Thursday, April 12, 2007

My very first.......

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During my first or second week of blogging I found Jennys blog...
wow was I blown away!
She is so darn cute and super duper creative!
{If you have'nt already you must go see her blog! Its soooooo awesome!}

Lucky me.... Jenny was hosting her first swap, and it sounded really fun!
Vintage Kitchen Goodies.... thats so me!
I signed up.... not quite sure what to expect!
I was matched with my partner... the sweet Miss Duffy...

Let the fun begin......
We exchanged emails a few times... she is such a sweet person!
So glad god has bought her into my life!
I made her some goodies and mailing them off as I received the goodies she had sent to me!
How exciteing......
As I opened each package I ohhhed and awwwed......
Kasse knew me so well... even though we just met!

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Ohhhhh.... Awwwwwww..... Ohhhhhh... Awwwwww

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Take a look at the sweet red and green swanky swigs.... too darn cute!
The vintage red handled masher....

I never told her I collected vintage utensils!
{She read my mind}

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Ohhhhh...... Awwwwwwww...... Ohhhhhh.... Awwwwww!!!

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I love love loooooove anything Jadite!
I have quite the collection but guess what???
I did'nt have this sweeter then sweet butter dish!
Ohhhhhhh..... Awwwwwwww
I also have a collection of vintage crochet potholders !
AND.... Green is my favorite color!
This cute cute super cute chicken towel is perfect!
I have 2 chickens as pets... they are my girls!
Look at the hand stitching..... too sweet!

Now here is a peek at my hoosier cabinet where everything sits until I find
THE PERFECT place for each piece!

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Make new friends
but keep the old
one is silver
and the other gold!
Thank you Kasse & Jenny
I will think of you everytime I use my vintage kitchen goodies!
Hugz, Dolly


Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...


OH MY GOODNESS! They are amazing...and SO YOU! What a lucky gal you are! I bet you were so excited when you opened that box!! I love that butter dish and those sweet cherry canisters...oh my!

What a fun swap, I missed it so I will have to be sure to sign up if they do it again!


kasse said...

Oh Dolly, I've been secretly worried that I didn't get it right! Your kitchen is so great!! Its how I imagined it and better!I'm glad the gifts fit so well. I just loved my things too. I posted about them today. I am going to shoot you and email and tell you what a nut I am!! kasse

Jules said...

wow love your swaps and you kitchen stuff,I too am a mad kitchen collector.I am on the prettychic gtoup online and we just did our first swap i received mine Fri 13th a lucky day isnt it fun.Have saved your site as a favourite i adore it.Please come visit mine i will add my kitchen so you can see it.

jenny holiday said...

Hello Dolly!!! : )
I have been swirling around in a tornado of work with barely any time for blog hopping. I had a few mins and just had to come say hi!! The goodies you received in the swap are just toooo FABULOUS!! Oh my!! Soooo much fun!! You lucky lucky girl! PERFECT!! I popped in over at Kasse's blog as well..I can say the same exact thing about what she received!! What incredible goodies!! soooo lovely!! You both made my day!! If you haven't joined my Flickr must!! It is so much fun!! I know everyone would looove to see your hoosier cabinet too!! I will send you an invite! : )

I am so so happy to have had you in my swap!! I hope you had a great time!! I know I did!! So many new friends! : )

I hope I have more time to visit blogland over the next week!

Best Wishes!!
xoxo Jenny

love.boxes said...

What a amazingly cute things and darling photos of all. Love those pretty colors! :)