Saturday, March 29, 2008

Send her to Grammas'

What to do when your lil princess is not feeling well and you have tons of errands to run, a lunch date and shopping to do???
That's right
~~ Send her to Gramma and Poppys house~~

It breaks my heart to see her this way!
Miss Emma isn't feeling well,

sore crusty nose from wiping too much, runny nose, vomiting, diarrea and just plain old yucky feeling!!!
Don't you hate when your lil angel is sick and there is not a whole lot you can do for them!
Poppy and I just cuddled her and rocked her all day!
By the time she went home we had a load of laundry to do from her vomiting on herself, us , her blankets and towels!
Hubby and I now have that stomach flu or virus or whatever it is !
I feel drained, weak, sore.... and HUNGARY!!!!!
I hope this goes away real quick...... I hate this feeling!

Have a great weekend all,
The sun is shinning and it looks nice out today!
Hugz, Dolly

{P.S. don't ya love Miss Emmas' cherry cuppy cake jammies?}

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I hope you all had a beautiful Easter weekend!
We had a great weekend!
We went downstate to spend Easter weekend with our families.
And to spoil our grandbabies! te-hee
A gramma can't get enough hugz and kisses from those precious lil angels!
Gosh they wear me out, but I love every second spent with them!
My mum had a birthday party/easter party on saturday!
We had to have the easter egg hunt in the basement on account of the snow storm they got!
YUCK..... I was geeked all week thinking we'd get to see green grass for Easter!
Instead it was snowy and cold!
Easter dinner was sis in laws, which was yummy! We all over ate!
Then came the 3 hour ride home!
It felt good to be home in our own bed last night!
~~ There is no place like HOME~~

Lucky Lucky me...... I won this beeeeeeautiful charm!
Shari @
Plays with Paper had a bloggy give away and I won!
YYYAAAAAAYYYYY..... Gosh how exciteing!
Look how super sweet this charm is... it says "I shop Vintage"
TRUE story! I do I do.... shop vintage!!!!!
Shari even included a box of PEEPS..... YUM, my favorite easter candy!!!
I loooove PeePS!!!!
Look how cute they were decorated.... too cute to open!
Shari is a fellow Etsy Cottage Style member....
Go visit Sharis' blog@ Plays with Paper....
and her website
Staffordshire Garden......
Shari just listed some very neat charms with vintage lace pieces for all you lace girls!
Thank you Shari, I love the charm and will wear it with pride!

Have a blessed week

Easter swaps

*** Happy Easter Girly Girls ***

Genevieve at
Bella Enchanted hosted an Easter Basket swap!
Too fun...... You are never too old for an easter basket!!!!
Colleen at frosting and sparkles was my partner

Oh my gosh look at all the goodies Colleen filled the pretty minty green basket {my fav. color} with!
Paints, glue, a ducky candle that my daughter claimed as hers, ric rack, yummy chocolates, a very sweet faux cuppy cake {I love that Colleen} and the sweetest shadow box filled with fuzzy bunnys and accented with pink and pearls and lace and everything girly, {thats going in my princess suite} she also made a sugar sweet bunny in a box! Silk tulips, stickers, Colleen also sent catnip toys for my kitty girls! That was so sweet.... the girls loved it!
I felt like a kid again... getting such a great easter basket!
Thank you with all my heart Colleen!

This is the basket I sent Colleen....
I was excited to have found the metal daisy basket, that I filled with chocolates that I individually wrapped in vintage wallpaper, a big chocolate bunny,
{ one can never have too much chocolate}
yummy spring smelling candles,

bunny candle holder, a pink fuzzy bunny clip on, handmade easter tags, a chip board photo album, and I made a bunny girl easter wall hanging!
This was such a fun swap.... Thank you Genevieve for being such a great hostess!

I have been really bad with this swap.... {I apologize}
The Hippity Hoppity 12 days of Easter swap hosted by Heather
I was supposed to post everyday but have been so busy that I am just now getting to post the gifts I have opened so far!

Day 1 is the chocolate bunny nestled in a grass nest by Cathy @ tadpoles and tea cups.
Day 2 is a charm made by Amy @ Crafting by candle light.
Day 3 is a vintage paper mache bunny by Teresa @ Plum water creek.
Day 4 is a easter paper bag album by Nola
All of these gifts are so beautiful.... I truly appreciate all the thought and effort that went into this swap!
Come back to see days 5-12.

