Monday, February 25, 2008

More goodies.....

Look who has come to celebrate with us! Miss Birthday Party Betsy! Dressed in her party hat, a pink flower and shabby pink feather boa! She is a sweet lil party doll created by Miss Sadie Lou If you would like your own Betsy doll go to Miss Sadie Lou Who, her shop is filled with lots of cute goodies!

These are the squares I made to donate to the "Pink Artists for a Cure"!

Cherries and Hearts.... Dolly-fied!

The "Pink Artists" is a community of artists joining together
to create one joint art doll to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

When doll is complete, it will be mailed in to Art Doll Quarterly™
before finally being auctioned off on eBay at a later date.
Click here to read all about it
Click here and Here to see the other squares created by so many wonderful, talented artists!
I made this sweet lil heart with wings for Monica for hosting this wonderful project!
I can't wait to see the finished Doll and Quilt.
Thank you Monica!

My Mail lady delivered 3 packages today... all 3 were goodies for me!
Happy Birthday to me!!!

This one is from Miss Scrappy Jessi!

Ouuuu doesn't it look fun?

I am not opening any until wednesday.... my birthday day!
It's driving my hubby and daughter crazy... they are shaking the packages and trying to figure out what is in them! te-hee
Thank you Miss Jessi.... I am excited to see what is inside each pretty package!

Sending Birthday Hugz.....


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Not tomorrow but the next day....

This is my birthday week...
yep I said "week"!
Around here we celebrate for as long as we can get away with it!
Hey I don't have to cook -- cuz it's my "birthday week"
I don't have to do dishes-- cuz it's my "birthday week"
Make me a cup of tea-- cuz it's my "birthday week"
I get spoiled -- cuz it's my "birthday "week"
Don't you love it!

This is a birthday card that I received from Miss Sharon at My Vintage Studio!
You are such a sweetheart Sharon! Thank you so much!
Visit Sharons blog, she is hosting her first give away!
whoohooo ... we all love give aways!

~~ Cherries Galore ~~
This is the pillow that my sis made for me for my birthday... it's so cherry sweet!
Thank you sis!
Suzy is working on opening an Etsy .
Soon you will all be able to purchase her sweet pillows!
Hurry sis!!!

These pearly victorian inspired napkin rings are a birthday present from my very sweet friend Bertie!
Take a close look, these are sooooo very elegant and beautiful!
Bertie makes and sells the best victorian inspired treasures at her boutique Aunt Mays Cottage. Go take a peek!

Our daughter and her beau like to antique.... { she takes after her momma}
The 4 of us went antiquing the other day!
What fun! I love fun family days like that!
When I spotted this childs size metal kitchen set {I would guess from the 1950's}
I hinted to hubby that I would love to get this set to go along with the hoosier cabinet that I already have!

Its jadiete green.... and perfect for our cherry and jadiete kitchen!
An early birthday present for me... hint hint! I love a man that can take a hint!
Thank you Honey!!!!
Now I am searching for pots and pans and accessories to go with!

I have more goodies to share with you soon!
Hugz, Dolly

Cherries and Sparkles

Gosh I can't believe its been so long since my last post!
Can we say "slacker".
Time flys when you are having fun!!

I have to play catchup now!
I have so much to show and tell!
First I want to introduce you to my new dolly
Girls meet...... Cherry Abigail

She is so near and dear to my heart!

Made for me by my dear friend Mica at Garb-oodles Soup!

Cherry Abigail wears her cherry bonnet, a heart dress and carries a heart garland!

{ she screams Dolly doesn't she}

Every time I look at her she makes me smile!
Mica Thank you with all my cherry heart, I will treasure her forever....
Micas' gramma needs our prayers girls! Please pray for Gramma Grape!

I was given this award by these three wonderful ladies... CaitieAn @ Caitiean & co., Vivian @ Viv on a whim, and Brittany @ Adelines Shabby Cottage, Thank you girls... you sparkle my day too!
I am now supposed to pass this award on to gals whom sparkle my day!

