Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Pink ~ Pink ~ Pink New Year

Happy New Year friends.....
~~ Welcome ~~
Lets start this year with some pretty PINKS!
I am joining Bev @ how sweet the sound for her Pink Saturday party.
I will keep the chat down since there are a lot of pictures in this post!
Grab a cup of your fav. drink and enjoy......

Looks pretty huh....
I put pink lights on the holly bushes and when the snow fell on them
it looks pink from the glow of the lights!

Wouldn't it be nice if the world was covered in PINK snow...
even just for a little while?

Beautiful PINK roses stocking.. a gift from uber talented sis!
pink embroidery on the smocking of a little dress

a girl can never have too many pretty plates

PINK hearts from Becky
my new fuzzy PINK footies

I am working on a PINK crochet scarf for meeeeee

PINK chenille... does it get any better then this!
Pretty Pink chamber pot

Happy PINK saturday..... be sure to visit Bevs blog for more pinkness
Hugz, Dolly

Monday, December 28, 2009

Are you ready?????

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas
and are ready to begin a new year!

Its that time again....
Time for My 3rd annual vintage heart swap!

The past 2 years have been a huge success...... over 200 bloggettes joined!

That's a whole lotta heart swappin girls!
I am excited to do it again this year!

Here is the swap scoop.....

You will be paired with one partner.....

for your partner you will fill a container with heart treasures!

The container can be of your choice, store bought or handmade...

ideas>>>> heart shaped basket, bowl, box, stocking, bucket, bag, etc
Fill it with anything with hearts on it or heart shaped in pinks, white or red!

examples, hankys, chocolates, vintage valentines, note pads, plate, bowl, candy dish, linens, laces, ribbon, scrap booking goodies, candles, soaps, confetti, stickers, barrettes, etc.

My five simple requests are...

1. keep the color scheme pink, red and white

2. include at least one vintage heart item

3. all of the items have to be heart shaped or have hearts on them!

4. make sure your partner receives their goodies by February 4th!

5. please communicate with your partner!
Communication is the key to a successful swap!
Email them, read their blog, ask questions get to know your partner....

swaps are not just about giving and receiving its about making friends!

If you are interested.... email me your name, home addy, email addy, and blog link,
ALSO let me know if you are willing to ship international or prefer not to due to postage costs!

sign ups taken until January 8th,

I will send you your partner on or near January 11th,

and your Vintage Heart Swap goodies should be sent in time for your partner to enjoy them for Valentines day!!
{If can NOT absolutely commit please don't sign up}
Ready?.... email me...
if you don't get an email back from me then you are not offcially signed up!

{my email addy is in my profile- about me 1st line}
keep the limit between $20.00 -$25.00
International friends you are very welcome to join!

Let us start 2010 with a fun loving heart filled swap!

Please copy the link below to add to your blog.

Help spread the word

Heartz and Hugz,

Monday, December 21, 2009

More Cherry Kitchen Christmas

More vignettes from our cherry cottage kitchen!

I love Santa mugs....I want to collect more!
Some of you may have seen these santas from years past. Most of the santas I have are painted by me!

I made this plate for our youngest when she was 2 years old!
I painted these spool santas when I was in my country decor stage....
still love them!
This big guy stands next to the kitchen tree.... I found a great old wood foot board and cut the posts off and painted this santa with one and plan to paint an angel with the other!

This will be my last post for a few days.... We will gather with family and friends to celebrate the birth of
our Savior Jesus Christ!

May you all have peace in your hearts and joy in your days this holy season!
Merry Christmas Dear Friends
XXOO Dolly

Cherry Kitchen Christmas Tree

This is a new addition this year!
I put a tall skinny Christmas tree in our Cherry cottage kitchen!
{I didn't have any ornies for it so I searched past christmas boxs and found a few and bought a few}
I will add to it thru the year!

I love it!

A girl can never have too many cherries!

Vintage crochet snowflakes

Crystal snowflakes

Cherry pie anyone!

Cute snowman from a fellow blogger whom I forget who she is right now {sorry}
Cherry stocking ornies from my sis

Hand painted jadite cherry ornie w/polka dot bow
does it get any cuter then this!

my favorite sweet lil cottage

I have more pictures to share but for some reason blogger is not letting me load them!
Wishing you a very Blessed Christmas dear friends.....
may your day be filled with love and happiness!


Handmade from my HEART

Every Christmas I give our children and grandbabies a Special
"From my heart to yours" gift!

These are a few of the things I have made this year.....

This year the girls each get an apron..
this one is two sided for Coral Lynn

Yep she is a Milley Cirrus/Hannah fan

This tiny one is for Maddy {Corals lil sister}

The John Deer apron/ tool belt is for Lil Guy {Corals lil brother}
Coral and Lil Guy are at that age where if they don't each get the same thing they fight over it!
So I made Lil Guy a MAN apron....
he can wear while playing at his tool bench and when he helps daddy and sissy make cup cakes and pudding {their favorites}

These are Cams bibbies....
Cam is 7 months old!
Teething and drooling so momma can never have too many bibbies
This lil cutie is for Miss Emma......
She loves to have tea parties and make cup cakes!
AND she LOVES gwammas CHERRIES too!

I apologize that I have not been making my visits but I am over whelmed with all the emotions and things still to do this season!
Please forgive and know that I miss you all!
Merry Christmas dear friends!
and God Bless you too!

P.S. Bennie and Jet are doing great in their new home.....
Jet is just the sweetest most happiest bunny ever!