Saturday, March 29, 2008

Send her to Grammas'

What to do when your lil princess is not feeling well and you have tons of errands to run, a lunch date and shopping to do???
That's right
~~ Send her to Gramma and Poppys house~~

It breaks my heart to see her this way!
Miss Emma isn't feeling well,

sore crusty nose from wiping too much, runny nose, vomiting, diarrea and just plain old yucky feeling!!!
Don't you hate when your lil angel is sick and there is not a whole lot you can do for them!
Poppy and I just cuddled her and rocked her all day!
By the time she went home we had a load of laundry to do from her vomiting on herself, us , her blankets and towels!
Hubby and I now have that stomach flu or virus or whatever it is !
I feel drained, weak, sore.... and HUNGARY!!!!!
I hope this goes away real quick...... I hate this feeling!

Have a great weekend all,
The sun is shinning and it looks nice out today!
Hugz, Dolly

{P.S. don't ya love Miss Emmas' cherry cuppy cake jammies?}


Vintage Tea said...

Sorry to hear of your families illness, wish you all better soon

Victoria xx

T=ME said...

Poor baby,Poor Dolly,Poor Poppy hope you and yours feel good again soon! Hugs,Terri

Lori said...

Oh hope your all well soon! Poor, poor baby, glad she had such cute jammies on to help her feel better! Boy you've sure had some neat goodies ent lately (previous posts) Take care sugar! Love,Lori

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh it breaks your heart when your little ones are sick.
Hope you two are soon better

Lori said...

oh the poor little lamb...she is a beauty even when she is sick...i hope your little angel is feeling better soon Dolly, you and your hubby too!!!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

It would be worth getting another flu bug to hold that cutie.

When my daughter was here in June, her youngest was only about six weeks old. I held him every chance I could get, he was so cuddly.

Susan Tuttle said...

Poor little thing - that is just awful. When my son was seven months old he had a terrible stomach virus. He wound up being hospitalized for dehydration, and the scary thing was that it didn't take much for him to get to that point.

I hope your little one will be better very soon.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - yours is lovely.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh lil' precious Princess!!! She is so cute and I am sorry to hear she and YOU are sick. Get better soon!


Bella Blogger said...

For a sick baby, she sure is a cutie. Hope she is feeling better and you too!
Shabby Creations

Joy said...

Oh my goodness, what a little precious one...hope she feels better soon!


love of yellow roses said...

what a precious little girl. she look so peaceful sleeping. sorry to hear you are now under the weather.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Poor Miss Emma and poor you (and your hubby). Hope everyone feels better soon!


Oh dear, i know she is sick but i just wanna squeeze her! What a cute lil' cherry pie she is, even with a crusty booga nose.LOL. Hmm wonder who picked out those jammies for her..??????

Hope lil miss feels better soon.
Im sure the cuddles will be making it all good :)

Luv Ya Bunches,

vivian said...

aww.. but what grandparents you are! I wish I had had my parents around when I was raising my kids! I sure could have used them!
hope you feel better soon!

Jen Glover said...

What a beautiful baby! My prayers are with you all.

I love your blog, just stumbled upon it! I will be back. Thank you for sharing! Happy Monday!

Stephanie said...

Oh, bless Miss Emma's sweet little heart, & yours & Poppy's, too! Please take care & feel better soon!

Big ol' Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Michelle said...

Feel better soon!


Gypsy Mermaid said...

aww hugs to all of yall! i hope you get better soon and your little angel too she is so precious! maybe when you feel better you can check out the new swap I am hosting called enchanted!
hugs get lots of rest!!


vickie said...

Hugs and prayers to you Miss Dolly,
feel better soon. She is precious.

dollybelle said...

Wow! Beautiful blog! Thanks for coming over to mine check 'er out!
And your name really is Dolly!!

dollybelle said...

btw! You have the most beautiful baby
I have ever seen!

Robyn said...

Sending you sweet pea some lov'n and sending you & hubby warm thoughts too! And yes I squealed when I saw her PJ's! Too cute!

Felicia said...

Poor thing! Hope she feels better soon :)

Cheryl said...

Oh my goodness...what a little cherub you've got there! Sorry to hear about "the bug".... bad bug. You know what is wonderful for that flaky dry sore nose she has? Chapstick! No lie... just make SURE you mark it "nose" because using it on your lips afterwards would be just gross lol I used to apply it to my daughters nose when she was little and it cleared it right up super fast.

Sophie Rose Designs said...

Oh, that poor sweet little angel!!!
It's so sad when they're sick!:(
I hope she's feeling much better by now! And I hope you don't get whatever it was!!

*huggies* Dara

Secondhandrose said...

Oh, sorry to hear you were all sick. This has been a bad year for it. Love the cherry cupcake jammies. Come for a visit.