted to be in the scare crow hole too!

And her little brother Cami was having just as much fun
peepin his head in the holes too!

I miss you and hope to get around to visiting you all...
most likely after the halloween madness.
Be Blessed sweet friends!