Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday it was 58 degrees here.
Sunny and warm.....
A REAL spring day!

You know the kinda day where you can open all the windows and doors and put a pair of shorts on and go bare foot! Ahhhhhh.....
We spent the day in the yard!

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What a perfect day to clear the flower beds of last years fallen leaves!
My lil helper did a great job putting all the leaves in the basket.
{is this child labor} lol
She wanted to be a part of everything we did!
Raking, sweeping, and hauling the many baskets of leaves to the compost pile!

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Oh the excitment on her face when we found this pretty patch of violas hideing under a pile of leaves!
My first flowers of the year! YAY!!!!
I love their sweet lil faces! Like mini pansys!
My mum gave me a few cuttings when we moved because she has them in every flower bed! She calls them jumping jacks.... they do jump all over!
I scattered the seeds in every flower bed with hopes that they spread like mums have!

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Today it was like someone turned the heat off!
Bitter cold, shut the doors and turn the heat on....... sweatshirt weather!
What a difference a day makes!

Blessings, Dolly


Natasha Burns said...

Love the little violas Dolly! We've had strange weather, the other day it was so warm we had the air conditioner on (approx 95F) then the next day it was cold enough to put on the heater to get the chill out of the air (approx 65F), one day to the next! I am not a cold weather fan, you probably think 65 is not cold, LOL it's too cold for me!!!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hi Dolly! What a sweet little pumpkin she is! My son is the same way(the little one) always wanting to help. He helped me shovel snow all the time and loved it!

My daffodils bloomed this week. I just love those little violas! So sweet!

Holly Doodle said...

Dolly, ahhhhh what a wonderful season spring is! I sounded a little like Yoda there, but anyway. In my neck-o-the-woods we call them there flowers Johnny Jump-ups. Love em.

Jules said...

Ok we have all had a real belly laugh here at your 58 degrees barefoot window open speech,here in aust thats real winter type weather.We were saying bloody hell what do they call cold.Love your stories and pics very jealous of your amish auction i bought some little amish hats Boys ,firls from the U.S just cause i needed em.
Put some pics of my kitchen on my blog.
Thanks for the visit