Thursday, February 4, 2010

It;s February

February is upon us ....
That means lots of birthdays, lots of presents and cake and cake and cake!
The 2nd ~~ Friend Kelly
The 3rd ~~ Aunt Barb
The 4th ~~ Aunt Susy
The 5th ~~ Our Granddaughter Coral Lynn
The 6th ~~ Daughter Chrissy
The 9th ~~ Our neighbor Sovilla
The 11th ~~ My dear sweet Hubby
The 17th ~~ Hubbys moms cousin Alphonse
The 18th ~~ My oldest and best friend Barb
The 19th ~~ My dear friend Crystal
The 25th ~~ My sis n hubbys anniversary
The 27th ~~ My nieces birthday and Mine TOO!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY everyone I luv you!

This weekend we have 2 celebrations...
saturday is Corals' party
then sunday we will celebrate all the family february birthdays !

Which month of the year do you have many birthdays to celebrate?

Hugz, Dolly


Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Dolly. Whew, that is a LOT of birthdays. And happy birthday to you, just in case I forget.

August seems to be our heavy month.

Aug 17th - nephew
Aug 18th - sister
Aug 19th - great niece
Aug 20th - Mother in law
Aug 23rd - Son

(And I only have one sister, so that is her sons birthday, then her own and finally a granddaughter).

Dec - Jan is busy too.
25th - Christmas
28th - Son's & DIL's (my only child) Anniversary
31st - Grandsons Zack's Birthday
3rd - Grandsons Tristan's Birthday

Have fun in February and celebrate don't stress out.
Hugs...Tracy :)

jenny holiday said...

Hey Dolly!!!
Yep! This time of year is soo busy for us too! Lots of celebrating!! Aaron just had a bday, so did my Dad, and Aaron's mom, and a handful of our friends!! It's a fun way to stretch out the holiday season! And of course....Valentine's is almost here!!

Hope all is GREAT!! Happy 2010!!!
xoxo Jenny

Meri Wiley said...

Hey Dolly,

This month is kind of active for our family as well. We also have a lot of activity in June, August, September and January. Looks like you're gonna' have a lot of fun this month. Enjoy!


Cathy said...

We tend to do April & November.

April 4 - my daughter
April 18 - my husband
Nov. 3 - my grandson
Nov. 7 - me AND my daughter
Nov. 29 - my son

There are also several more extended family members in those months as well! (I do have a sister whose birthday is in Feb!!)

Shabbyfufu said...

Hi Dolly....thanks for visiting me! ME....Feb 25th!

Shirley said...

You have a lot of birthdays, we do to this month and August. My hubbys and brother-in-law the 2nd, my sister the 3rd, my brother the 13th, my niece the 22nd my nefew the 21st, great niece and nefew the 29th. Our doctor's is the same day as my hubbys. A happy birthday to you.

Kathleen Grace said...

it's May and July for us.
May 6 - My daughter AND my brother in law!
May 20 - Me
May 29 - My mother
May 30 - My neice

Two neices, a daugher, our godson, my husbands father:>)

tales from an oc cottage said...

WOW! Just like our family!! Too funny!

m ^..^

Jenny said...

Wow, that is a lot of Birthdays for sure. I hope you actually get to eat the cupcakes pictures for at least some of the parties.

Lallee said...

Whew. I lost count. LOL My oldest son's BD is the 17th. One niece and a best friend is is February. Such a short month to be so busy.

peppermint said...

That's a lot of partying going on! November is the big month in our family!

Melissa said...

wow, it is a busy month for you! such a wonderful blessing to share in many celebrations with those you love. Enjoy!

Anne at Fiona and Twig said...

Wow, that's a LOT to keep up with!

I think my busy month would be April.

Have a wonderful day!