Friday, October 31, 2008

All Hallows Eve

Happy Halloween to all you pretty lil pumpkins!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Sneaky Peaky

The day has finally come!
I am thrilled to say....
I am going to start painting the front room!
I don't know if you are like me but I don't feel like a house is mine until I get to re-do every room "MY" way.
We moved here 4 years ago.
The walls were all off white!
No offense to you girls who like that look
BUT, for me I need color, fun and pizzaz in my life!
Really, I thought when we moved here that I would like that style,
all white cottagey shabby chic!
I even painted most of my antiques white and shabbied them up a bit!
But .... It's just not me!
I am not feeling it!
So after much convincing I got hubby to let me do "my thing"!
He did agree to plaster and sand the walls for me.
Thank you hunny bunny....

I snapped these pictures real quick while he was pulling things off the walls!
I needed to show you before pictures!

Grab a paint brush and come on over!
Painting party @ Dollys Cherry Cottage!

See you soon with new pictures!

P.S. Update on mum......
Her kidneys are at a 2.5
Good if we can lower that number or keep it from going higher!
A 5 means dialysis.
She has gout in her foot.
Over all she said she feels great!


Monday, October 27, 2008

The one that got away

Happy Monday girly girls...
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Hubby and I went to an amish auction on saturday!
Oh what fun!

I am kicking myself though!
Do you see the oak dresser in these 2 pictures....
Isn't it beautiful?
It sold for $130.00
Why oh why didn't I jump in on the bidding?

Oh there was an antique oak library table that sold for $25.oo...
I wish I had a place to put it...It was beautiful!
Are you wondering what I did get at the auction?
Just a box of misc. dishes!
I know like I needed more dishes! :-)
The one that got away!
Sorry I didn't get any other pictures!
I was busy visiting and gabbing!

No this is not a grainy - bad picture!
This is how hard it hailed on sunday!
It came down so hard and so fast that it looked like miniature snow balls!
let's not talk about snow just yet!

I am getting ready to re-decorate our frontroom!
Come by tomorrow and I will give you a sneak peek!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

We are blessed

Thank you dear lord for hearing and answering our prayers!
Bless all of my dear sweet friends today and every day!
{mum on her birthday in september
holding her new great grandaughter Madison}

Warm hugz for everyone!
You girls have no idea how grateful I am to have you all as friends!
I thank you with all my heart
for all the prayers and well wishes for my mum!

Mum is a very loving, kind, gentle soul, she has always been healthy and taken very good care of herself and others, she walked faithfully until she developed arthritis in her knee, she always got plenty of exercise, watches what she eats and never smoke or drank.

On saturday morning mum was drinking her morning coffee and her vision blurred,
she felt sick to her stomach so her friend helped her to the recliner to relax!

A few seconds later she lost all control of her body functions and her arm went numb.

They got an ambulance and got her to the hospital!
By 1pm she was doing great!
I talked to her on the phone!
{ I live 3 hours away from my mum}

You would have never known she was so bad earlier!

At first they thought it was the flu because she was dehydrated!

Then they thought it was food poisoning.
On sunday morning she got up to use the restroom and blacked out!

I talked to the doctor on the phone and she was not sure if mum had a stroke or heart attack!
I knew it was time to rush down to be with her!

When we arrived she was on oxygen and scared to death!

She was not sure what had happened!

I spent 2 days with her in the hospital meeting all the doctors and specialists and asking every question imaginable.
{I am sure they were glad to see me go!}
After numerous tests, scans, ultra sounds, and a stress test.
Here are the results....
she has a hiatal hernia, diabetes, and her kidneys are working at 24%.

Her heart, liver and lungs are great for her age!
She went home on wedensday and feels great today!
She said it feels so good to be home!
We all know that feeling don't we.

She didn't want me to stay with her because her friend and my niece are staying with her.
{Mum is a stubborn pollock and doesn't like to inconvience anyone}
So I came home but left strict instructions that I get a phone call if any little thing does not feel right.
She sees the kidney specialist on monday and her family doctor on wednesday!
I hope and pray that we can get her kidneys working better
or at the least keep them where they are right now.

All prayers would be greatly appreciated my dear sweet friends.
*I luv you all so much*

Now I am off to catch up on things around here
and try to de-stress,
if I can.

Smiles and Hugz, Dolly

Monday, October 20, 2008

Breakfast for Breasts

My precious friend Shannon has invited everyone over to her home
this morning for....

She is serving toast topped with strawberry jam,
yummy PINK milk and PINK marshmallows!

She and the girls are offering pretty items for sale with all proceeds being donated to cancer awareness!
{Two Thumbs up girls}

Shannon is having a guessing game give away too!
Stop over and say HI to Shannon and the girls... tell them Dolly sent ya :-)

October is breast cancer awareness month!
Have you had your mammogram yet?

I have a favor to ask......
Mum was taken to the hospital on Saturday {flu and dehydration}
PLEASE pray that God places his healing hands upon her.
She is my whole world, my strength and inspiration!
I love you with all my heart mum!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

May I have your attention Please?

Cutie Pie Elizabeth @ Pigtails and Snails is having a give away!
This beautiful quilt is the PRIZE!!!!
Can you believe it?
I am soooo excited.... I would loooooooooove to win this!
I really really want this to cuddle under this beautiful quilt this winter!
Go check it out and add your name to the hat!
If you win.... send it to me!

Good luck girls
Hugz, Doll

Monday, October 13, 2008

End of Garden Goodies

Mmmm.... look at those mouth watering tomatoes, yummy green peppers, jelapenos, habinero peppers, sweet corn and zucchini!
Oh what to do with the end of the garden veggies????
Make salsa....
I combined all of those hot peppers and tomatoes,
with onions, garlic,and some spices and made some super duper hot salsa!
This will warm your insides on a cold winter day!

We had such a beautiful weekend!
Enjoying our Indian summer!
I will share pictures soon!

What did you do this weekend?

Hugz, Dolly

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just for today.....

Happy Wednesday friends...
It is cold, rainy and dreary...
** a gloomy fall day here **

Just for today I want to be a kitty....
I want to lay on the sofa, next to the coal stove where it is warm and cozy!
I want someone to rub my back and head and belly and tell me how precious I am!
I want.......

to just be lazy today....

P.S. I know my girls are not kitties....
but I call all cats, large or small "kitties"!

Stay warm sweet friends,

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rainy days....

Rain Rain go away......
Emma and Gramma want to PLAY!
We have corn stalks to put around the light post
and pumpkins to gather,
ghosts to hang from the trees
and a spooky black cat to sit on the porch!

Oh but it's rainy and cold outside today!

"Gramma can we read my picture book
and eat animal crackers
and sing songs instead"????

"Yes princess"

It's raining
It's pouring
the old man is snoring...
He went to bed
and he bumped his head
and he couldn't get up in the morning!