Today is my Blog Birthday!
~~~ Hip Hip HOOORAY ~~~
One year ago today I started my blog!
Haveing no idea how it would change my life!
I treasure all the friendships I have made this year!
You all mean so much to me!
I read all of your comments {even though I may not always answer them all}
Your comments, words of wisdom, encouragment, and advice are greatly appreciated!
Thank you all so much
I love you more then you know!

We are off to spend Easter with our familes and grandbabies!
I wish you all a very blessed Easter!

Til next time
Chocolate Bunny Hugz

Hop on in.....

My tastes have changed over the years!
When our children were little my holiday decor was what I call a "cartoony style"!
Now I am more vintage victorian!

I started collecting paper mache bunnys just last year!
Here are a few of my favorites!
This Dee Foust lady bunny is new this year!
Isn't she sweet?
Look at her party hat, crepe paper outfit, and pink glitter egg!
Oh La La!!!!
The bunny in the back is new this year too!
My daughter thinks it's morbid that it carrys a stick with a bunny head on it!
I think she is precious!
I love that they look vintage ~~ but without the vintage price tag!
I can't wait too add more next year!

I have my easter basket from Colleen to show you and the 12 days of easter goodies too!
:-) Coming next! :-)

Sandy @ Quill Cottage is hosting an Easter Parade
Hop on over and join the excitement!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter has hopped in

Easter has hopped into our cottage!
Come on in....
I want to share with you some of our easter goodies!
This green bunny is one of my favorites!
I painted her many years ago when I had my studio!
{most of these pieces are ones I painted years ago}

Did someone say CARROTS?
{mini bunnys}
Miss Pencil bunny... I painted her many years ago!
Isn't she precious!

The noggin boys... always up to no good!
{I painted}
My youngest daughter has always been a kitty lover,
so I painted Lil Miss Kitty for her when she was younger!
Mr Chubby has eatten too much CHOCOLATE!
This is how I feel after easter dinner! :-)
A cute lil egg bunny opens to hide tiny treasures inside!
{I painted}
A new addition to my collection is this sweet limoge bunny pushin the egg wagon!
This lil bunny hopped into the nest and made himself right at home!
Doesn't he look comfy?
A vignette on the top of my vintage sewing machine cabinet,
the 3 lil cabbage patch bunnys represent our 3 children!
I painted these also!

I hope you enjoyed a peek at our Easter cottage!
I will show you more tomorrow!

Sandy @ Quill Cottage is hosting an Easter Parade
Hop on over and join the excitement
There is so much to see......


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh Deer.....

I have spring fever....... {in my whiney voice}

I thought I'd share more of our wonderful country living with you.
Hubby and I enjoy feeding the wildlife.

We have wild turkeys, deer, coons, possum, birds, you name it, visit our yard periodically!
I think the deer are our favorites to watch!
We can sit at the dinning room table and watch them eat and frolic about the yard!

The feeder shown is about 20 yards from the side porch, close enough that we can really enjoy them!
The deer are so used to us that we can walk out on the porch and not freighten them away!

This winter we have had well over 30 deer at the feeder at one time.

{enlarge the picture}
They are such beautiful creatures!
It's funny when the timer goes off for the feeder to shoot corn out the deer come running out of the woods as if someone was ringing the dinner bell!
A few are preggo so we are excited to see their babies this spring!

Have a happy day,

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Nemo, Roses and Cherries

Hubby and I try to give each other unique, memorable gifts!
For my birthday he had Nemo made for me!
Why Nemo you ask?
Finding Nemo is one of my favorite disney movies!
Anytime the grandkids or neighbor kids are here and want to watch a movie.... it's Finding Nemo! I can watch that movie over and over and never tire of it!

Nemo is hand carved and a one of a kind piece!
I will introduce you to the artist in a future post!

These beautiful birthday cards are handmade!
Don't you love handmade cards?
I love handmade anything!
These came from 2 of my PRH sisters!
Thank you so much Shirl and Celeste!
Two very sweet gals with hearts of gold!

Oh La La.......
I was over the top thrilled when I opened this way cool cherry ice cream cone!
Don't you love it?
Oh my GOSH..... this treasure came from Miss Celeste!
Celeste is so darn talented and always has the best treasures in her etsy shop!
Thank you Celeste.... I love love love this super cool ice cream cone with a cherry on top!
