Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tick Tock Tick Tock

When you are waiting to hear some news...
Good or Bad!
Times passes so slowly...
Minutes seem to feel like hours!
Our daughter Chrissy, went to the doctor...
I waited by the phone... doodeling, checking the clock, waiting and waiting...
wondering why I didn't go with her!
The phone rings....
Chrissy.... "GOOD NEWS MUM" "doc says I am doing good, the meds are working , my boils are drying up and the new ones are hard and going away"
Me..... big sigh!
"Thank you God"
"whats next?"

"I am staying on the meds for 2 more weeks just to be sure my body is clear!

I am so greatful to all of you for your prayers, good thoughts, emails and well wishes for a speedy recovery for our daughter!
You are all angels!
What would I do without you?
We all know there is power in prayer and your prayers have helped us through this difficult time!
With this I thank you with all my heart!

Big Hugz to each and everyone of you from all of us!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Roses and Roller Coasters

Big Hugzzzz and Thank yous to all who have popped over to check on me!
I miss yous too!
I am sorry it has been so long between posts!

My life has been an emotional roller coaster lately!
I need a vacation.... just to escape life for awhile!
Calgon... TAKE ME AWAY!!! {do you remember that commercial?}

On a more serious note... I am asking a favor from all of you dear sweet angels! Please keep my daughter Chrissy {momma to Miss Emma and Ty}
in your prayers!
She was just diagnosed with MRSA.

The doctor has her on antibiotics and some sorta cream!
I don't know all the details as she was too upset to ask questions before she left his office!

She said basically if the antibiotics do not work she will have to be hospitalized! This is all new to me... I know nothing about MRSA,
I need to do some research and ask lots of questions!

If any of yous know anything or have any advice it will be greatly appreciated!
I am trying to keep a happy face on and a positive attitude
but honestly I am very worried!

** Prayers are needed here girls **

I want to show you this beautiful rose wreath
I won from Miss LeAnn at
For the love of cottage!

I hung it in the princess suite!
I think it looks perfect in there! {don't you?}

LeAnn thank you with all my heart!
You made my day!
You made my heart smile!

Also thank you to Glenda, Sam I am, Jillian and Jan for the
Wonderful award!
I am honored that you girls come and visit my lil bloggy poo!
I treasure our friendships and all of your comments!

Thank you for your prayers
I wish you all a very blessed day,
Hugz, Dolly