Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Cherry Cottage Christmas part 2

Welcome all to part 2 of my Cherry Cottage Christmas tour!
I am glad you are here!
Come on in

I made this santa many moons ago! He is a styrofoam base, the cloth robe was dipped in starch to stiffen it, His beard is batting... and his lil tree has real tiny lil lights that actaully work! Too cool! {click to enlarge any photos for a closer look}

For you girls who visit often.....
here is a glance at my newly decorated front room!
Sagey green walls with the vintage rose border... in some of the pictures you can see that I painted above the border {9 inches down from the ceiling} a cranberry color that goes up onto the ceiling and the center of the ceiling is a creamy vanilla color!

I decorated this garland with treasures from this sweet gal
We were partners for the snowflakes and sparkles swap!
Here is a peek of some of the beautiful ornies that she sent as well! This cute silver tiara sits on the top of one of my favorite PINK ribbon ornies! Isn't it cute?
And this lil angel makes my heart sing! She is so pretty! I love her vintage look!
I am so giddy over this sparkely PINK PRINCESS sign.... I am a PRINCESS you know! I have a Tiara and sign to prove it! {te-hee}

One of my favorite needlework stockings! Perfectly victorian!!!! I have 6 different needlework stockings... all with angels on them!

I found these beautiful handpainted rose ornies here!
:-) {tell Mary that Dolly sent you} :-)

I am so sorry the pictures are so bad!
You are not going to believe what I did!
I left my camera battery charger at mother in laws' house when we went down for Thanksgiving so I am stuck using my old crappy camera!
It is BAD... I know! {insert sad face}

Are you finished shopping ?
Me??? No....
Do you have all your Christmas cards mailed out?
Me ??? No....
Are you finished with all your handmade gifts?
Me??? No....
All the cookies baked?
Me??? No....
I am so far behind in everything!
I am feeling the pressure and stress is building
{well honestly, that's been building for awhile now}
Every year I say I am going to be done before now and not get stressed!
Hubby keeps assuring me that I work better under pressure! ha
I hope you are having HAPPY days without stress!

Warm Hugz,


Anonymous said...

Very pretty!

Pamela who use to live in
Mt Pl Mi

Lavender Dreamer said...

Everything looks pretty! Love the Santa you made! And I don't think we ever feel like we've done enough. I keep coming back to look at your front door fairy! She is splendid!

Connie said...

I love it, cherry chickee, but then I've always loved everything you post, make, do or show me! Come look at the pink I painted my rooms. I think you'll appreciate it. AND give Miss Emma a huge smooch from me, honey......

Kathleen Grace said...

Everything is beautiful Dolly! As for the things not done...Christmas cards can go out AFTER Christmas, really, people just want to hear from you any time. Cookies baked? If it's a pressure thing it isn't fun, bake after Christmas. Let yourself off the hook. I did and it makes everything so much happier:>)

Lallee said...

Dolly, everything looks beautiful in your home. Lots of sparkle and good cheer!

Barb said...

Your hand-painted ornaments are beautiful, and I love your living room, and the Santa you made. He's amazing!
So glad i found you!!

BArbara Jean