Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Up Date

{this is my precious mum and nieces' son}
Mum has been doing better, she had a pace maker put in today!
Because her heart was slowing down in the night as she slept!
I pray this solves that issue.
Her kidneys are failing and its just a matter of time before she has to go on dialysis. 
I pray her kidneys stay strong for as long as they can!
Thank you sweet friends or your warm thoughts and prayers!
Warm hugs,


Home and Heart said...

Bless your Dear Mum's heart! (and yours!!) Family is so precious!!

Jeanette said...

Your mum looks very sweet. It's hard to see loved ones get sick. I hope she stays well for a long time.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Just sent up a prayer for your dear Mum--God's blessings and His healing hands on her.
Smiles, Karen

bj said...

O, Dolly...what a beautiful mom you have. I will tuck a prayer in with all my others, just for her. Praying she stays strong and can enjoy the rest of her life. I sure do miss mine and she's been walking with Jesus for 23 years.:)

Good luck on winning the house numbers. :))
xo bj\Oh, and I am signing up to follow you right back.

Kathleen Grace said...

Still praying for your mom's health. Sending hugs your way....♥


chateau de fleurs said...

Hi Dolly, I pray for strenth and health for your Mum, and lots more time for you to enjoy her! Thanks for stoppong by my blog today! Christie