Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I saw RED..... in the kitchen

Welcome to day 3 of Miss Sara @ Sadie Olive "I saw Red" bloggin party!
{Be sure to visit Saras blog to see all the gals showing off their RED goodies....
and read my previous posts for my other Red goodies }

These pictures are random pictures taken in our cherry red kitchen...
{some may be repeats from previous posts}

****WELCOME To Our Kitchen****
The heart of our home

The ceiling fan was brown and gold but I gave it a very cherry make over !

Gramma Irenes' rice pudding served in a cherry dessert dish! YUM

Miss cherry tweet flew all the way here from my sweet friend Kathys Cottage!

Miss Cherry Annie

Cherry and Jadite filled hoosier cabinet!

I love this bunny guy!
{he was my birthday present to me}
Did you notice his shirt has cherries on it? {I bet Miss Bunny Rose smiles when she spys this cutie!}
Part of my Cherry apron collection
Thank you ScrappyJessi, Mica and Crystal for contributing to my collection
:-) {addition} :-)

A sweet cherry box from Miss Amy @ Bunny Rose Cottage!

This precious lil girl wears a cherry bonnet! Created especially for me by my dear friend Mica @ Garboodles Soup!
Great soup/chili bowls.
Strawberry can......
I know Not cherries.... But its red, cute, chippy and vintage!
It fits right in! And I love it!
I painted the cake carrier, tray and heart to match my jadite dishes!
My favorite cherry dessert plates!
A moving away gift from my dear friend Joyce!
Too cute!
{Joyce come and have dessert with me}
Cherry pie anyone?

That red tray was a super FUN find for 25 cents!
Hmmm.. I wonder why the cherries on the cupcakes look black...... They are red......

Sweet Lori made me the red polka dot Dolly banner.... Perfect addition to my red kitchen! Thank you Miss Lori!
Cuter then Cute Chicky towel from Miss Duffy.
Cherry creamer a treasured gift from my sweet PRH sister Miss Bertie @ Aunt Mays Cottage!

This cute lil shelf holds Grammas' salt n pepper shakers and mini tea pots!
*Red Scales*
Hubby surprised me with this sweet lil red rocker one day! He thought I'd paint cherries on it and sell it! No way....... It is sooooooooo cute just the way it is! I use it to display things in the kitchen when the grandbabies are'nt here rocking on it! Today it holds a large cherry bowl filled with vintage cherry tea towels!

{thank you family and friends for suporting to my cherry addiction...
I luv you all}

Tomorrow I will show you more of my red madness! {extravaganza}
See you then!

Cherry Hugz,


Sam I Am said...

oh my gosh are totally the QUEEN of CHERRIES!!!! wow!!!!
my fav would have to be the bunny guy..he is just toooooo cute..i want him!!!! :)
love the pics..

Kathleen Grace said...

Dolly, I knew your kitchen would be fabulous and it is! I love the hutch filled with all the beautiful cherry and jadeite dishes and, well...everything! I love it all! It's all eye candy and all so pretty, thanks for sharing:>)

Heidi ( said...

Dolly! This is about the most cheerful post I've seen in a LONG time! All your photos are magazine if you had a spread in a issue of ME or Better Homes & Garden! Love all the details of your vignettes. Very inspiring and very uplifting!

Connie said...

I give up; you win!! Nobody on this earth has more red or cherries than sweet Dolly! Absolutely the best RED yet!!

Lori said...

Dolly, do you like cherries? LOL!!! well i guess the correct answer is that you LOVE cherries!!! your kitchen looks amazing, i love all the cherries too...and all of the goodies that you have from your friends in blogland!!! great pictures today:)

i switched back to pink today

bee'nme said...

Girl, that is one of the absolute cutest kitchens I have ever seen!! Goodness, such yummy sweetness everywhere (LOVE the ceiling fan, you clever thing!!)Everything is so fresh and fun and perfectly cheery with cherries...I could just live in your cupboard LOL!

CUTE stuff my dear - I'm blown away (and really trying hard not to be jealous!! :o)

Hugs and blessings,
Becky S.

Mica said...

mmmm mmmm !! I am hungry !! This is wonderful,delightful full of yummy stuff... I wanna come over!!! And again, I am so thrilled you love your Cherry doll... hugs sweet Dolly, MIca

Alison Gibbs said...

Dolly wow!!! Your kitchen is wonderful. You are the Cherry Queen.

Patti said...

I LOVE your cheery-cherry Kitchen!
Can you tell me the name of the red paint color on your walls? I love the red and jadeite green together! You are my kind of gal!
Hugs, Patti

Saucy said...

Dolly, Red seems to be your perfect colour. I love all your little touches, and the cherries too!

Vintage Tea said...

What an amazing kitchen you have!

I have a friend who loves cherries but I think she has a few thing to learn from you!

I love red in kitchens!

Victoria xx

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Dolly, I am so in love with your home, I cant even stand it! You have the prettiest accents and details ever!!! YOUR home NEEDS to be in a magazine!!!!! It is so beautiful. You have done the most beautiful job decorating it!!!

Love ya,

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

YES MR. BUNNY MAKES ME SMILE! I will have to come back and visit him often!!! Love him :)

Rhondi said...

I have never used red before in my home but over the past 2 years more red has been sneaking in. It is such a great cheery color.Thanks for coming to my party. Sorry you missed joining in
Hugs, Rhondi

Diane said...

Wow!!! I am speechless!!
Soooooooooooooo pretty!!
I am seeing RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love your blog very very entertaining .. thanks I enjoyed that!!

loree2000 said...

LUV your cherries!! The photos are rich and SWEET! Great job!!