Monday, July 5, 2010

My gypsy blood

We are on the move again!
I swear I have gypsy blood!
You see I can't stay in one house for too long!
Thankfuly I am married to a wonderful man who puts up with my whims.

Let the packing and sorting begin..... {again}

{here she is}

** TA - DA **
I am excited, not about packing and lifting and moving
and all that not so fun stuff
but I am excited to have the opportunity to live
in an 1800s victorian queen anne !

My dream come true!
She needs some TLC and lots of elbow grease to make her shine again but I am up for the job!
And I will take you all with us as we renovate this beauty!

She needs a name..... don't you agree every home needs a name?
Any suggestions?

Love all the gingerbread trim and architectural details

Beautiful hardwood floors and 2 arched bay windows in the parlors
{the ceiling fan will be replaced with a vintage chandelier}

The fireplace is beautiful...
this picture does not show the detail and elegance of it all!

{that vintage light is amazing}

I think this might be my favorite room....
imagine soaking in that wonderful tub,
candles, champagne and a good book!
Now thats what I'm talking about!

The back porch even has a swing and potting/gardening cabinet!

as you may have guessed life is alil bit......
NO a lot bit hectic right now!

We have 2 houses, we are trying to empty the old one out
to get it ready to list
and freshen up the new one before we move in!

Plus the 15th - the 18th we are having a big ole bash
that can not be was planned a year ago!

So I have a weekend long farewell party
{with over 75 people coming here to camp out}
to get ready for!

I have been missing you all......
I hope your summer has been fun so far!
I will post when I can and visit when possible!
When we get settled you are all invited over for tea and cupcakes! :-)

Take care
may God Bless you always!