Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mommys Day

Happy Mothers day to all of my wonderful mommy friends!
God Bless you all
 & Smooches


Mary said...

Happy Mother's Day to You! Hope it's a lovely one!

vivian said...

HI Dolly! Happy Mothers day to you too!

Terry @ La Bella Vie said...

Oh I love this post because I used to call my mother "mommy"!

Happy Mother's day to you too!

Kathleen Grace said...

Happy (belated) Mothers Day Dolly!
You were so right, I can't believe I got the name of that B&B wrong! Duh, glad you said something so I could correct it. We stayed in the blue room too! When ere you there?

suzeeez said...

A late Happy Mother's Day to you!
Did you ever get my email I sent?
I still have no idea if you and Noelle have ever hooked up. If not I wanted to "adopt" you as my blog sister too .
Hugs, Sue

Natasha Burns said...

hope you had a gorgeous Mother's Day Dolly!