Are you bored with seeing my birthday presents yet?
I won't bore you any longer!
I do thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes and presents!
You truely did make me feel extra special!


Friday, March 7, 2008

Birthday Prezzies

Ouuu Ouuu looky all the fun cherry goodies sweet Miss Jessi sent me for my birthday!
Don't cha love the swirl cherry apron?
And the candies and coasters, and cute ribbons and notebook and tags and yummy scones mix....
oops... there are a few things missing....
the gummi cherries {I ate} and the cherry note cards {I used already}!

Thank you with all my Cherry Heart Miss Jessi... you are such a sweety pie!

Not too long ago I met DeeDee!
We started chatting and found out we have lots of things in common!
We share a love for PINK, love to create, blog, meet other gals with the same interests,
yada yada yada....

we have the same initials D.S.,
the same birthdate February 27th!!!!!
The story thickens.......
For her birthday I made the pink cherry cupcake box and filled it with goodies....
she made me the heart cherry box and filled it with goodies!
We even think alike!
Stop over and say Hi to Miss DeeDee and her sweet lil princess Alexandra!
Thanks Birthday buddy...... I love all the cherry goodies!!!!

Speaking of Princess'.... Miss Pretty Petals Princess Heather and I did a valentine swap together!
Looky all the BEAUTIFUL goodies she sent me!
This precious basket adorned with the sweetest nest and minty green eggs
{Heather knows thats my fav. color}

Filled with vintage papers,millinery flowers, ribbons, seam binding and all the things Miss Heather sells in her pretty petals boutique!
Miss Heather even created this sweet heart hanging from vintage wallpaper, don't cha love the super cute ruffle...
take a lose look... the lil girl is holding a basket full of cherries!

I forgot to get pictures of the goodies I sent Heather....{I am hopeing she takes some and sends them to me}
Heather THANK U with all my heart for the wonderful valentine swap goodies!

You are an awesome swap partner!

This lil tweety girl escaped from Miss Kathys Cottage and flew all the way here to live in my cherry kitchen!
Doesn't she look right at home?
If you would like your own lil tweet, visit Kathy....
Kathys Cottage is hatching lots of tweets in any color your nest desires!

I have more Birthday pictures to show.... plus hubbys' deer pictures and some other goodies!
Not sure when....
I can't sit for long... my hips have been bothering me lately!
It hurts to sit for long......

Xo, Dolly

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A shout out for the girls

My sweeter then PINK Cotton Candy gal pal Shannon has opened her on line shop....
{YAAAYYY Shan I am so happy for you girly girl!}
OH my.... Girls you have got to check out all the goodies Shann has to offer!
From her cuter then cute faux cuppy cakes to yummy roses,
handpainted treasures and so much more!

Miss Scrappy Jessi is haveing a super fun springy give away!
be sure to sign up, you will want a chance to win one of her goodie packages!
Kerri asked me to let everyone know {since she doesn't have a blog YET}

Kerri Norrod is hosting an AMM Easter Swap.
It is open to the first 30 people who sign up.
Deadline for signing up is 12:00 a.m. on Friday March 7.
If you have any questions email Kerri!

Go visit these gals, tell them Dolly sent you!

XXOO, Dolly

Saturday, March 1, 2008

March In

WELCOME March.....
It's 15 degrees, we have well over a foot of snow on the ground and they are forecasting more to come this weekend!

March 20th is the first day of SPRING.....
I WELCOME SPRING with open arms!
I have spring fever, cabin fever, snow-itis, house-a tosis, I am cold, crabby and sick of slipping and sliding!
~~~~~~BRING ON SPRING~~~~~~

Monica @ Girl gone thread wild gave this award to all the PINK ARTISTS.
Thank you Monica...
it was a true joy for me to be able to contribute my lil squares for this wonderful cause!

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU and lots of WARM BEAR HUGZ to each and every one of you,
my dear sweet friends!
Thank you for all of the warm and some funny birthday wishes..
and for the beautiful presents I received!
I love you all so much!
You made my birthday extra special!
I really felt like someone special, someone important!

My birthday week is over....
I have been working on easter swaps.... whoohooo...
isn't it fun to jump from hearts to bunnies!
I will show you a sneak peek and show you my birthday prezzies as soon as I can get my camera away from hubby!
He has gone picture crazy...
we have well over 20 deer in the yard all day so he has been snapping away!
He is too funny!

Ta Ta for now,
Hugz, Dolly