Thursday, August 14, 2008

Roses and Roller Coasters

Big Hugzzzz and Thank yous to all who have popped over to check on me!
I miss yous too!
I am sorry it has been so long between posts!

My life has been an emotional roller coaster lately!
I need a vacation.... just to escape life for awhile!
Calgon... TAKE ME AWAY!!! {do you remember that commercial?}

On a more serious note... I am asking a favor from all of you dear sweet angels! Please keep my daughter Chrissy {momma to Miss Emma and Ty}
in your prayers!
She was just diagnosed with MRSA.

The doctor has her on antibiotics and some sorta cream!
I don't know all the details as she was too upset to ask questions before she left his office!

She said basically if the antibiotics do not work she will have to be hospitalized! This is all new to me... I know nothing about MRSA,
I need to do some research and ask lots of questions!

If any of yous know anything or have any advice it will be greatly appreciated!
I am trying to keep a happy face on and a positive attitude
but honestly I am very worried!

** Prayers are needed here girls **

I want to show you this beautiful rose wreath
I won from Miss LeAnn at
For the love of cottage!

I hung it in the princess suite!
I think it looks perfect in there! {don't you?}

LeAnn thank you with all my heart!
You made my day!
You made my heart smile!

Also thank you to Glenda, Sam I am, Jillian and Jan for the
Wonderful award!
I am honored that you girls come and visit my lil bloggy poo!
I treasure our friendships and all of your comments!

Thank you for your prayers
I wish you all a very blessed day,
Hugz, Dolly


Victorian Lady said...

Definitely including Chrissy tonight! :) I looked it up...sounds like it is on the skin...that is a good thing. I hope she feels better soon!

On a better note, my cherry girl is may come check her out if you like! :)


Lori said...

Dolly, basically MRSA is a staph infection with a staph that has learned to be resistant to the antibiotic that usually works to kill it...if it is on her skin, it should be easy to treat...i will say prayers:)

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Praying for your daughter! She has the same name as my own daughter. I don't know about that condition either, but I hope the meds will cure her.
Love your new goodies too, but please do not worry about blogging. Take the time you need to see about your daughter and her family. She needs you right now. Let her know that many souls will be praying for her recovery. And you take care!

Connie said...

Ya know we love you, sweet PRH chickee sistah!!!! Hope Emma's mum gets better very soon......

Mary Isabella said...

You Know that I Love you and will be praying for all of you. Please get some of that much needed rest and have a great weekend......Mary

Sam I Am said...

sending prayers up asap!!!!!

Kathleen Grace said...

Praying for your daughter. I don't know much about MRSA. Hopefully the doctors can get it under control!

vivian said...

I sent a prayer up for your daughter. Your should be able to find lots of information on MRSA if you google it. I hope your daughter gets better soon!

Michelle said...

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's health problem.. definitely in my prayers. Have a wonderful weekend,

Dolly said...

With tears in my eyes I am sending out hugz to all of you wonderful sweet angels for your prayers and well wishes!
Your comments and emails have filled my heart!

Chrissys' MRSA appears as boils on her skin!
Her fever has broke {thats a good thing} and she is resting comfortably!
I will keep you updated!

Warm warm warm Hugz to you all!
Thank you so much for being here for me!
I love you all so much!

P.S. YAY... hubby will be home tonight {he has been out of town thru all of this} I need him here with me more then he knows!

Dolly n Chrissy

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Dolly, I am so so sorry for Chrissy! I will be praying for sure. Last school year, they sent lots of notes home sbout it. Somr kids in the district had it but recovered :)

I love your wreath and I was so happy you won!! Congrats on the awards!! You so deserve it, you are the sweetest :)

I would LOVE for you to come for tea!! That would be so fun :) Thank you for your sweet comment! I used Krylon ballet pink spray paint :)

Big hugs,

paintinpatti said...

Oh - you have been missed, sweet friend. Your Chrissy is in my prayers! I wish you lived closer and could pop over for fresh squeezed cherry-lemonade and sit on my pink couch (wink). I'd give you a foot massage!

Kai said...