This is not hard as you all sparkle my day!

I will list a few here but I'd love for you to visit all the blogs on my side bar as well!

Greenie Gardens, Steph lives in my dream house! I love when she shows pics of her beautiful home!

Sweet Daisy Dreams, Glenda is a new blogger, stop by and give her a BIG bloggy welcome!

Kathys Cottage, Sweet Kathy is having a give away, run over and enter to win one of her pretty hearts!

Scrappy Jessi, Miss Jess is soooo zesty and too darn fun to visit! Hugz Jess!

Sophia Rose Designs, Dara creates the prettiest shabby treasures! I want one of each!

Isabellas Closet, Mary is the sweetest gal with a big heart! If you are looking for a blog banner, Mary is the gal to see!

Sam I am, Sandy creates the best Obects'd art... stop by and see her treasures!

Pretty Petals Boutique, Heather is a dear sweet friend with the best boutique on earth! Go see her creations, You will love shopping with Heather!

The Stone Depot, DeeDee and I are birthday buds! This wednesday is our birthday... stop by and wish Dee a happy birthday! Happy Birthday Buddy! {wink}

Pink Pomegranate, Everyone of Pinkie D's posts are total eye candy! She is a vintage gal after my own heart!

Natasha Burns designs, If you don't already know Natasha you must be living under a rock! Natasha is a super sweet Aussie gal, whom creates the bestest treasures! {Luvs ya Tasha}

My Vintage Studio, Fate bought Sharon and I together ! I love the birthday card she created for me! Thank you sweetpea! Oh Oh Oh Sharon is having a give away too! Go see!

The Bowerbirds Nest, Jenn and Jacqui are the sweetest mother daughter team who brighten my day. You girls are awesome! XXOO

Sweet Eye Candy Creations, Miss Jenns creations are sweeter then cotton candy! She is so geniunely sweet and a treasured friend!

I will try to post more often!

Thank you all for the sweet comments on my blog make over... it's so fun to come in here now... it's like walking into my favorite room! I love it!

Have a wonderful week all!

Hugz, Dolly

Monday, February 18, 2008

Blog Love

Ouuu did you notice?

Did you see?

Did you see?

Can you feel my excitement???

