Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cute Stuff

I have some cute stuff to share with you!
My trusty assistant is here to help... well supervise maybe!
{she is my shadow.. mommas kitty girl}
Say Hi to the girls kitten! :-)

We have had our 4 year old grand daughter here with us for the past week!
We went to the river to play in the water, build sand castles, played in the pool, had many tea parties, dressed and undressed the barbies more times then I can remember, swang on the tire swing, went for rides on Poppys' tractor, took pictures, went for walks looking for deer, ate ice cream at the corner house ice cream parlor and so much more!
Now that she has gone back home, I can get my groove back!
Get some "ME" time again.

While downstate meeting our newest grand princess I popped into my favorite Salvation Army store
{boy are the prices getting out of hand there.. Has anyone else noticed that or is it just that one}
I did manage to find a few inexpensive goodies to turn into treasures!
Love those tall ice cream glasses oh and the scio hazel dish....
{those I am adding to my collection}

Take a look at these cuties!
Daughter and hubby are ice cream fanatics!
They loooooooooove ice cream!

{me I could take it or leave it}
When I saw these cute lil Ben & Jerrys I knew they'd flip!
Aren't they too cute?
There is a lil spoon in the top of the lid too!
I love cuppy cakes......
This way too cute placemat came all the way from Australia......
Made by Karen {my cup cake swap partner}
Thank you Karen this is awesome
{Karen hurry and start a blog, you are an awesome seamstress}

Can we say CUUUUUUUTE???
I am so excited to tell you about this new shop!
Jannets Country Cottage
Jannet crochets these cute cuppy cakes, fun strawberries and more!
Thank you so much Jannet....these are so sweet,
Ladies go visit Jannets shop...tell her that Dolly sent you!

Don't you love when there is a surprise package in your mailbox?
I received this vintage cherry towel in the mail from Barbara at 123 Lavender Lollipop Lane
Barbara saw it while shopping and thought of me!
How sweet is that!
Thank you with all my heart Barbara... you are such a sweety!
{the cute towel next to it was sent to me from Michelle at Yapping Cat}

Until next time,


Connie said...

Oh my sweet cherry chickadee, you made out with those adorable things! You are much loved I think. :-) Come over for a blog giveaway later this week, sweets. Miss you......

Anonymous said...

A cherry girl can never have too many pretties. Love your little Annie!

Inspired Tokens said...

Lots of beautiful things to share. I love the little crocheted cupcakes and strawberries. They are so cute. Thanks for the link to her shop. All of your Salvation Army finds look spectacular and did you mention 'Ben and Jerry' were visiting! Send them over ...I could use a pint or two!

Lori said...

hello Dolly:) i so agree with you on the crazy prices, my local cancer society thrift shop seems to have acquired the notion that they are an antique boutique...the prices have gotten out of control, and i rarely buy anything there anymore...you found some treasures in spite of that i see...thanks for the link to Jannet's shop, i love her little strawberries...cute stuff!!!

Kathleen Grace said...

Hi Dolly, I agree, Salvation Army's prices are through the roof. I understand that they are raising money for a good cause, but they are still selling cast off "junque" and seem to have prices that rival new items sometimes! On another note, you found some really cute stuff, and the cherry and berry and cupcake things you got in the mail are so pretty! What a treat!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

There is no time sweeter than that spent with the grands!
Love all of your new cute stuff too, especially the tall dessert glasses. Love ice-cream too, so the ben & jerry's containers are too cute! Nice haul! :)

Kai said...

My eyes are in diabetic overdrive from all the sweet goodies! WOW! Dolly, I LOVE all your new pretties! I NEEEEED the pattern for those crocheted cupcakes & berries! I will definitely try to make myself some of those! (I'm on such a crocheting kick anyway!) That was a really FUN post. Felt like I was right there, looking at all your new goodies in person!

Linda said...

Hi Dolly...sounds like you had tons of fun with your little grand daughter...where do they get all their energy?

Love all your sweet treasures and SA finds.
I went to GW today and I thought their prices were higher then usual, especially since all the items are donated. Even so I found a couple of treasures I couldn't pass up. Have a nice week. Hugs, Linda

vintagebella ~ andrea said...

Those ben and jerrys are so cute! I seen those at the store too! Your things are so pretty, come by and check out this link! I think you'll want to take a peak! :)

Michelle said...

What fun goodies.. and congratulations on the new grandbaby, what a sweetheart!


tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Completely cute stuff! Especially your assistant!!!

M ^..^

Anonymous said...

Awwww, I'm totally in love with your assistant!!
Love your ice cream glasses too :)
Thank you so much for your kind words on my creations!!
Have a lovely day, Jannet

Sweet Repose said...

Uh oh...Ben and Jerrys' has babies, I am in sooo much trouble now...and yes, Good Will and Salvation Army are getting pricey, must be cause of all of us dealers and collectors, but hasn't it always been that way.


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Sounds like you and the little princess had a blast!!! Wonderful!

Love seeing all your new goodies (and the old goodies too! lol)

Smiles, Karen

Anonymous said...

I love your cupcakes...you were a lucky ducky on that swap!!! Kristin

Lallee said...

Thank you for the **cherry cheery** eye candy. All lovely!

I know what you mean about the increase in prices in the thrift stores. Ours went up some time ago. I can't blame them. It's for good causes. I probably spend about the same either way though. It just made me very picky when I shop and I don't go as often.

Rhondi said...

Hi Dolly
I enjoyed looking at all your lovely bargains. Those crocheted strawberries are so CUTE!!
Hugs, Rhondi