Monday, November 26, 2007

Come on dad.....

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The winners are......

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank you!

Your sweet comments and encouraging words really mean alot to me! I am so glad to have met you all.... I can't imagine what I would do without yous here everyday, opening your doors and your hearts, shareing, chatting , laughing and sometimes crying!! You all have a special place in my heart!
All of you new gals whom stopped by and left a nice comment, and to those whom gave a shout out on their blogs, Thank you with all my cherry heart!!!!
Now onto the winner {ssssss} :-)

I enlisted the help of my dear hubby to draw the name of the lucky person to win the Reindeer!

He helped cut and fold all the names too!
{Luv you honey}

Inspired Tokens congradulations girl.... you are the winner!
You win the reindeer and a few other surprises! Hubby was haveing fun and wanted to draw another name .......
{some kids just never grow up}
Our second place winner is........

Congradulations Michelle of I'm a little Tea pot!

I will make something special for you!

Still haveing fun he drew a third name.......

Our third place winner is......

Amy @ Bunny Rose Cottage

Whooohoooo Amy....... {Amy is my neighbor and PRH sister} I will make something special for you too sweetpea!

And last but not least..... the winner of my Etsy Grand Opening Give Away is.......

Congradulations Dawn and thank you for your purchases!
Ladies I will be contacting you thru your blogs shortly!
Be sure to Send me your address so I can get your goodies out to you!

Thanks again for all whom entered!

That was soooo fun! I love give aways!

Guess what...I will be haveing another give away real soon! My 100th post is coming up !

Hmmmm... I will have to put my thinking cap on and come up with a goodie pack to celebrate 100 posts!

Who knew I'd have so much to share! :-)

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Hugz, Dolly

P.S. be sure to stop in at my Cherry Heart Boutique and see the new goodies I have made!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Good Tidings and another Give Away

Miss Becky at On a wing and a prayer is haveing a give away!

Stop by here blog to enter and tell her I sent you!

I love give aways..... don't you!

Don't forget to enter my give away if you have'nt already!

-------->Click here to enter! <--------

Time is running out........

Hubby will draw the lucky winner on saturday!

Happy Thanks giving all!

God Bless,


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Presents, Tooth Fairy and Thank you

I have been a busy lil bee....
trying to get caught up {does one ever get caught up ? really?}
Take a peek at the new goodies listed on Etsy.....

Ok girls I'd like to say you twisted my arm but really, honestly, I gave into tempation, she said with head down!

Hey I never said I was strong!

I am very very weak when it comes to presents! They were screaming open me open me!!!

I did wait till hubby got home if that counts!

That deserves a pat on the back, does'nt it!!!

Looky at the presents my sweet PRH friend Celeste spoiled me with!

Handpainted ornaments... go ahead ohhh and ahhhhh!

They are absolutely beeeeutiful, Cherries and Roses does she know me or what!

Celeste is an awesome painter and a beautiful sister at heart!

Thank you sweetpea!

Ooooops I bet you are wondering ~~ Did she bump her head?
Naw I do still have my halloween goodies out! I was waiting for the arrival of my new friend! Is'nt he the cutest??? I love this guy!
I squeeled with delight when I opened him! He is just too darn cuuuuuuuute!
I won this lil sweety from Debras blog give away!
Whooo-hoooo I am so lucky, you see I have secretly wanted one of her creations since my first visit to her blog!
Thank you Deb... I will treasure him forever!
Ok now I have to tell you I was reading Little Melfies world about her mommy tooth fairy hap, and had to laugh and share my tooth fairy story with you!
It was after midnight moving day!
Hubby and I were beyond exhausted!
trying to pry our bodies off the living room floor and crawl to bed when our youngest comes running down the steps "daddy I did what you said I wiggled my tooth with my tongue and it came out"
After we got her tucked in bed... tooth ready and waiting for the tooth fairy assureing her that the tooth fairy does know that we moved and she knows where our new house is!
On our way downstairs I said to hubby "tag, you're get to be the tooth fairy tonight" I was way too tired to be responsible for that job!
The next morning she is screaming running down the steps my first thought was he forgot! Nope she was screaming "mommy the tooth fairy is rich here....she gave me 20 dollars" I looked at hubby and he whispered "it could have been worse..... all I had was 20"
Good thing we did'nt live there too long... a tooth fairy could go broke in that house!
Enjoy your evening!
Hugz, Dolly
Don't forget to enter my blog give away... a few posts down!

Friday, November 16, 2007

What's a girl to do???????

Looky Look..... I got presents in the mail today.... just now!
Are'nt they pretty?
Oh so beautifully wrapped!
Look at the thought and detail that went into wrapping these darlings!
The pretty pink rose paper, the glittery snowflakes and the cherries!
~~~ OH LA LA ~~~
I can feel the love!
Ok now my dilema.......
what to do what to doooooooo.....
they are so so pretty .....
should I put them under the christmas tree and wait til christmas to open them?
Just think how pretty they'd be under the tree!
Presents wrapped so pretty peek the curiosity of others!
What to do what to dooooooo....
should I just ripped these babies open????
open them carefully and rewrap them and just have pretty empty boxs under the tree!
What would you do??????

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My first Blog Give Away

Taaa Daaa...

here is the gift I have chose for my very first blog give away!
{click picture to get a better look}

I found this metal reindeer candle holder at a local boutique...
I put ornaments on the candle plates but I am searching for 2 ball shaped candles for it!

When I got this home I gave it a Dolly Maker-Over! :-)

I painted a pink rose bud on her hip.... painted the holly a lighter green then glittered them, I also painted the leaves pink then glittered them, and I added snow to the base and sprinkled that with glitter... And since I was on a roll I sprinkled german glass glitter all over the reindeer body!