Dolly, I was unfamiliar with MRSA but first looked it up, then called my rheumatologist to ask if it is autoimmune-related. He said it's not, but it is harder on anyone WITH autoimmune illnesses. And he told me it is a staph infection resistant to many of the more common antibiotics. I hadn't read your comment about it manifesting itself in the form of boils so I couldn't tell him that, but he told me that it often shows up as pimple-like skin lesions at first. His advice was to keep it VERY clean & disinfected, wash her hands almost obsessively, and keep any infected place well covered with a VERY CLEAN bandage. I'm glad her fever broke and I am most certainly praying for her! I know we ALL all, Dolly! Please, keep us updated!

a bite of country cupcakes said...

This is my first time i have popped in to say hi...came over from shanns blog!
And how nice to discover you are a cherrygirl too!
I am also a cupcake,lady bug and bees kinda gal!*wink*
Anyway will keep your daughter in my prayers and pray for a speedy recovery,so she can get back to lokking after her babes!x0

Diane said...

HI Dolly
Sorry to hear about Chrissy. She will be in my prayers. The wreath is beautiful!

Robyn said...

It is basically what Lori said...but it can be spread to others if not careful. Now that being comes down to HAND WASHING! And since I work in a hospital we are probably postive for MRSA! It is rampant in most hospitals and this does happen more and more outside the hospital. She is in my prayers and this too shall pass!


Hey my sweet Miss Dolly,

I hope things are better there with Chrissy now. Shane had MRSA in hospital and still when he came home and he was fine hun, so try not to worry too much. Keep us updated about Chrissy though wont you.

Im sending lotsa huggles n kisses all the way over the ocean to you.

Luv Ya Cherry babe!


Just Between Us Girls said...

Dear Dolly,
I see you added a foot note about your daughter and that her fever broke. I am happy to hear that. You take good care of her I am sure and she will do just fine. I love the wreath and I love the comments you left at my blog. You sweet thing.
Kindest regards and happy days for you and your family ahead.

kathy said...

Praying for your daughter - know how precious she is to your heart -
Love your sweet collections -- Kathy - GA

Lallee said...

You can count on my prayers, Dolly. I'll be watching for an update. Hugs to you!


Hi Dolly,
Yes, I will gladly pray for your daughter ...
The rose wreath is very pretty..I bet that helped make a bad day better :) Take care.
Warmly, Deb

For the Love of Cottage said...

Hi Dolly,
So happy to hear that Chrissy's fever has broken, that is a good sign. We never stop being a mom no matter how old we are do we.....your wreath looks great on your pink wall. I am so happy you like it.


Jenn said...

How is Chrissy doing?

Visiting your blog this morning made me feel so I was reading down I noticed the print of the little girl faced towards the corner with her doggy. I used to have that and another one hanging on my bedroom wall when I was little and forgot ALL about them til now:)

Ive nominated you for a blog award on my blog!

"Magnolia" said...

I hope Chrissy is feeling better, Miss Dolly. It's no fun having one of our babies sick, no matter how old they are.

Please be careful as MRSA is very contagious. Wash those hands!

Cheryl said...

Saying a prayer for her, Dolly. hugs...cheryl

Jannet said...

Dolly, so sorry to read about this!!! also glad to read that things are moving in the right direction!!
You and family are in my thoughts & prayers. All the best. Hugs, Jannet

Rosemary said...

Hi Dolly,
So sorry to hear that news!!
I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers.

Linda said...

Hi Dolly...congratulations on your award you are most deserving.

I'm not familiar with MRSA but I am wishing Chrissy well. Thinking of you and will be in my prayers...hugs, Linda

Linda said...

Hi Dolly...congratulations on your award you are most deserving.

I'm not familiar with MRSA but I am wishing Chrissy well. Thinking of you and will be in my prayers...hugs, Linda

Dolly said...

You girls are such a great support team!
I come here and read all your comments and know you are all praying for Chrissy and it fills my heart with joy!
{and tears}
We are all Gods children and my heart is filled with love for you all!
If there is ever anything we can do for yous just ask!

Again thank you all so very much!

Paintin patti...I am on my way over for some cherry lemonade and that foot massage! :-)
And to enjoy your pretty new couch!

The cherry heart family

Robyn said...

Come by when you get a minute and check something out...I thought it was really cool and wanted to share! Part I & II!

celestina marie said...

Hi Dolly, Big hugs to you and many prayers for Chrissy. My mother also had MRSA and everything Lori said it correct and what I learned as well.

Just wanted to thank you for your anniversary wishes and stopping by my giveaway post. I am blessed by your kind words.
I hope you get that vacation soon and again thoughts and prayers for your daughter!!
Blessings, Celestina
la rea rose

LesArtsbyGloria said...

