Saturday, May 19, 2007


Twice a year they have a flea market/quilt auction in Claire that is hosted by the amish!

It takes place in the middle of a field ... probably a cow or horse pasture!!!!
Early friday morning hubby and I
along with our 2 amish neighbor girls Sovilla and Edna...
went to see what goodies we could find!

Ahhhh.... the day was perfect,
the sky was blue... the sun was shinning bright....
a great day to S*H*O*P

In my pocket I had my list of wants and needs!!!!!
Oh yes when it comes to searching thru markets like these we ALL have our needs...
needs to rescue things that make our heart skip a beat!
My list consists of vintage sewing supplies, vintage laces, goodies for my spots and dots swap partner
STAR STAR ** be on the look out for anything with CHERRIES that is unique...
and some pretty vintage tea cups and tea stuff for the tea swap coming soon!
Also the usual.... I collect and never have enough of ... thingys!

Hmmm let me think... what was my first purchase????

Oh OH Oh down the very first isle....

I found 2 boxs of chipped and odd dishes.....
2$ a box...
the top few pieces were plates with roses and a few tea cups....
heart skips a beat!

These are MINE....
I paid for them and asked her to hold them for me!
I am thinking anything that was too damaged goes into the mosaic box...
no waste here on these goodies!
I am feeling this is going to be a GOOOOOD Day!!!!!
I will show you my goodies in future posts.
Today I wanted to show you some of the sights....
A rainbow of Fiesta ware..... lined up waiting to make someone happy!
The crowds ...the food, fresh baked bread and pies,

The sounds...

The horses naying and clip clopping down the road,

Popcorn popping in the big copper kettles,

the chug of the engine running the amish ice cream maker.

The auctioneer off in the distance!

Ahhhhhh.... what a way to spend a day!
Wish you were here!!!!!
XO, Dolly

P.S. yes that is my flea market cart.... {my kids call it my granny cart}

I painted it and made the pretty liner for it!!

It holds lots of treasures!