Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Love Presents

I do hope you all had a wonderful mothers day!
Mine was awesome!
I spent the day with all of our children and grandbabies at my mums' home!

We had a beautiful sun shiney day...

Filled with family, love, lots of foooooood and presents!

I love presents!!!!!

Who does'nt love presents right????

My daughter gave me a this pretty hat box covered with old fashion lilies!
Sooooo vintage garden chic....
inside was 3 matching candles!
Romantic rose, vanilla musk and garden lily... mmmm they smell awesome!

{sorry... I should have taken the glass out of the frame to prevent the reflection}

My son gave me a picture of him with his 2 precious lil angels!
Is this sweet or what!!!!!
They are all 3 dressed in white shirts with blue jeans!
Very casual chic!
I am into black n white pictures lately....so this is perfect for my picture wall!
And the frame is so me... shabby victorian looking... I love it!

Then when we returned home there waiting on the porch was another present..
This one was from my secret pal

Take a look at this cherry sweet set of vinegar and oil cruets


Along with a great smellin lavender sachet....

That's not all....

she also sent me two very very pretty rose covered quilted placemats, trimmed in the prettiest deliacte lace!

{great for sloppin up messes} LOL.... {sorry.... private joke}

Also a sweet lil PINK rose scented candle.... love the graphics on the tin!

plus she created a personal mothers day card just for lil ole me!

XO, Dolly


Ele said...

Looks like you got some great gifts. The gift from your secret pal is so cute and sooooo cherry you!

Natasha Burns said...

What a lucky chicken you are Dolly! Lovely Mother's Day gifts from your children and the vinegar and oil jugs are just sooooo you aren't they!!!

anita said...

What wonderful cruets! They're so YOU!!