Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Look at me

I am jumping for joy at the thought of spending the day at the doctors office!
But I will look on the bright side.......

I get to spend the day with Miss Emma.
Emma and Namma sit in the waiting while momma sees the baby doctor.
We read books, sing ABCs and count our fingers....
And if we go shopping....
{see photo above}
we must try on every necklace and bracelet, then we try on every hat and sunglasses!

What are you doing today?

Friday, April 24, 2009


I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted!
{15 days to be exact}
Bad me..
There has been a lot going on all of the sudden in our lives...
Long story short...
I am having difficulties breathing so I had a stress test....
that went well...
Breathing test showed my lungs working at 90%.
My doctor wants me to have a heart catheterization so I am going to see a cardiologist for a second opinion!
{btw...my doctor is a 3 hour drive one way}
He sent me home and said "DO NOTHING"
That is not an easy thing for me... I have raking to do, flower beds to clean, a garden to plant, spring cleaning yadda yadda yadda and all I do is sit here thinking about all I have to do!
** PLUS **
Our oldest daughter is expecting in June and is having some difficulties so she is seeing her doctor twice a week.... once for an exam and once for a fetal stress test.
{her doctor is an hour and 1/2 drive}
Needless to say I am spending way too much time in waiting rooms and on the road!
My bum is sore from sitting too much! :-)

Below are some of my favorite pictures from our Easter weekend!
We had several egg hunts that weekend.....
I think that was their favorite thing to do.

This is Madison Rae... she is 10 months old
Our cuddly lil princess!

Madisons' brother Austin and sister Miley Cirus... oh I mean Coral Lynn

Miss Emma sharing her eggs with baby Madison!

** Grandbabies are such a blessing **
Have a wonderful weekend
Hugz & Blessings

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Random Cuteness

I am feeling much better!
Thank you all for the warm thoughts and wishes!
{you girls have no idea how much your comments mean to me}

This week flew by and Easter is right around the corner!
How will you be celebrating Easter?
My mum is excited about her annual Easter Egg hunt saturday
{I swear I think she enjoys it as much as the kids do},
Then Sunday after church we do dinner with hubbys' family.

With Easter fast approaching I
thought I'd share some of my Easter cuteness with you.

Let's start with a bunny tea party.
{don't you just love the Peter Rabbit tea set?}
Too cute

{the vintage bunny belonged to hubbys' dad}
I rescued it from their yard sale!

I painted these 4 bunnys waaaaaaay back
when I owned a ceramic and craft studio!

They are still my favorites to unwrap and display every year!
Their precious lil faces melt my heart!

Wishing you a very Blessed Easter!