Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One mans trash.....

Could have been Dollys treasures.....

{You can click to enlarge pics}
I went with hubby to the scrap yard the other day
to help unload his truck full of rusty scrap metal stuff.

Oh my gosh the saying
"One mans trash is another mans
{in this case womans"}treasure!
Was so true this day!

See that green metal chaise.... I so wanted that!

I really really wanted to dig to see what else
was buried in that pile

See this green chair..... I wanted that too!!!!

Hubby refused to take anything home
and I could not dig anything out because I had my flip flops on!
Next time.... I go and he stays home!
Did you see anything you'd consider a treasure in that pile?

God Bless dear friends

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Hunting We Will Go

We have been house hunting!
Do you love to look at old houses?
Come with me and take a peek......

This one is a huge castle like victorian... I'd feel like a princess living here!
We looked at this house years ago and its back on the market......
I know the outside leaves lots to be desired!
NO curb appeal, no yard!

But the inside is amazing.... yes amazing!
I will do a post on this house soon.
I took a lot of inside pics!

Loooove this second empire home....
beautiful bay windows, the architectural details are amazing!

The yard is just as beautiful!
It has an offer pending! :-(

This one is beautiful inside and out!
A lil queen ann victorian cottage!
It features 2 of those amazing bay windows
and all those amazing architectural details!
{it is tugging at my heart}

I love this one...
but the drawback is.......
its on the main road and I am not sure we want to hear all that traffic noise!

Cute.... but too arts and crafts style!
Too boxy for me if that makes sense!

I know my heart stopped when I saw this one too!
The outside is amazing... I mean breath taking.....
the inside was a real let down....painted molding and plain and simple!
I know I could do a lot to it but its out of our comfort zone!
Its one of those homes that are priced too high but you have to see it anyways!

Wish us luck...... Show you more soon
God Bless dear friends

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

fresh and juicy

Guess what season it is?

Strawberry jam making season

We love strawberry jam!

God bless dear friends

Friday, June 11, 2010

vintage lace & peonies

I just found this piece of vintage lace
and thought it needed a pretty bouquet to show it off!

Plus I am dealing with this sinus thing that is making sick
and I needed something pretty to look at!

Wishing you a joyous weekend!
Blessings dear friends

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We have a PINK Winner

First off a huge HUG to everyone
who entered and to those whom put my link on their blogs!
I appreciate your thoughtfulness and wonderful comments!
I love hosting give aways...
I get to meet so many people whom I may never have met!
A huge Thank you to Jason at CSN stores...... You Rock!
CSN has so many stores and so many wonderful products to choose from...
I have compiled a wish list.
Seriously you can find just about anything
and everything at their stores!
I am so impressed with their selection!

Ok so get on with it Doll........
Who won those beautiful pink stem glasses??????
Mr Random number generator give us a number please.......
As the crowd roars.......
Let's see who is commentor #27?????
Mary Ellen at Marys Meanderings
Congratulations Mary Ellen I am so happy for you.
Please send me your address so I can send your pretty glasses off right away!
Hugz, Dolly

Happy Birthday Angel Face

** My little Rock Star **

Cami turns 1

Happy Birthday angel face..... Gwamma and Pa love you bunches!

Tomorrow is the big reveal of the winner of my PINK giveaway!
Thank you everyone whom entered!
Blessings dear friends

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Flaunting my flowers

Happy Friday girls,
Today I am joining the party at Tootsie Time!
It is flaunt your flowers/ fertilizer friday!
Come and take a look at what is blooming at our Cherry cottage

Blue columbine

Bleeding hearts

Peachy Roses

Yellow Japanese peony tree

Star of bethlehem

Crepe paper poppies

Purple flag iris by the pond.
My flowers are so glad to meet you!

Do come back next friday to see whats bloomin!

Don't forget to enter my Pink Giveaway
{click here}
Blessings dear friends