Thursday, June 7, 2007

My Sis

A crazy patchwork pillow.... ohh la la
Pink roses, green polka dots, lace and ruffles
ohh la la

I want to introduce all my blogger friends to my sweet wonderful sis!
She is the best
and I am very proud of her!
Suzy and I are not biological siblings..
we are sisters in heart
and sisters in christ!
Suzy and I met about 3 years ago... on ebay of course!
She emailed me and asked if she could talk about
my handpainted cherry goodies on her auctions!
We have shared emails everyday since...
We know each other inside and out!
We have watched each others families grow
and have shared each other grandbabies too!
Suzy and I have been thru alot together
and I would'nt trade a second of it for anything in the world!

Take a look at Suzys' auctions.....
Sis creates pillows and sells them on ebay under the name Suedels....
these are not just any pillows....
they are the prettiest pillows one can imagine!

She searches yard sales, antique shops,
ebay and tag sales for vintage laces, and trims, vintage buttons,
tablecloths and such to use in creating one of a kind beautiful treasures!

I am the proud owner of several of her creations!
I treasure each and everyone of them...
she puts lots of love into each piece she creates!
Trust me she does quality work!

Here a few examples of her beautiful handiwork!

Not all of Suzys pillows are done in bright colors...

she also does the prettiest pastel,

shabby chic, romantic victorian ones!

If you have a color scheme or an idea for the perfect pillow

just email her thru her auctions and she will create it for you!

:-) Tell her Dolly sent you :-)


Stephanie said...

Wow, don't know if I like her polka dot or her crazy quilt one best. I think the crazy quilt one would be so pretty in my bedroom, don't you?!?

Still working on the ribbon for Amy. Will try again!!!

Angelic Accents

Bertie said...

I've grabbed the ribbon and will try to put it on my blog, too. It's so sweet of you to put it on yours so we can all share.

I love your sis' pillows from retro tablecloths. I have a few that my mom gave me before she passed last year. I don't think I can cut them up, though, but maybe wrap them around a throw pillow and display them.

She makes exquisite ruffles! And I love the combination of fabrics she uses.

Ele said...

Those are so pretty! She puts fabric together in a lovely way.

Birdie said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Kathleen Grace said...

Gorgeous pillows And how sweet of you to tell us about her! I will certainly keep an eye on her ebay store!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

OH Dolly! they are just gorgeous! I actually am on the hunt for some new pillows for my couch so I will have to check her out.

I have a surprise for you! You know the album I have on my blog with all the pictures in it...well...I found the absolute most cutest little girl with cherries on it in there!!! when I come back from vacation I will scan it for you and send it to ya!!! xoxo Heather

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh my! Those pillows are fabulous!! Thanks for sharing! Laurie

Kasse said...

Hi Dolly, Just checking in on you. Thanks for your concern about my absence. I'm back- at least I think. Just catching up on your site, and seeing what you have been up to. Kasse

Genevieve Olsen said...

Oooh I love Suzy's pillows!
Partners have been paired for our sunny garden swap! Please check my blog for details and please email me your snail and email address!

Natasha Burns said...

Dolly they are fabulous!

sepia art studio said...

Dolly you have a *wonderful* blog!
I will be visiting here often :)


Rosemary said...

Hi Dolly,
I am your partner for the garden swap. I emailed Genevieve with my email and address.
If you want to email me it is,
My blog is
I really like your blog.

Michele said...

Those are fantastic! I love her prints, thank you for sharing these with us. I will have to look for her on ebay.


Miss Rhea said...

Pretty, Pretty Pillows !! I am adding her to my Favs. I miss you Dolly !! Hows that Sweet grandbaby ?

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

ooooh, I love those pillows. Does she also have a blog?

vickie said...

The pillows are beautiful! Going to check out her site right now!
Love your blog, Dolly, thanks for the "Welcome" to blog land!