Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hello dear friends.... 

Today is my birthday....  BUT

There will be
No Parties....  

Or Small

No Birthday Hats

No pretty dresses

No balloons

No yummy cup cakes

Or festive decorations

I just want to pull the covers over my eyes


I know this too shall pass!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Putting myself out There

Hello dear friends,

If Jenny can do it....  so can I.

Let me explain.....
I have always been, and still am, the one BEHIND the camera!
We have very few pictures of me.
Any pictures we do have I critique and usually hate for anyone to see me.
That is why I have not had my picture on my profile.
BUT this year I am taking baby steps to " put myself out there."
Reading blogs and having so many friends out in blog land.....
I want to put a face with a name.
I want to see who lives in that house, who decorated that beautiful cherry filled kitchen, who painted that picture!
Putting a face to a name is always fun!
Scarey if you are on the other end though. 
Like me...  I am camera shy.
I think I take bad pictures.....  am over weight and have saggies!
But you guys are my friends and friends don't judge! Right?
So this year I am taking baby steps and am putting myself out there. 
This is a challenge for me.... big time.
"Put Myself Out There".... PMOT
any one who feels the same as we do..... 
please take time and think about it.
Step out from behind the camera.
We can join together and hold hands as we 
all take those baby steps together!
If we all do it together it won't be as hard.
Thank you Jenny for the encouraging words.
Deep breath......
Well Hello..... let me introduce myself,
this is me, 
Dolly @ From My Cherry Heart.
 {sweaty palms and heart racing}

Stop by Jenny and Aarons' blog and say hi.
Let me know if you are "Putting yourself out there"
{I have to admit it took me awhile to push that POST button} 

Hugs to all