Monday, August 20, 2007

Soups on... Comeon over

Brrr.... It's cold and rainy here again today!
I am not complaining though...
the rain is a blessing!

It's been so dry here

What's the best way to chase away the rainy day blues?

A big pot of soup simmering on the stove!
I had zucchini and summer squash begging to be used
so I whipped up a pot of zucchini soup!

Juicy tomatoes, sweet corn, zucchini, yellow squash, and onions.
5 Simple ingrediants, topped with velvetta cheese!
Sooooo Yummy...
can you smell it?

Stay warm and Enjoy your day!
Hugz, Dolly


Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Oh my goodness Dolly! I have this HUGE zucchini sitting on my counter and I have been sitting here thinking.. Now what am I going to do with this thing?? (not a very good cook!) This is perfect!!! I am making it tomorrow.

We must be on the same weather path as you..rain rain rain. I love your cherry socks!

xoxo Heather

Bertie said...

Looks yummy! I'll be right over. Hope there's enough for two!

Aunt May's Cottage


oooh yummy i am sooo hungry too :)
Hmm a nice big crunchy bread roll would go well with that soup.
Hey look at your sox! Arent they the cutest :)

xo Shann

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

The soup looks d-lish! It's cold and rainy here as well. You look quite comfy there with your socks and blanket!


Lori said...

Dolly, Everything looked "Cherry-Lious" even your twinkle toes!!! Love, Lori

Kathleen Grace said...

Yum-O! I think I'll make some minestrone vegetabe today!

rosechicfriends said...

Oh YUMMMMY...I am driving up right now to have some with you! I put a crock of homemade chicken noodle soup with bread machine *homemade* bread. We think alike Miss Dolly!!! It's is a bit warmer today though!

Lallee said...

That looks really delicious. It is not cold here though, it's sweltering!

Rosemary said...

That soup looks really good Dolly.
We are trying to keep cool here.
I wish it would get cool and rainy.
Enjoy the soup!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Dolly, that looks simply delicous! I am with Bertie, be right over :) I am so not ready for cold weather yet and the last few days have really been a shock to the sustem! Stay warm and cozy :)

Love ya,

Sharon said...

I can smell it and your making my mouth water. Yum!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that soup looks fantastic!! Thanks for sharing!
Kathy :)

Miss Rhea said...

Ok, dish me up some girl. :)

Stephanie said...

I'd know those feet anywhere with those cute socksy wocksies!! I can be there in a jiff to help you eat that soup!

So glad your hubby is doing better. I'll keep you both in my prayers for continued healing.

Angelic Accents

Nancy Lee Malay said...

I can almost smell that soup all the way to sure looks yummy! And the socks are just adorable!!

I do enjoy visiting your blog!!


vickie said...

Wow Dolly, the pictures are beautiful, I could sit right down and start eating! Looks so good.
Miss Emma is a doll. I like your music on the blog. Hey! my blog's not on your list!

hugs, Vickie

Jeanne said...

Yum - that soup looks tasty. Got your message about the tussie mussie....oooh, I am looking forward to it. I love getting things in the mail. I'll let you know as soon as it arrives!

Kari said...

Oh wow, that looks good. Too good. And that talk of cold weatehr is getting me all excited! lol Love the socks, too!

Anonymous said...

I'm a new gal! Just stopping by to say hello! That soup looks absolutely delicious!!
See ya!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog! I'm praying for you and your husband too!

Like your blog, and cherry things, especially the socks!


the feathered nest said...

Love zucchini soup, especially with fresh bread. Your's looks nummy. It's not quite soup time here yet, we're just getting into the 90's again. But I can't wait for fall so I can start making soups and stews again.


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

That first picture is just adorable. I love your cherry pictures! The soup looks so yummy!!!! How perfect for a rainy day.

Becky said...

Well, it is dinner time and my mouth is watering just looking at your cup of soup. Yumm-O! What is even more tempting are your dishes and linens!! he he. Love your socks, too! (( Hugs )) back to you, Dolly!! :) Becky

oak wind farm said...

YUM! I love soup! And your mugs and socks, etc are darling!

Have a blessed day!


The Feathered Nest said...

Dear Dolly, You've won a goodie on my blog!! Please stop by to see me...xxoo, Dawn

Natalea said...

that soup looks soooo good!