Thursday, May 10, 2007


I am playing catch-up today!
I should have posted these pictures lastweek!

What an exciting week
I received 3 packages...
Ohh what fun when the mail gal rings the door bell and has a box in her hand for mwa!
The first gift is from my sweet friend Natasha Burns...
All the way over in Australia

I won her give away for this sweet treats trio!

First off look how cute it was wrapped...

I felt like it was my birthday.....

Are'nt they the cutest faux treats???

Natasha sells these on her website....

go order some... you will love them!

Everyone thinks they are real!

And the best part is they are fat free! te-hee!

I Love Love this cute CHERRY tag!!!!
{it's soooo meeeeee!!!!!}
Complete with her signature sweet cupcake with a CHERRY on top!
A girl after my own heart!!!!!

*~ Thank you Natasha ~* {hugz}

This next set of pictures is my gifts
from the Pink and Brown swap!

Look how cute everything was wrapped!

My heart skipped a beat when I opened this CHERRY candle holder....
at those sweet yummy cherries dangeling from the sides!
That is just sooooooo perfect!!!!!
Filled with the bestest smellin vanilla votive

I am loving this beautiful book mark too!!!!
I have'nt had a pretty bookmark in a while!!!

Now this lil gold box... made me squeeeeeellll

Oh darlin..... anyone that knows me well, knows that

To die for yummy!
Did I mention I LOOOVE Godiva chocolates???
I swear if hubby was'nt here when I opened them I would not have saved him one or shared with anyone!

NOPE....... no shareing these babies!!!!

MINE mine MINE mine MINE!!!!! giggle

Oh yes they were delish........

Here is the rest of the goodies from Kris!

A gardening magazine which I devoured with a cup of chia tea...
Raspberry cookies, a box of maple sugar candies which hubby munched on!
Burts bees lip balm... the best lip balm.. its all natural!
You know I do love all natural!!!!
Did you see the box of rose note cards???
they are beeeutiful!

And the card with lily of the vally on it...deserves to be framed!
Thank you Kris..... you made my day!

This next batch came all the way from Texas
From Jami....
My "I Love cupcakes" swap gal

Lots of wonderful sprinkles.....we can't wait to use them!
And those pastel sugars look so yummy sweet!

My grandson staked claims on the chocolate smelling pencils
and eraser and pencil sharpener!
They really do smell chocolatey!!!
Jami even created for me,
my very own personalized stationary note pads!
How cool is that?????
This girl is goooood!!!!!
We can't wait to try the markers...
you can actually write on frosting with them!
I see lots of cupcakes coming soon!
Thank you for the awesome gifts Jami
that was so sweet of you!

Thank you Natasha, Kris and Jami
for all the wonderful gifts!
You gals really did make my day
and made me shed a tear or two

I'd also like to take this opportunity to
THANK everyone
for the sweet comments yous have been leaving on my blog!
I truely apreciate all your kind words and enthusiasm!

God Bless you all!
Hugz, Dolly


Natasha Burns said...

Wow Dolly you got some great swap items! So glad you like your faux sweets and the cherry tags I did design with you in mind then I put a few on my website as I made several.
Enjoy your day!!! Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow!

Jules said...

oooh surprises gotta love surprises
my birthday tomorrow and i already got some too.Love the swaps and faux treats,my friend shannon makes cute faux cakes too.No calories.
P.S loved the mothersday tribute happy mothersday said...

oh my, tons of goodies and pretties and presents! Lucky you!

Connie said...

Dolly, where or where did you get those adorable cherry hang tags?? I need some things like that.