Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dandy Lions

Isn't how funny when you live in the city a dandelion in your yard is almost a sin.....
But when you live in the country you tend to like and admire them!
{even take pictures of them :-)}
This is the field behind our barn....

Close your eyes,
make a wish,
and blow!

hoping all your wishes come true
God Bless dear friend


Meri Wiley said...

Hi Dolly,

That is so true about those "supposed" weeds. I mean you can eat them, they're pretty, what's to hate about them!


Lori said...

i have to be honest...i am not a fan of the dandelion...

Knot Garden said...

It's funny about dandelions, nowadays I try to get rid of them from my garden, but when I was little I liked them and I used to pick them and put them in a jam jar. Maybe they're not so bad after all!

vivian said...

I live in the country and I dont mind dandelions unless the grass is getting as tall as them!! Ours was getting a little tall this week.. thank God while I was out last night hubby finally mowed ! Lets see how long before they start popping up again!
have a delightful weekend!

Shirley said...

I want one day without rain so I can mow my yard or I will have to have a hay baler. Hehe We all picked dandelions when we were small. I can remember picking them and giving them to my mom for her bouquet. Thanks for the memories. Have a wonderful weekend.

Sandy said...

What a cute post Dolly! Why do we hate those "Dandy Lions"? They are a pretty flower after all as you point out in your post. I love that name "Dandy Lions". So cute.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Jenny said...

I love fields of dandy lions. They are so happy ... the stuff of childhood memories.