I am doing the happy dance on my desk....

~~~My bloggy got a make over~~~

I am loving my blog make over!

Don't you love it? I love it!!!!

I am so thrilled with this new look!

It's so me!

Thank you Thank you
with all my heart to Michelle Baird
of Shabby Creations for creating this beautiful new look for me!

Michelle you are awesome girlfriend!

Ladies if you are wanting a new look or just a slight tune up....
go visit Michelle!

Enjoy your evening,

Hugz, Dolly

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lots of LOVE on Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day to all of you my sweet friends!

I joined Jenn and Cheryls' secret admirer valentine swap!

The object was to send a gift which included a cherub, chocolate and a heart to your assigned person, without letting them know whom it is from!!

Today.... Valentine's day is when we all find out whom our secret admirer is!
Below are the beautiful gifts my secret admirer sent to me!
Thank you with all my heart for the sweet gifts my secret friend!

{whom every you are Please leave a coment or email me}

My partner was Kerri Norrod {Kerri doesn't have a blog}
I made a valentine collage, {isn't she a sweet lil angel?}
also a felt heart filled with lavender, and a box full of chocolates!
{see picture below}

Below are gifts from Amy Bauer {Amy does not have a blog}
Amy was in my Vintage Heart Swap! She sent this wonderful box full of fun goodies as a thank you for hosting the swap!
Oh La La.... a tiny tin of glass cherries, a cherry piece for a mosaic project,
personalized "PINK" stationary, flowers, cuppy cake toppers, a vintage valentine card, a log with yummy chocolate covered cherries, and the heart box with a heart banner!

Hugz and many thanks to you Amy!

Below is a precious gift from my sweet friend "Princess Heidi"!

Take a look at this heart tag and cuuuuute PINK heart pin! Perfect to wear on my jacket all winter and summer! Heidi makes and sells these on her Etsy... run over and buy some for gifts and party favors!
Princess Heidi you are as sweet as can be!
Hugz and smooches to you sweetpea!

Another February swap I was in was Follow your Bliss' Oh so charming itty bitty valentine swap! This swap was so fun! My first itty bittys and I had such a great partner! Cindy crafts!
Mary Ann sent this sweet heart box filled with kisses, a swap pin, a sweet heart and lil puffy hearts!
That was so sweet of you Mary Ann... Thank you for such a fun swap!

I wish you all a very happy day filled with

warm hugz,



and smiles!

Luv, Dolly

Just Bee n' Me

I won I won...... a Happy NewYear give away!

Sponsored by Miss Becky at Just Bee n' Me

Take a look at the GRAND prize!

My cup runneth over... words of encouragement for each day!

Beckys calender! Each page is one her original designs!

Super cute vignettes!

Girls I have to tell you this calender is soooo way beyond beautiful... it is such a work of art! Becky put her heart and soul into each page!
I am so glad to have won this!
I reccomend you go right to Beckys' blog and get one for yourself, your mom, your sis, your best friend and your neighbors!
You won't be sorry!
It's the type of calender that you will want to frame each page when the end of the year comes!
Becky thank you for signing it and creating it for us to enjoy!
Look how sweet every detail is in the wrapping!
Every time momma gets prizzers in the mail, kitten thinks they are for her and has to get her paws and nose in to see whats what!
{sorry no kitty treats this time kitten}

I am a Mary Engelbreit fan so these stickers and tea box are going to be perfect in my cherry-breit kitchen
Tea served in a pretty tea cup and a romantic country magazine.....with the sweet birdie candle holders and candles... a perfect way to escape the winters chill for a lil while!
Welcome to my kitchen.... te-hee!
You are always welcome for tea and cookies!
Love this lil notebook to jot down ideas and quotes!
Becky this was such a fun package to receive!
Kitten and I enjoyed opening and ohing and ahing at each treasure!
Thank you with all my heart!!!
Hugz and Blessings,
P.S. Do come back tomorrow to celebrate Valentines day with me

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to you Sweetheart

Today is a very special day...

Today is the day the lord blessed the world with this wonderful man!

I am very blessed to be able to share my life and my love with him!

This man is my sweet, wonderful, handsome, kind, loving, gentle, caring, most precious hubby!
You are my prince, my knight in shinning armour, my best friend, my soul mate, my Rock,

You are my everything...

~~The wind beneath my wings~~

Happy Birthday Sweetheart....

I miss you
I love you with all my heart!

{ hubby is away on business so we won't be celebrateing his special day until thursday! A combined valentine/birthday dinner and CAKE}

Have a blessed day
XXOO, Dolly

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Pretty Pink Princess Deena was one of my partners for my Vintage Heart Swap!

Her package arrived yesterday!

Oh yes this girl was doing the happy dance!

Look at all the super fun treasures Princess Deena sent to me!

