Saturday, April 26, 2008

Destination UnKnown

Miss Emma loves to be outside!

There are so many places to explore!

And so much to do.

Gathering pinecones for Poppy.

We must stop and pick up every stick.

Hello Miss Goosey.... How are you today?

"Look Poppy I am Queen of the hill"!

This big rock is alil scarey... "I want down now"!

Walking up the road... to see the big horsies.

Looking for heart shaped rocks for Gramma!

Here comes Norm with the big horsies!

"Hi Horsies"

If I would have known grandbabies were so much fun...
I would have had them first!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Get your boots off the table Mable

I saw this picture on Tracey @ Notes from A Cottage Industry blog and thought it was the custest thing I have ever saw!
Don't you love it?

I read that her friend Paula aka Mrs Crafty had a cherry pair of puddle jumpers ...I left a comment that I loved the boots.

Paula contacted me and said she'd look at Mervins to see if they had another pair!

Look what came in the mail today!!!!
I am screamin with JOY!!!!!

These are soooooooooo CHERRY SWEET!!!!
Thank you with all my CHERRY HEART Mrs Crafty are a sweetheart! You have made this girl the happiest cherry queen on earth!
Let's all sing......
" Let it rain Let it rain Let it rain"!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday is wash day at the cottage

This is the way we wash our clothes
wash our clothes
wash our clothes,
This is the way we wash our clothes
every monday morning!
This is the way we dry our clothes
dry our clothes
dry our clothes,
This is the way we dry our clothes
every monday morning!
there is nothing better then laundry dried out on the line
in the sunshine and fresh air!

from an old fashion girl living in a modern world!

Do you line dry or use the dryer?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mail Goodies

this lil red birdie flew in from Lauries Charming Design Studio!
I was the lucky winner of Lauries 200th blog give-away.
Look how perfect the red birdie looks with the red rose lamp that my mum gave to me!
This lamp was stored in our attic when I was growing up....
then hubby and I purchased the home I grew up in so we could raise our children there!

While helping Mum and Dad move, this lamp was being packed to go to storage and I asked if I could have it!

Mum said that her mum gave it to her as a wedding gift when her and daddy married!
I absolutely love it! What a treasure!
I haven't found the perfect shade for it yet, but I am not giving up!

Cindy at Yapping Cat Studio had the sweetest cherry towel on her blog and I commented that I loved it!
Imagine my surprise when I found this in my mail box!
Cindy you are such a sweetheart, thank you soooooo much!
I love it!

I also received a package all the way from Australia!
Thank you sweet Glenda from Sweet Daisy Dreams
I helped Glenda get her blog set up and she sent the yummiest australian chocolates,
a sweet lil craft angel, a cherry fabric heart and the sweetest kangaroo with a baby roo in her pouch, as a thank you gift!
Thank you Miss Glenda... it was fun helping and getting to know you!
{sorry no picture, its stormy and dark here today}


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dolly plays with dollys

Lori is hosting a Dolly Day
Everyone is invited to show their dollys!
I am thrilled to be included in this show and tell!

For as long as I can remember I have played with dolls.
I made my own clothes for all of my barbies and made their furniture from fabric covered boxs and things I found around the house!
We had very little money so I had to get creative!
Mum wasn't a saver so I don't have any of my childhood dolls. Sad!!!!
I remember my favorite doll was a Chrissy doll!
She had red hair that you could make long or short by turning a dial on her back!
Thanks to ebay I can now find the dolls I remember playing with as a young girl...
and buy some that cry out to my heart!
My dear sweet hubby bought me this vintage wicker doll buggy... don't you love it!
This sweet doll was made by me back in 1987.....
her name is Bunny!
I made her for our daughter Samantha!
Sam was a thumb sucker so when I saw bunny I knew I had to make her!

Isn't she precious?

I know you have seen this beauty before!
I received her from my sweet talented friend Mica @ Garb-oodle soup!
She lives in my kitchen among my other cherry goodies!

This naked cutie was a gift from the super sweet Miss Deena!
Thank you Deena... I love my naked beauty!

I bought this doll at a yard sale, because I felt sorry for her!
When I saw her I thought... she is not very pretty, no one will buy her!
You see she is not painted very well, { whom ever painted her had a shakey hand} she has missing fingers on one hand and a chipped shoe!
I had to bring her home with me!
I was going to repaint her but then I thought she was created with lots of love, maybe by a little old lady, someones gramma, or maybe a child!
I have a tendency to be attracted to the "not so pretty dollys"!
I think they are the ones that need extra love!
Sleeping beauty was the very first porcelain doll that I made!
She is just a plain jane! No shadeing or tinting.... just painted lips and eye brows!
She wears our daughter Sams' first christmas dress and sleeps in my vintage high chair!

She fell asleep drinking tea!
I used to let the kids play with her {she is a good size to dress and undress}
but now she has a broken foot and her eye lash is coming loose so she is a just look at me dolly!

This bye lo doll came from a church sale!
I remember seeing her sweet lil face and falling in love!

Who could pass up this face?

Hubbys' aunt tried her hand at making porcelain dolls...
We went to her yard sale and this sweet doll was in the trash can!
I asked why and she said she tried to wash her face and washed the paint right off!
I asked her if I could take her and give her a good home!
She thought I was crazy but I didn't think she deserved to go to the landfill!
I plan to repaint her face {someday}

Isn't she sweet?
This pretty in pink dolly came from Amy @ four sisters in a cottage!
I call her little bo peep!
She looks like little bo peep to me!
Of course I had to show you my pride and joy!!!!
Meet Miss Cherry Annie!

Cherry Annie is the queen in my cherry kitchen!
I have always wanted a raggedy ann doll.... but never bought one!
A few years ago I saw a handmade raggedy ann on ebay and asked the seller if she could make me one with a cherry dress!
This is what she sent me!
Cherry Annie sits on a pink ice cream parlor chair that came from grammas house!

I do have more dollys but they are packed away since my daughter temporarily took over my guest room and packed alot of my pretties away to make room for her things!

Thank you Lori.... this was fun sharing some of my dollys with all of you!
Go to Loris blog to see a list of all the other bloggers showing their dollys!

Be sure to stop by my etsy boutique to see whats new!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Buzz Buzz Buzz......

I have been a busy lil bee ....
Buzzin around doing this and that!
Starting my spring cleaning...
Putting away the easter stuff...
I painted some goodies for my Etsy boutique!
Go take a look.......

Click on the link to the right to go to my cherry heart boutique!


Oh Happy Day

Our lil princess is feeling much better!
Thank you all for the well wishes and great tips!

Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Ding, Gramma and Poppy are feeling better too!
Ahhhh...... Thank God.
Why is it that everyone else lost a few pounds but me?

if I am going to have to go thru that I wish I could be rewarded by a lil weight loss!

~~ Happy April Fools Day ~~

What was your April fools joke?

Ours was from mother nature
Today we had

.... rain
.... snow
.... high winds
and a peek of

.... sunshine!
All in one day!
Yes this is Spring..... in April..... in Michigan!
Until next time