Friday, March 7, 2008

Birthday Prezzies

Ouuu Ouuu looky all the fun cherry goodies sweet Miss Jessi sent me for my birthday!
Don't cha love the swirl cherry apron?
And the candies and coasters, and cute ribbons and notebook and tags and yummy scones mix....
oops... there are a few things missing....
the gummi cherries {I ate} and the cherry note cards {I used already}!

Thank you with all my Cherry Heart Miss Jessi... you are such a sweety pie!

Not too long ago I met DeeDee!
We started chatting and found out we have lots of things in common!
We share a love for PINK, love to create, blog, meet other gals with the same interests,
yada yada yada....

we have the same initials D.S.,
the same birthdate February 27th!!!!!
The story thickens.......
For her birthday I made the pink cherry cupcake box and filled it with goodies....
she made me the heart cherry box and filled it with goodies!
We even think alike!
Stop over and say Hi to Miss DeeDee and her sweet lil princess Alexandra!
Thanks Birthday buddy...... I love all the cherry goodies!!!!

Speaking of Princess'.... Miss Pretty Petals Princess Heather and I did a valentine swap together!
Looky all the BEAUTIFUL goodies she sent me!
This precious basket adorned with the sweetest nest and minty green eggs
{Heather knows thats my fav. color}

Filled with vintage papers,millinery flowers, ribbons, seam binding and all the things Miss Heather sells in her pretty petals boutique!
Miss Heather even created this sweet heart hanging from vintage wallpaper, don't cha love the super cute ruffle...
take a lose look... the lil girl is holding a basket full of cherries!

I forgot to get pictures of the goodies I sent Heather....{I am hopeing she takes some and sends them to me}
Heather THANK U with all my heart for the wonderful valentine swap goodies!

You are an awesome swap partner!

This lil tweety girl escaped from Miss Kathys Cottage and flew all the way here to live in my cherry kitchen!
Doesn't she look right at home?
If you would like your own lil tweet, visit Kathy....
Kathys Cottage is hatching lots of tweets in any color your nest desires!

I have more Birthday pictures to show.... plus hubbys' deer pictures and some other goodies!
Not sure when....
I can't sit for long... my hips have been bothering me lately!
It hurts to sit for long......

Xo, Dolly


Scrappy Jessi said...

yeah!! im glad you had such a great birthday!!!

Kathleen Grace said...

You had such a great birthday! What beautiful gifts and treats you received! They are just beautiful and so you. Little Cherry tweet looks right at home in that sweet little red compote:>)

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Wow, Dolly, what a great birthday you had. Well deserved I'm sure!!



Alison Gibbs said...

Oh what gorgeous birthday pressies you got.
I see you have some of that yummy pink chocolate drink that I got in the valentine swap. Mmmm you will love it.

Inspired Tokens said...

Wow...what a birthday! I love all the cherries and all the frilly things you received. It all looks so exactly like you! Happy Birthday to you! It looks like it was fabulous!

Mary Isabella said...

Wow. Happy belated Birthday. Beautiful things you recieved.....Smiles

Sugar Bear said...

Well I am just lovin everything - esp. those fabulous goodies you sent DeeDee. Happy belated birthday.

Lynne Laura said...

Hi Dolly,

Love the cherry gifts you received! Very darling. Just dropped by from Kathy's Cottage. We are all neighbors, I too live in MI.


Robyn said...

Dolly..Dolly look at all that eye candy! Just lovely!

Lynne Laura said...


Love the cupcakes. There is no way you can't love a cupcake! I reside more at the bottom of the state and east in Livonia. It's great meeting you.

Lynne Laura

bee'nme said...

Happy belated birthday, you sweet thang you!! Dolly, I just love looking at your off-the-charts cute loot!! And isn't your hubby just the best for his awesome gift! You are truly blessed with loved ones and friends...and that's the best gift of all!! Hope it was a happy, happy birthday, and may this year be full of grace and joy and peace!

Hugs and blessings,
Becky S.