Monday, April 11, 2011

yay spring

Today in Michigan we had wonderful weather
Our first taste of SPRING

I opened the doors and windows to let fresh air in,
ahhhhhhhhh  it smells so good
I walked barefoot thru the grass
{euu, don't look at my toes that are in desperate need of a pedicure}

The greening of the grass is so exciting.
I even started raking so that I can fertilize soon!

I spied the tulip bulbs I planted in the fall...popping their heads up
 I am excited to watch them grow and bloom. 
{This will be our first full spring in our new old home}

I loved sitting on the porch visiting with friends & neighbors!
So many people were out and about today
{We are all de-hybernating}


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

You Michiganders really did get some spring! It keeps coming and going over here in Idaho. Today, I think it's gone! Enjoy! ♥

Jeanette said...

It sure was beautiful yesterday! Took a nice long walk and did a little yard clean up. Plus it was nice to have all the windows open!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Looks so nice! Hope mom is better.

Laura said...

Doesn't it just change your whole attitude? I love spring!

Kathleen Grace said...

Wasn't it luscious!? It was almost too hot, but I enjoyed it anyways. I kept the windows open all night. I love spring so much!

vivian said...

Happy Spring Dolly! we finally had some spring like weather this weekend and today too. what a breath of fresh air. It was so nice to crack some window and let some stale air out!
have a great week

suzeeez said...

Hi Dolly,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and also signing up for my Blog Sisters pairing up. I'm looking forward to my seeing who my blog sister will be too . :o) Sue

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi Dolly,

Happy Spring! One of my favorite seasons! It was 80 degrees here in central NJ today. A little too warm for me, but at least there was no humidity. I do not like the heat. Have a great week!


Amber said...

The warm sun sure does feel good! Even in Sunny So. Cal was it a chilly and wet winter. Ready for some warmth!
xo, Amber

vicki said...

Me too Dolly- I am so happy spring is finally here! Wow- your blog is awesome! You have so many friends that love you! I see why! Great photos too- love the happy spring note--