Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My heart is happy

I was having grandbaby withdrawals so I went downstate last week to spend some time with our grandbabies and to have some bonding time with my daughter and son!
I will keep my words short since there are many pictures......
Youngest daughter Sam and Maddy {1 1/2 yo grandbaby}

{son} Jay, Me, Lil Guy and Maddy {grands}

Miss Emma at the park

Lil Guy after egg hunt

{youngest grand} Cami kissing the baby in the mirror

Cami and cousin Katie Sue

Maddy thinks she is Hannah Montanna

Miss Emma blowin kisses to you

I was feeding Cami his breakfast and he was making fishy face

Mum with Coral and Miss Emma coloring

Miss Emma and Cami at the park!

Maddy and Aunt Ding {the grands call Sam Aunt Ding}

I miss this precious face.....
But I got my fix of grandbaby hugz and kisses!

While I was downstate I went to my dr and he told me I fractured my shoulder blade!
My shoulder has been hurting for about 6 months,
I have been putting cream on it and ice packs and heat but it hasn't healed... that's why!
How long does it take for a fracture to heel and stop hurting?

Hope you all had a beautiful Easter Sunday!
Missed you bunches,
Hugz, Dolly


Kathleen Grace said...

I can see how you would miss those dear faces! What a sweet load of grandbabies! How in the world did you fracture your shoulder sweets?

vivian said...

welcome home! Glad you got to visit your little grandies for the holiday. I'm sure they love you lots too. No grandies here yet.. other then the feline kind! lol! I'm too much of a worrier.. I'd be ok if I never had any. Dont get me wrong, I'm sure someday someone will give me some and I will be a wonderful grandmother and will love them dearly.. I just hate worrying.. and grandkids will just give me someone else to worry about!
your little babies are all adorable!
have a great day!

Helen said...

I know exactly what you mean - I suffer from "grandbaby withdrawal" often and have to make an emergency visit to get my "fix". And how in the world did you fracture your shoulder blade? That's got to HURT.

Dolly said...

Viv I am the biggest worry wart in the world! But I have to trust that God will make sure our grandsbabies are protected and healthy! You will be a super duper grandmama!

Kathy and Helen, I know this sounds crazy ....I was laying in bed on my left side arm raised above my head and I went to roll over and heard a pop in my shoulder! {this happened about 6 months ago}
I thought it was a muscle or tendon or something like that so I have been putting cream on it and hot packs and cold packs just to help deal with the pain! I always try to heal at home before running to the dr! Bad me!
So when the xray showed a fractured shoulder blade I was shocked! How can someone break a bone rolling over in bed!
I am going to ask for a bone density test next visit! I hope my bones are not that fragile!

Thanks for visiting girls!
Luvs ya bunches!

Connie said...

You silly goof!!! Fractured your shoulder and didn't even know it?? Next time see a doctor, sugar! Hope you're feeling better now.

I got my granddaughter fix last weekend. Expecting our great granddaughter in about 7 more weeks. Squeeeeeeeeal.....

Connie and kisses for Miss Emma

Meri Wiley said...

Hello Miss Dolly,

How the heck did you fracture your shoulder? Your grandbabies are precious, I just love chubby cheeks! So glad you're back, we all missed you!


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Take time to heal!!! Just look at how those grandbabies have grown. Lucky you with all those hugs and kisses!

Shirley said...

Your grandbabies would be so much fun. I know we have a lot of fun with our three boys. Mine are close enough that I could see them every evening it that is what I would like to do. I have osterporsis and I break very easy. I was only reaching over the wooden arm of the chair when I fractured my ribs. Yes you can just roll over in bed and fracture a bone. I definitely would get a bone density test because it sounds like that is what the problem may be. If by chance, that is the problem, it will take a little longer then the normal person. take care.