Thursday, April 19, 2007


First off let me say I am not the food shopper in our house!
I do not like grocery shopping....
on the other hand hubby looooves grocery shopping!
He'd go everyday if he could!
If I have to do the shopping, I shop for the whole month
so I don't have to go back anytime soon!
I really think my dread for grocery shopping began
back when our youngest was allergic to dairy products!
I had to read every label before I put anything in the shopping cart!
{it seems like everything has something dairy in it}
It took me hours to do my weekly grocery shopping!
Plus I was the coupon queen, so that took time as well!!!!!

Anyways a few weeks ago my grandson and I had to

go to the grocery store to get french vanilla creamer!
I saw the display for these new chips by Frito Lay...

~~~~Baked Fruit Crisps~~~~

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hmmmm sounds interesting!
{hubby only buys the usuals... he does'nt try anything new}
We decided to try the Peach Mango.........
Oh yes it was LOVE AT FIRST BITE!!!!!!!
The taste is phenominal.... yummier then yummy!
Like biteing into a fresh peach with a twist of fresh mango!
ahhhhhhh...... mouth watering!!!!
yummy in my tummy!

The are baked not fried.......thats a good thing right???
made from a blend of potato, rice, apple, peach and mango!
I won't tell you how many bags we have devoured so far! lol

They do come in many different flavors....
we have tried the berry.... not too good!
The apple cinnamon is delish......
taste like a fresh baked apple crisp !!!!!

Run don't walk to the nearest store...
you have got to try these yummy-lishious chips!

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I am off to enjoy the sun, a new magazine, peach mango crisps & mountain dew!!!!
won't you join me???
Xo, Dolly


Natasha Burns said...

Dolly I'd love to join you! They look great! We get dehydrated fruit here in the health food section but these look like super chips! WOW my kinda chips..... yes you'd hope baked is better!! Thanks for sharing them, I wish I could taste them for real!

love.boxes said...

What a great way to get your fruit in. My little c eats strawberries and asparagus and wants all the rest of her foods to be made from corn syrup or chocolate at this point... any semi-healthy treat is a good thing here! Yay! Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie said...

What time do you want me, Dolly? I always have such fun looking at your pretty blog. Now I can even "post a comment"!!

Yahoo for Mountain Dew!!


Natasha Burns said...

I've just TAGGED you for the thinking blogger award, please be sure to pass it along to 5 blogs that make you think!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Dolly, I am going to look for those chips! Mango is my flavor! I love mango salsa, have you ever tried that? If you have a target, they make some in their target brand..soo yummy!

and...I LOVE that sweet little cherry pillow in that last picture! I wish we could all get together and have a girls chat...too bad we all live so far.

Heather said...

You are sooooo right, those are delicious. Of all the flavors, yes we've tried them all, that is the best one.

Loved the chicks too, you made me miss my ghinnea hens, Gertie and Glenda. They were characters. People don't realize that chickens can be full of personality.

One Woman's Cottage Life said...

Dolly, I LOVE THESE CHIPS!!!! We've been buying the veggie chips from this brand for a few weeks now (the kids *love* them!) but just a few days ago, I decided to try one of the fruit versions, too. We bought the "wild berry patch" flavor and their great! Haven't tried the other fruit versions, yet, but looking forward to it!

Michele said...

Dolly, I got to your blog from Natasha's and I read your comments about the mango chips. Well, I saw them at the store so thought I would give them a try, based on your advise. Thanks Dolly, just what I need is another addiction. They are fabulous!! I love them! You should be a food critic. To bad Natasha can't try these.
Thanks for sharing!