~~~Oh this baby sparkles~~~

It has been so exciteing haveing so many of you stop by and leave a comment!Thank you so much, your comments and friendship gives blogging so much meaning!
I do come and visit your blogs.... It is such a pleasure meeting so many new gals!
Good Luck to the winner!
I am making other goodies to go with this too!
The winner will be picked on Saturday November 24th

Leave a comment on this post --> CLICK HERE <-- and you will be entered in the blog give away pictured above!
ALSO.... If you post about my Cherry Heart Boutique with a link on your blog I will enter your name again!
Be sure to come back and leave me a link to your post!
I am counting on you gals to help me spread the word!

Don't forget

To celebrate my grand opening of My Cherry Heart Boutique I am offering every one whom makes a purchase before November 23rd a chance to win a give away!
I am not sure what it will be just yet... but with each item you purchase your name will go into the hat! {purchase 3 items you get 3 chances to win} etc!

Hugz, Dolly

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rice Pudding and Thank yous

Welcome back all you Silver bellas! I am loving all the pictures and fun stories!
What fun classes and goodies everyone has to show!
With the temps cooling off I get in the mood to bake more often!
Mmm... I Love the smell of anything baking in the oven... don't you!
This recipe was my daddys' favorite and has been my favorite since I was a lil girl and is now my children and hubbys' favorite!

Gramma Irenes' Rice pudding!

1 can PET milk

4 cans of water

1 cup rice

1 1/2 cup sugar {optional}

1 cup of raisins {optional}

mix into a casserol dish

sprinkle cinnamon on top!

Bake 350 for 2 hours

Yummy Yum!!!!
Gramma Irene would make this rice pudding for us everytime she'd come to visit!
We looked forward to her visits with anticipation of that yummy rice pudding!
Now my mum makes this for her grandbabies every holiday

~~ Cute Story ~~
Gramma Irene lived in florida and we lived in michigan when our children were little, we would have to pick Gramma up at the airport each time she came to visit and we'd drive her back to the airport to go home!
Our children thought Great Gramma lived at the airport!
I over heard them telling their friends that their Great Gramma lived on a big airplane at the airport!


I'd like to Thank each and everyone of yous for visiting my blog, leaving your wonderful comments and for visiting my Cherry Heart Boutique and making this an exciteing adventure for me!
It's so scarey putting yourself out there not knowing if anyone is going to like what you create!
I have met so many new gals thru this give away!
Too Too fun!!!
there are so many awesome decorators and artists out there in blogland! It is such a pleasure haveing you stop by, leave a comment and add me to their favorites!
Do take a moment and visit these gals who were kind enough to add a shout out about my Cherry Heart Boutique on their blog!

Amy Mica



If I missed anyone do let me know!

I would surely love to add your name here and give a shout out about your shop or blog!

Do leave a coment on the previous post..... to be entered in my blog give away!

I will show pictures of the prizers tomorrow!
Also each purchase made from my Cherry Heart Boutique before November 23rd will enter you into a seperate drawing for my Etsy boutique Grand Opening!
Thank you very much to those whom have purchased from me!

I added more paper stockings and lavender stockings.... go looky look!
And to my very first customer Princess Heidi
THANK YOU & big hugz for you too!

More tomorrow!
Hugz, Dolly

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Etsy Grand Opening and 2 give aways

Oh Oh Oh I am so excited and a bit nervous too!
After much thought and tossing ideas around I have done it....
I am haveing my grand opening starting today for my etsy shop!
It's called....

To celebrate my grand opening I am offering every one whom makes a purchase before November 23rd a chance to win a give away!
I am not sure what it will be just yet... but with each item you purchase your name will go into the hat! {purchase 3 items you get 3 chances to win} etc!
That's the first give away....

The second give away goes like this!
Since I am a new shop and need all the advertiseing I can get!
Leave a comment on this post you will be entered into the second give away... and....
if you post about my Cherry Heart Boutique with the link on your blog,
I will enter your name again!
Be sure to leave me the link to your post!
I am counting on you gals to help spread the word!

Ok now go visit my Cherry Heart Boutique..
shop.... then come back and tell me what you think!

Warm Hugz, Dolly

{big hugz to Jenny and everyone else for the encourageing me to take this leap}

Knock Knock

Old man winter came knocking this morning!
Look how beautiful our first snowfall is!

I love how the softly fallen snow lays upon the branches

and glistens in the sunlight!

We are blessed to experience so many of Gods' wonderful creations!

I hope you enjoy your day...

Hugz, Dolly

:-) Etsy store GRAND OPENING coming soon! :-)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A lil Spicy...a Lil Sweet.... and a lil Silly too!

You Are a Gingerbread House

A little spicy and a little sweet, anyone would like to be lost in the woods with you.
Cheryl at Rosey Posey Confections had this on her post today!
Too FUN!
~I am a gingerbread house huh~
Am I a lil spicy?
Am I a lil sweet?
Am I a lil silly too?
I'd love to know what holiday food you are!
Hugz, Dolly

Friday, November 2, 2007

I wanna win.....

Ladies I want you all to do me a favor!
Run RUN RUUUUUUUUN..... don't walk
over to Sam I am Creations and enter my name
yep my name into her drawing!
I really really want to win one of her tiny bubbles! :-)
Hurry the drawing ends tuesday!
Thanks girls...
I knew I could count on you!
Hugz, Dolly

{can you tell I am feeling silly this morning}

{still on a halloween candy buzz}

~~ Giggle Giggle ~~

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007

My favorite Trick or Treaters!

Hugz, Dolly