Saturday, May 19, 2007


Our college daughter moved back home with pregnant cat in tow!
Miss Marz was'nt very big so we did'nt really expect her to have her babies any time soon!
She kept the whole house awake on monday night......
making weird short meow noises!
It was cute....
she was biteing hubbys' mustache and
sticking her nose on his nose,
all the time he is telling her to shush and go to sleep as he is petting her!!
I told hubby she is trying to tell us something.....
I said "whats wrong Lassie"?? {giggle}
Hubby did'nt think that was too funny at 5am.
Being the good man that he is
he got up and checked on everyone in the house,
all was well,
not a creature was stirring,
not even a mouse!!
The next day Miss Marz was being very lovely dovely all day...
and did'nt want to be alone....
The maternal instinct kicked in and our daughter made her a bed
to have her babies in.....
the bed consists of her favorite blanket,
my cushion from my favorite chair
which Marz {the princess} thinks is her chair,
and stuffed it all nice and fluffy into a box!

Marz went into labor around 7:30ish on wednesday evening!
We sat patiently waiting with cameras in hand...
paceing the floor
I don't know who had the most pain the momma cat or the momma of the cat!
Our daughter had tears in her eyes while coaching Miss Marz!
One kitty came out and Momma was amazing...

she knew exactly what to do!!

How exciting it was for us to witness such a wonderful miracle!!
Marz only had one kitty poo......

it is all black just like the daddy!
Precious as can be with its lil meuuuuuzzzzz!

Momma and baby are doing great!!!!

Yes our new fur grand baby has a name....
its name is INK....
Hmmm.... Where did that come from????
It's daddys' name is Pinkerton,
not knowing if it's a boy or girl this name fits!

{As you can tell, daughter does not do traditional...
she is as unique as her momma is!} Te-hee

Have you hugged your fur baby today????


P.S. You can bet I will post pictures periodically!


Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

You silly Cherry Girl! I thought you were having real grandbabies...twins...triplets...something like that! LOL

I guess to us animal lovers...they are all our REAL grandbabies!


Mom2fur said...

I've never heard of a cat only having one baby, LOL! Isn't it darling? And Marz is gorgeous! What a good mommy cat she appears to be!
So far today...I've hugged my canine baby (a chihuahua named Shadow Dante.) Still have to hug Nutmeg and Melody, the cats, and Austin and Baxter the ferrets!

Stephanie said...

Oh my, Dolly, I thought you meant an infant ~ not a kitty!!! But oh how adorable your Miss Marz is, & NOW I understand the name "INK"!! :0)


PurpleFlowerFairy said...

that is SO sweet!!! thanks for stopping by my blog. small world as we don't live all that far from one another. i'd love to check out that amish flea market you blogged about - sounds wonderful! i too have a cart with a liner - i love it for flea and antique markets =) debbie

Susan said...

That looked like my kind of flea market! Love your cart. I have a rusty old one and you've inspired me to make a fabric insert for it...if I could just find the time!

anita said...

Oh, silly me! I thought you meant human babies...Congrats on the kitty baby! What a precious!! Your flea market cart is marvelous - wish I had one! Your box of dishes are wonderful. The blue edged one in the bottom right is just like the bowl I picked up a while back for 99 cents. How fabulous! Enjoy...

HopHopJingleBoo said...

hello, added you to the 'Bunny Swap' as requested, email me then i will give you the banner etc.. and had to look at your blog.. hey! we have the same kitty! but, i have her fat brother too! and no babies..also will add you to my a good nanny!!