Saturday, September 1, 2012

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Our grandson Tyler has been battling Non Hodgekins Lymphoma since 
October 2011. 
He has 2 more chemo treatments then he will be "cancer free"! 

** ...... HIP HIP HOORAY ...... **

Thank you all for the prayers, cards, emails, messages and support! 
 God has blessed Tyler and kept him positive and strong thru this whole ordeal!
                                       ^^This was Tyler in December^^

 ^^ This is Tyler in July ^^ 

~He has kept that beautiful smile even thru the toughest of times~ 
His attitude and strength has kept us all strong... 
We are so greatful to God, Our family, friends and even total strangers for their prayers and support. 

Have a very Blessed day, 



Jeanette said...

Good to hear from you again. I'm glad your grandson is doing so well!

Monica said...

Hugs to you!!!!! My prayers are coming your way!

Sheree said...

Praise the Lord!!!! and so happy to have you back Dolly!!!!

Susan said...

So happy to hear that he is doing well.


Dori said...

Dolly, I was indulging in an extra cuppa this blustery morning an catching up on blogs and found this post. I've thought about you and your family so much this past year. So happy to find this update on Tyler! {hug}

cathy said...

Hi Dolly
I have been gone from blogging for over a year and a half. I am so sorry for all the sadness and grief you have had to endure.
I am so happy to hear that Tyler has is or will be done with his treatments.
I was a pediatric oncology nurse for 35 years and understand the traum for both the patient and the families involved in childhood cancer. I pray for all of you.

Rhondi said...

Hi Dolly
I'm so glad I decided to spend sometime today checking up on my old blogging friends. I remember when you told us about your grandson and knew what you would be going through because our 37 year olds on had Hodgkins when he was 11. That is such great news, only 2 more treatments and he'll be cancer free. I know you are rejoicing over that and I rejoice with you.
Merry Christmas with ((hugs)) Rhondi