Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hey bidder bidder....

Today we went to an amish farm auction.

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Usually when an amish family moves they auction off everything and start over!
A part of me thinks this would be wonderful.. ohhh to start fresh...
seeking out antique shops and sales to furnish your new home with all new treasures!
but then....
The sentimental part of me thinks... how can anyone do that?
You see, I have a hard time parting with things!
Yep... I get sentimentally attached!

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Ok let me set the mood...
there is a damp chill in the air.... overcast sky! Sure looks like rain!
Cars, trucks and buggys are parked along the roads and in the fields.
The aroma of fresh baked bread, warm pies, donuts & coffee fills the air!
Lil boys with straw hats and lil girls in their dresses and bonnets running about,
horses naying in the background as the auctioneer says will ya give me 5

come on someone give me 5 dollars 5 dollars 5 dollars!
{how do they learn to talk so fast?}
The farm yard is filled with anxious people hopeing to get a bargain.
For hubby and I it's mostly a social gathering!
We get to visit with friends and meet new people,
plus kick ourselves for bidding too much or not enough
on something we had hoped to take home with us!!

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I had visions of lacey curtains, dollys, teddy bears and tea parties in this sweet lil log cabin with our grandbabies,
but the bidding went too high for this gramma.
The last time I won a building at an auction it took 8 guys and 9 hours of work to get it here and set in it's place!
More about my future guest cottage awaiting its makeover to come in a future posting!!!!

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I did bid on and win this set of amish made adirondac chairs!
I have always wanted a set!
Everyone asked if I was going to paint cherries on them...
Hmmmm.... maaaayyyybeeeee....... they do need a makeover! :-)

What a fun day.... wish you were here!
Hugz, Dolly

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Connie said...

Dolly, I just love your site - the cherries, the minty green color!! How very pretty. My hubby is from PA and we've been through the Amish country. Isn't it a treat? But I especially love that little log house. WOW, what I wouldn't give for that!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hi Dolly! I live near amish country too!! We are in Western PA...are you in PA? The Amish are always at the auctions we go to...they always buy very "useful" meat choppers and stuff. A very nice and simple life they lead but I sure would miss my fro fro stuff if I were Amish!

Sounds like you had a wonderful day! It is so fun going to auctions...and I just love those chairs!! I could see little cherry curtains in that little house too! lol

Natasha Burns said...

WOW Dolly those scenes are things I have only ever seen in movies!!! said...

The auction looks so different from any around here, I'd love to go to one of those sometime! And I am looking forward to seeing what you paint cherries on, if not on the chairs. I tend to add flowers to all the chairs I buy.