Saturday, December 5, 2009

Old McDolly had a farm

With a chick chick here
and a chick chick there

Abominabole {she looks like the stay puff marshmallow guy she is so huge}

Lizzie {hen}
Little Red {bandi}

Captain Jack {Rooster}

Mop Top {rooster}

I think we may have 5 roosters! Not a good thing!

Black Betty {hen}

Black beauty...{her feathers shine turquois in the sun}

And these are the triplets.....

One is freckles {but I forget what my daughter named the others}

Those are just a few of my girls {and guys}
{we have 30 all together}
The hens are just starting to lay eggs so they can earn their keep around here!

Smiles until next time


Sandra said...

Hi Dolly! I love all your hens and roosters! I really like the white.
My husband wants a chicken coop someday. I'll have to show him your pics.
Have a great weekend.

Kathleen Grace said...

Gorgeous! I always say, why have a bunch of plain white chickens when you can have pretty ones:>) We have a dozen and they lay way more than we can eat!

vivian said...

aww! they are all beautiful! I love the mop top the best. I always like to visit the bird barn at the 4H fair in our county. the fluffy white one is the prettiest I think.
looks like you'll be having some great fresh breakfasts soon.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I love all those chickens...such nice pictures of them all...I miss mine, and I hope to get another dozen and a half next spring. Did you order an assortment? I just wondered how you ended up with such a variety!

Fairy Footprints said...

Oh they are great, I bet you don't need an alarm clock ;0)

I love the pictures just wonderful little animals.



Sandy said...

Hi Dolly,
I am fascinated by chickens! I love to look at them. Unfortunately, I live in a subdivision with those awful Homeowners Association Rules. We can't even have flag poles in the yard. But all your chickens are cute!

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

peppermint said...

Oh those pictures sure remind me of growing up on the farm and gathering the eggs. Thank you for sharing.
Have a good week ahead.

Carol said...

Wow, what a nice looking brood. Lovely and handsome they are. We had a few ladies and one gent once, but a pack of wild dogs came through the neighborhood and killed them. We were so sad. My favorite was Lucy whom I named in memory of my momma. They are a fascinating and beautiful barnyard animal. Thanks for sharing:) Carol

Julie Harward said...

How fun...we have 6 but I sure would like more..hoping this next spring will be better for us. I just love chickens! Come say hi :D

betty said...

Sono simpaticissime, eleganti e anche altezzose...che belle e che colori che hanno...ciao ciao

The Rustic Victorian said...

How wonderful they all are, I do adore chickens...roosters are more of a challenge. Did you put up curtians in the hen house? They love it!
Merry Christmas

The Rustic Victorian said...

It's me again Dolly,after your email I wrote you, then decided I would look at the ladies again. Hey!Maybe you should do a photo shoot of the lacey curtians in the hen house...that would be so,soooo cute.I have never seen one done on a blog. Just a thought. Could be a photographers nightmare if the roosters are meanies. I have saved some pictures of chickens that are of the exotic breeds,,I have thought about doing a blog post about them one of these days...your making me wonder where they are exactly.
Have fun in the hen could shabby it any white paint left over??? giggle

Jacqueline said...

How do you ever pick the favorite of all? I once had 13 little Red Island Rhode red hens and one Phoenix rooster called Chester. The two head hens in the hen house proceeded to pluck every tail feather out of his bottom, and he was never very proud again. Smiling from my home to yours...cluck, cluck!

Kathy said...

Oh Dolly!!!! Makin me homesick for the farm!!!! We raied around the same amount of layin hens...I loved them! even had curtains and stensiled walls in my Chicken coop! Ahhh. the good ole days! Always loved those green and blu eggs too...I was at Mercy this morning having some Lab. work done, I'll have to keep an eye out for your friend Barb! Love your enthusiaism!!!! Have a great day my friend, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... p.s. Yes...LOTS of snow!

Lallee said...

Wow, those are PRETTY chickens! I want Abominabole and Jack. Would they sit still on my kitchen counter? LOL

The stitch I used for the scarves was DC. On every other stitch I crocheted back post and then front post. I hope this makes sense, Dolly. I don't have a pattern--just know how to do the stitch. Also, I bet if you Google cable stitch crochet you'd find a good tutorial. I want to see your scarves!


Diane said...

Hi, Dolly, I like your new Christmas look and I love your chickens. They look like they'd be so fun to paint, love all the different colors and I love the mop top, funny.

Cheryl said...

I love them all the white one is just Gorgeous! Have a Wonderful Holiday
Peace and Blessings
Cheryl..Snatch JOY!