Saturday, January 10, 2009

Making my list....Checking it twice....

Ladies here is the list of swappers {NOT PARTNERS}...
If your name is not listed here that means I did not receive your contact info... email me
your name & address
email address,
blog link,
Answer these questions for your partner.....

what your style is...
anything you really like
or really dis-like?
favorite candy

favorite scent
favorite flower

are you willing to have an international partner?
Leaving a comment or emailing saying you wanna play does not get you in...
your partner and I need a way to contact you.
I need the info above

Cheryl D.
Michelle C.
Terri G.
Kathy Ga.
Deena W.
Julie D.
Jennifer {provobe} Dianne S.
Betty B.
Tina S.
Vivian N.
Sarah B.
Traicia S.
Kim S.
Lisa H. Sarah E.
Angela N. Jayme n daughter
Racheal C. Glenda
Angie A.
Heidi W.
Elizabeth H.
Connie C.
Pam H. Noraziah D.
Pamela J.
Mary I.
Priscilla J. Lea S.
Jeri E.
Cindy G.
Louise D. Stevie K.
Stephanie W. Ruth S.
Jane K. Michelle S.
Gina C. Shannon H.
Janelle R.
Susie V.
Bren Y.
Rebecca W.
Fiona R.
Amy W.
Sammy S.
Cheryl G.
Tammy & daughter Julie R.
Risa P. Debb G.
Angie H.
Karen W.
Shelly H.
Monica S.
Judy K. Isabella S.
Geralyn G. Yvonne M.
Jenny M. Leslie P.
Denise H.
Valerie K.
Andrea T.
Mary Jo K.
Lori O. Rona S.
Rochelle G. Lori V.
Joy C.
Kathie H.
Lorie Y.
Maria R.
Cari B.
Sandra L.
Rebecca P. Luanne O.
Renee K.
Susan E.
Christine L.
Kristie W.
Deb H.
Laura G.
Angelina M.
Emilie J.
Alice R. Cindy M.
Joyce & Daughter
Jane K.
Susan G.
Krisal L.
Shannon T.
Angie & Daughter

UpDate : saturday the 10th
Emails went out today to all swappers with their partners info..
if you did not receive an email from me, check your spam folder.
....don't get discouraged,
I had several emails to do in between dinner, laundry, hubby, the phone and kids!
email me and I will forward the info to you!!

Thanks a bunch,
{{Its below zero here in michigan I need}}
WARM Hugz,


Tammy said...

I resent my information. I hope you get it this time. Thank you.

Dolly said...

Tammy you are on the list....
A.K.A. Tammy & Daughter

Hugz, Dolly

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I do not see my name. I have already sent you the information and you sent me an e-mail confirming you recieved it. I may have just over looked it...m.


Hi Dolly,
I'm on the list, but don't know how I am to contact my partner. Are you going to email me her info?

Vintage Flair said...

how do I get in touch with my partner?

Isabella said...

Ok I'm on the list what do I do now to contact my partner

Cheryl said...

Hi Dolly I went over the list 3 times my name isn't there. It's ok I will catch the next one I guess.

Peace and Blessings
Cheryl.. Snatch JOY

vivian said...

wow Dolly thats quite a large group! I think my partner and I will have great fun together as we have so much in common! thanks for organizing such a fun swap! I know its a lot of work!

The Whispering Poppies said...

WOW! Thank you for all of your hard work! I hosted a swap once (when I had my other blog), and I know all too well the time and organization it takes... and your swap is HUGE! Thank you again! =)

Geralyn Gray said...

i am confused your email said my partner was Maria but it says Yvonne here---Please advise. Thanks!!!!

Our Back Porch said...

Hello Dolly. I got my information yesterday. I sent my swap partner, Janelle, an email today. I look forward to getting to know her. Thanks so much!

Hugs and Blessings,

Back Through Time said...

Hope you have a great time with your swap this year!! I didn't have time but wish I did
Keep warm~it is getting super cold here too! I am ready for my Cherry camper season, lol

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Dolly,
In this Post my swap partner is Maria..

Lorie Y./ Maria R.

But you emailed a a swap partner named Kristal.

Just wanted you to know *smiles*

Thanks Lorie

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh! what a fun blog, I will be back for more visits. Thank you for commenting on my new blog. Have a great Tuesday!


The warmest of your e-mail and have e-mailed my partner! Just an update...and STAY WARM!

Cathy said...

Hi Dolly,

I'd love for you to have a baby and hang the Blue Bunny Wreath in it's room too! lol

Better you than me. I'm too old for babies, but not bunnies.

xo Cath

Karen Witte-Elkins said...

Hi Dolly! I LOVE my partner in this swap-we are getting along famously. I have not posted anything on Flickr before-can you give me a brief idea of how to do that? Thank You!