Hi Dolly. First of all, thanks for visiting my blog. (pack rat)
I actually had MRSA about a yr, & a half ago. I broke out with what they thought at first might be shingles, but it was MRSA. It can be very painful before it goes away, & mine spread before getting better. I am diabetic, so they kept a watchful eye on me. I know it's hard to get rid of, & I have no clue how I got it. (they asked if I'd been to a nursing home or hospital) As per their advice, all clothes, towels, wash cloths, etc. went into a HOT dryer, & I stayed away from the grandbaby until it left! I'm sure prayers on my behalf helped me, so I will certainly pray for her. Keep us updated! Gloria

Beverly said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I will keep your daughter in my prayers. I hope that she is already doing better. Had she been in the hospital recently?

Roxie said...

My prayers go out to you and hope for some answers to ease your mind.
Take care sweetie.

Anonymous said...

You and your family will be in my thoughts and in my prayers.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Dolly! I hope Chrissy is doing much better!!

It is so funny because we planned to go to most of those places you told me about, lol! Chad and I were in Chicago a couple weeks ago and saw theRain Forest Cafe, Navy Pier and the museums and things and KNEW right then, we had to come back with the boys,lol!

Thank you so much for the sweet comment :)


She'sSewPretty said...

Dolly, I'm just catching up with you. I hope your daughter has that infection cleared up. My goodness that would be scary!! Sending prayers your way!

The Rose Room said...

Prayers your way Dolly:) Rachaelxo

paintinpatti said...

Hi Dolly, Thanks for stopping by. I miss you. I'm redoing my classroom and finding all sorts of cute cherry things! It's fun to see how the kiddos share their love by giving me cherries. Blessings to Chrissy!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

ohhh i will say prayers for speedy recovery. I know Staph can be scary. Love your wreath. cherry

vintagebella ~ andrea said...

prayers coming her way ! I love your blog it makes me smile ! you have such a cheerful heart!

Inspired Tokens said...

Sending prayers and good wishes your way for you, your family and of course dear Chrissy!

I hope that she is feeling better very soon and that you are back on the blogland express very soon.

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Wow Dolly, I've been off on vacation and just now trying to catch up on my blogging buddies. I will certainly keep Chrissy in prayer!!



Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Sweet Dolly!

I will keep your daughter Chrissy in my thoughts & prayers. Get the rest you need my dear.

I Will add some red to my home! I love the red you have used for your blog!


Jan and Tom's Place said...

Hi Dolly,

Thanks for visiting our blog and inquiring about the B& is in Bellaire, MI. It is LOVELY!!!

Where are you? We're in Temperance, MI...about as far south and east as you can go and still be in Michigan! LOL!

We'll be adding Chrissy to our DAY of PRAYER post that is a regular on our Blog...every TUESDAY. Tom and I and many others will be praying for her.


SweetAnnee said...

Oh Dolly, that's a lovely wreath..and it looks so great where you hung it!!
smiles and hugs..Deena

Robyn said...

Well, come by and check out my last post for the mystery trip! A bit late but better late than never I say! LOL!
Many hugs!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Dolly, MRSA is becoming so common these days. Basically, if you have an opening in your skin (scratch, hang nail, wound) the staph can easily enter the body. I will pray for Chrissy and for her family, too. I believe that Polly's son (Count Your Blessings) went through something like this. You may want to link to her to find out.

Love your wreath from LeAnn! Just perfect for your suite.


Lynne Laura said...

Hi Dolly,

I hope your dear daughter gets well soon. I've missed you and hope your life settles down and you get some much needed rest. Hang in there friend.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

Jannet said...

Hi Dolly, thanks for stopping by my Blog today, I was so happy to see you there!! Hope everything is well!
Oh yeah, I love that table cloth too, my dear grandma gave it to me and there is 6 napkins to match it.

Hugs, Jannet

barbara burkard said...

my prayers are with you!!!

but as for that calgon thing...THEY don't go

hugz and love

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Dolly ~ I've missed you lately.

Prayers said for Chrissy AND for YOU! Don't know much about MRSA but just don't let her fool with it.

Give Miss Emma a big hug & kiss from Auntie Steph!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Joy said...

I will keep your daughter in my prayers. Love the Besse Pease Gutman print you have in your
Princess room.