Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lets do it again....

******The swap is now closed******
We have done it again girls... we have 100 participants again this year!
There are 100 of you heart crazy swapping sweeties!
A HUGE Thank You to everyone who joined...
I will gather and assign partners in the next few days!
I was away from my computer this week due to an emergency trip downstate {mother in law was admitted into the hospital} all is well with her for now!
Thank you all who have been patiently waiting to hear from me and those who sent well wishes!
I love you girls!

I had so much fun with last years Vintage Heart Swap I have decided to host it every year!
And it was a huge success... over 100 of you wonderful friends signed up
Let's do it again girls.....

Here is the swap scoop.....

You will be paired with one partner.....

for your partner you will fill a container with hearts

The container can be of your choice, store bought or handmade...

ideas>>>> heart shaped basket, bowl, box, stocking, bucket, etc
Fill it with anything with hearts on it or heart shaped in pinks, white or red!

examples, hankys, chocolates, vintage valentines, note pads, plate, bowl, candy dish, linens, laces, ribbon, scrap booking goodies, candles, soaps, confetti, stickers, barrettes, etc.

My five simple requests are...

1. keep the color scheme pink, red and white

2. include at least one vintage heart item

3. all of the items have to be heart shaped or have hearts on them!

4. make sure your partner receives their goodies before valentines day February 14th!

5. please communicate with your partner!

If you are interested.... email me your name, home addy,email addy, and blog link,

Answer these questions for your partner.....
what your style is... vintage, shabby chic, retro or I'm not fussy!
anything you really like or really dis-like?
favorite candy
favorite scent
favorite flower

sign ups taken until january 8th,

I will send you your partner the 11th,

and your Vintage Heart Swap goodies should be sent by February 4th!

Please email me... if you don't get an email back from me then you are not officialy signed up!
{my email addy is in my profile- about me}

International friends you are very welcome to join!

Lets start 2009 with a fun loving heart filled swap!
{above is a smaller picture for your sidebar if you'd like}

P.S. I would love it if you copy and post the swap picture on your blog!
Let's spread the word!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Smiles

Did I make you smile???


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Look whats New......

Look whats new in my Cherry Heart Boutique

Handpainted PINK shabby chic ornaments
These are too darn cute!

Find them here

Pretty PINK cupcake Ornament,
frosted and sprinkled with german glitter glass

Find this here
Snowy white cupcake painted over a yellow glass ornament,
with german glitter glass frosting

Find this here
Cotton Candy Pink and White frosted cup cake painted on a lavender glass ornament. German glass glitter frosting
You can find this here
Sweet lavender frosted with fluffy white frosting handpainted
pink glass cupcake ornament.
German glass glitter added for extra sparkle
You can find this here

Cotton Candy sweet PRETTY in PINK Cherry Ornies
Find these here

Cheery Red Cherries painted over black glass christmas ornaments
Find these here
Shabby Pink and Snow White Petit Four Glass Ornaments.
You can find these here

Do you see something you would like and its sold already?
Just ask I love to do special orders!

What it in a different color?

Just ask.... I am really flexible too!

Merry CHRISTmas sweet friends,

Warm Hugz,

A Cherry Cottage Christmas part 2

Welcome all to part 2 of my Cherry Cottage Christmas tour!
I am glad you are here!
Come on in

I made this santa many moons ago! He is a styrofoam base, the cloth robe was dipped in starch to stiffen it, His beard is batting... and his lil tree has real tiny lil lights that actaully work! Too cool! {click to enlarge any photos for a closer look}

For you girls who visit often.....
here is a glance at my newly decorated front room!
Sagey green walls with the vintage rose border... in some of the pictures you can see that I painted above the border {9 inches down from the ceiling} a cranberry color that goes up onto the ceiling and the center of the ceiling is a creamy vanilla color!

I decorated this garland with treasures from this sweet gal
We were partners for the snowflakes and sparkles swap!
Here is a peek of some of the beautiful ornies that she sent as well! This cute silver tiara sits on the top of one of my favorite PINK ribbon ornies! Isn't it cute?
And this lil angel makes my heart sing! She is so pretty! I love her vintage look!
I am so giddy over this sparkely PINK PRINCESS sign.... I am a PRINCESS you know! I have a Tiara and sign to prove it! {te-hee}

One of my favorite needlework stockings! Perfectly victorian!!!! I have 6 different needlework stockings... all with angels on them!

I found these beautiful handpainted rose ornies here!
:-) {tell Mary that Dolly sent you} :-)

I am so sorry the pictures are so bad!
You are not going to believe what I did!
I left my camera battery charger at mother in laws' house when we went down for Thanksgiving so I am stuck using my old crappy camera!
It is BAD... I know! {insert sad face}

Are you finished shopping ?
Me??? No....
Do you have all your Christmas cards mailed out?
Me ??? No....
Are you finished with all your handmade gifts?
Me??? No....
All the cookies baked?
Me??? No....
I am so far behind in everything!
I am feeling the pressure and stress is building
{well honestly, that's been building for awhile now}
Every year I say I am going to be done before now and not get stressed!
Hubby keeps assuring me that I work better under pressure! ha
I hope you are having HAPPY days without stress!

Warm Hugz,

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Cherry Cottage Christmas

Welcome to our Cherry Cottage Christmas tour!
Come on in.... make yourself at home!
We are so glad to see you.

At night!
{ouuu I love the pink lights}

Our christmas tree!
Shabby vintage theme!
White, silver and pink ornies, ivory and pink pearl garland,
lots of baubles and sparkles!

My sis made me this pretty rose stocking!
Thank you Suz!

My new vintage looking ornie!
I collect snow baby ornies!
They are so darn sweet!
Of course our cherry cottage has "cherry ornaments"!
Yes Yes Yes!
This one is one of my favorites!
** A sparkley slice of cherry-yumminess **
{I need to get more pictures of our cherry christmas kitchen!}

Our guest bath...
Come on in and powder your nose!
I love this room!

I love love loooove my vintage shiney brights!
Next year all of these will be on our tree!
I plan to do a green tree with all my vintage ornies!
I can just picture it in our newly decorated frontroom

This lil guy makes me smile!
One of my favorite shabby stockings!
I painted this nut cracker back when I first started taking tole painting lessons!
Mannnnny years ago! :-)
Ouuu don't you love this feather wreath!
3 sweet resin santas { I painted these too}
These cute spindle santas are some of my favorites!
I painted them back when our home was very country-ish!

My santa collection!
I painted them all!
Three wise men!
I painted many years ago on paper mache cones!

Don't look at the ugly light fixture!
I have an antique chandelier to replace this with... one of these days!
This is the dinning room light with handpainted ornies and glass icicles hung from pearl garland!
I love it!
Dinning room curio cabinet has a touch of shabby chic christmas, with silk roses and handpainted ornaments!
My favorite santa..... I painted many years ago!
As you can see our cottage is an eclectic mix of Christmas Treasures!
I have more pictures to take and more to show you.

Do come back again!

Visit Heather @ Pretty Petals to tour many more BEAUTIFUL homes all decorated in their christmas best waiting for you to take a peek!
Thank you Heather for hosting this "Pretty Lil Christmas" Tour!

Also visit BooMama for her Christmas tour of homes!

P.S.Plans are in the works for my second annual vintage heart swap !
Come back after christmas for the details!
{ december 28th}

Hugz and blessings,