Thursday, April 5, 2007


Good ole mother nature sure put a whammy on us!
We got 3.8 inches of snow lastnight, and it's been snowing all day!
We had white out conditions lastnight and this morning!
Mr. Newsman issued a winter advisory with freezing rain and blowing snow!

What happened to spring???????
The trees and flowers and birds are confused!
Heck I am confused!

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Will we be hunting easter eggs in the snow????
Will we be wearing long johns under our pretty spring dresses????
Will spring ever come and stay????

This precious angel lady sits on our porch and watches over our home...
she wants to go back in the barn where its warmer!
I think I bought her out too early!

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All you southern gals...
I will trade you some snow for some warm weather and sunshine! te-hee!!!!!

I am off to put on my wool socks and flannel shirt and hug a cup of hot tea!

wintery blessings,


Ele said...

The Easter bunny will be leaving his footprints in the snow! Snow is hard to take this time of year!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Yes it seems Winter is leaving one more blast for us too! One good is sure not to last toooo long!

Have a happy Easter!

Gary Busey's Brother said...

I agree. Why can't we just have snow in December?