This precious minty green baby dress, {I collect baby dress'}, a vintage 1900s valentine postcard, 2 flower plates & votives, victorian vintage sticker books, 2 super cute boxs, {she made}, a bird nest pin, hanging heart tags, toe rings {I wear them all summer as I am a barefoot kinda gal}, note cards, 2 rolls of wallpaper, chocolates {hubby put claims on them right away} and my very favorite bath and body works warm vanilla lotion and bath wash,

{I love anything bath and body works}

AND.... this just took my breath away... take a look at this super sweet lil bisque dolly

{ a dollie for Dolly}!! She is so darn cute!!


Thank you with all my heart Princess Deena!

It was fun meeting you and being your partner !

Ladies run over to Princess Deenas blog and say HI.. she is a super sweet gal whom is a real trooper! Miss Deena and her cutie pie hubby Rich are fighting breast cancer!! I don't know how she does it but she keeps smiling every day! What an inspiration to us all!

With God and all of our prayers Deena is armed and ready to kick some cancer butt!

~~You GO Girl~~

Luvs ya, Dolly

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I am so proud of you.....

Hearts Glitter Graphics

I want to thank all you sweet gals for joining my swap!

Because of all of you, this swap has been a huge success!

You are all so creative and generous with the swap goodies you have put together for your partners!

Take a look at all the pictures in Flickr <<--- Click here!

If anyone has not shipped their heart swap packages to their partners yet

PLEASE contact your partner and let them know you will be late!

You did make a commitment to swap, don't disappoint your partner!


Pssst.... I have a secret.........
I am putting together a give away to celebrate my 100th post and

to celebrate my birthday!

Yep a present for you to celebrate for my birthday!

YAAAAYYYY..... 17 days till my happy birthday to me!


I have some more thank yous to you sweet gals for sending hostess thank you surprises....

{click pictures to enlarge}

A big thank you to Elizabeth for the wonderful valentine crafty treasures!

And a big thank you to Brittany for the box of sweet heart treasures!

A big thank you to Susan for the red heart bracelet, which I love!

You girls are so thoughtful to send hostess gifts!

Many thanks and lots of hugz and kisses to you all!


Note to self....

I need to get pictures of the birthday gifts that I have been getting in the mail from my

awesome bloggy galpals and PRH secret sister!

You girls make me feel like a princess!


I am working on my give away gifts...

valentine swap treasures for Pretty Petals Heather and a birthday gift for my sweet hubby!


Until next time,

Have a blessed day,



Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Love is in the air and a Swappy Tag

{Awww... young love! Our niece married her best friend on saturday}

I have been tagged for a fun little tag by
Alison Gibbs

It is about SWAPS you have done.

1. What was your first swap?
Oyyy I have done so many... I think my first swap was a dots and spots swap from swap bot!

2. What has been your favorite swap and why?

Gosh its hard to pick one favorite.... besides my vintage heart swap {because I love hearts and valentines day} I'd say the garden swap {I love to garden... rosepetitemaison was my partner and she sent me so many wonderful garden related treasures} Plus the Crowns and Tiaras swap was a fav too! I could go on and on!

3. What has been your least favorite swap and why?

I think my least favorite was the Ga-ga for garland swap {my partner and I have opposit taste and I am not sure she liked what I made for her! It was such a nerve wracking challenge}

4.What have you tried for the first time as a part of a swap?

Itty Bittys! They were so fun!
In fact I joined the itty bitty robins egg blue swap because I enjoyed it so much!!

5. What would your fantasy swap be?

Johnny Depp ... oops That's a fantasy date!!! {tehee}

This is a tough one. Hmmm... I would love to do a vintage prom dress swap!
If I could find a dress to swap!

Now that I have answered, I am to pass this Tag along to others I know whom have done Swaps.





I can't wait to read your answers girls!

Hugz, and Blessings,


Friday, February 1, 2008


My sweet friend Kathy from

Kathys Cottage tagged me to write Four Things About Me.


1. Ghost

2. Chocolat'

3. Titanic

4. Message in a bottle


1. Michigan

2. Michigan

3. Michigan

4. Michigan (I never left Michigan)

FOUR SHOWS I WATCH: {I don't watch much tv but when I do I like}


2. This Old House


4. General Hospital


1. Every state from Michigan to Florida

2. Washington DC

3. Indiana

4. Canada


1. My daughter

2. Dave

3. Mary

4. Suzy


1. BBQ ribs

2. Lasagna

3. Cookies fresh from the oven

4. Lemon pie


1. Paris

2. England

3. Boston

4. Cape Cod

Four people I'd love to have lunch with:

1. God

2. my daddy {he passed 15 years ago}

3. Maya Angelo

4. Johnny Depp {oh la la}


1. Spring time

2. Re decorating the front room and dinning room

3. Finishing the guest cottage

4. Having the grandkids up for playtime


1.DeeDee {my birthday buddy}

2.Pinkie D



That was fun.... Thank you Kathy!

I have many thank yous and presents to show you!
Plus the count down to my birthday and give away is on!
More about that soon!

Blessings, Dolly