Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Teaser

Sorry I have been away for awhile.
I miss you guys so much.....

We are working on many projects....
Around the house

Here is a teaser
Guess what this will be!

Hugz and Blessings
Until next time



Hmmmmmmmm........ I am guessing a shelf? Glad you are back!

Kathleen Grace said...

A board for pegs? I don't know but it is pretty!

Anonymous said...

Maybe a panel of a door or drawer????
Glad your back!!

Julie Harward said...

It's a header for over a door? Or a piece out of a table? It's pretty! Don't go away so long..missed you!
Come say hi :D

someplace in thyme said...

Well, I can see that it used to be a drawer, but now I am guessing it is going over something.......I really have no idea, but I am excited to find out, Char

Dolly said...

You are is the front of a drawer off an old dresser!
I love the details!
I am transforming it into something very useful!
I am excited to show you the finished product!
Just a few more days girls......


Obe's said...

Love the detail work.
I am guessing a dresser or maybe a sideboard??

Karen said...

A sofa table top!!! or maybe a coat rack?

Lori said...

i have no idea???

Shabby Cottage Shoppe said...

Will it be a shelf or the back of a coat rack? Can't wait to see the finished project.

Elyse said...

hi dolly!

thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. have fun with your home projects!


Jacqueline said...

I think you might install it in your front door....can't wait to find out...anticipation!

Janean said...

sideboard? dresser? chest of drawers? spill it! sweet blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dolly I just posted you a comment about my package arriving and I think it got lost in bloggy land- I am so loving my goodies!!! What a way to introduce me to swapping with this fantastic swap we had- I am feeling like I should send you an amended swap package- yours is so awe

I love my sweet little painted pumpkins!! They are just precious and the little girl figurine- so sweet.

I have been so lovin all the swags out there in blog land and I wish you could have seen me when I opened my BOO swag!! I was giggling to think that I now have my own little swag!! It's precious!!

Already nibblin on the gourmet candy corn(yummy) and looking forward to reading that sweet little book!

I took pictures and will be posting about my awesome first swapping adventure!!

Thank you again for such a fun time of swapping!!


peppermint said...

Can't wait to see the finished piece!

vintagebejoyful said...

love your blog, thanks for entering the giveaway.....I will visit often and hope you do the same!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

It is so beautiful..m.

Inspired Tokens said...

Glad you are back. I haven't been around to visit much these days. Enjoyed catching up on some of your posts. Let's's something rectangular in shape. Ummm, maybe a dresser drawer or shelf? I'm guessing dresser drawer.

prashant said...

I don't know but it is pretty! Work from home India