Friday, January 7, 2011

Ridgid give away

The folks at Tool Box Buzz are having a give away that my hubby would loooooooove to win!
He is a huge huge huuuuuuuuge Ridgid tool guy!
He could do a commercial for Ridgid tools I swear!
{did I mention he was a huge ridgid tool guy!}
Yep he is like a kid in a candy store when he is in the ridgid tool section....
I have to draaaaaaaaag him away!
I would love to win this give away!
His birthday is february 11th so this would be a wonderful present for him!
Thank you Tool Box Buzz for the opportunity to win!


Tammy said...

Hey Dolly- thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my give away. I love giveaways as you meet so many new people.
I am with your hubby I think- walk me past a shoe store or jewelry store and I barely notice- walk me past tools, paint and such and I look all interested at what I can make with that.
Heres to you winning it for him..he'd love it I'm sure.

Verde Farm said...

What a great giveaway. We could sure use that here at the farm too but I hope you all win it for the hubby :)
PS-your background is so cute!

Cheryl said...

Hmmmmm does that cut fabric? :-P

Emma Burgess said...

Hi Dolly, that looks like a fabulous give-away. My Stu would be in tool heaven! Hugs to you. Emma. xx

Jennifer Hayslip said...

Wow! That looks a man's dream!! Kind of like our vintage pretties are to us ladies. ;) Good luck I hope he wins!!! Whoo-hoo!! XOXO,Jenn b-day is the 12th. :)