Monday, September 22, 2008

Come out Come out where ever you are!

I am so sorry friends!
I didn't mean to worry yous!
One of my dear sweet bloggy friends sent an email saying she was going to send a search and rescue team out to find me!
She said she was worried that I had been missing for too long!
I am so sorry!
Thank you for all the emails and comments of concern!
Yep I am here and still alive!
Life has been super duper crazy here at our cherry cottage.
I will try to give you a quick run down of whats been going on here.....

Remember my oldest daughter Chrissy was diagnosed with MRSA {a few posts back}
Well her son and fiance' got it too!
They are on the road to recovery!
Praise God.

We went downstate to visit our families and to celebrate september birthdays!
Since we live so far away from everyone we get together and celebrate all the birthdays in that month together!
It is one huge party.
We got to see our newest princess and other 2 grandbabies!
Kids grow so fast don't they!
Miss Coral is in preschool and loves it!
Lil Guy misses her.... Madison is 3 months old and growing like a weed!

I started a new flower bed... I envisioned an oval island flower bed a ways away from the porch!
I was doing good, almost done and decided I didn't like it so I got the tractor out and started digging a whole new bed... cut the phone line with the tractor and had no phone service for 4 days!
Had to call Miss Dig so they could come out and mark where the under ground wireing was so I didn't hit the electrical wires!
I lined that bed with rocks and added plants and am in the process of dividing plants I have in other beds to fill in the new bed!
Plus trying to cut back all the spent flowers for winter!

We painted our guest cottage!
I first painted it a purplish color and didn't like it so we repainted it to match the house colors so it would blend in and not stick out lil a big purple elephant!
I still have to make curtains {lace of course} for the windows and touch up the trim around the windows and doors!
Next summer we will add ginger bread trim and a patio to the front and cobble stone the foundation!
I am just glad to get it painted at this point!
It looks 100% better!
I canned 126 pints of sweet corn, plus green beans, pickled veggies, peaches,
I still have tomatoes, salsa, spaghetti sauce and apple sauce to do!

Ok you get the idea!
Life has been busy and crazy I tell you.
My google reader is way past 700 blogs that I need to catch up on.
My Etsy boutique has been neglected. {bad me}
Oyyyyy.... will I ever get done?

I do miss you all.
You add sunshine to my days!

I hope all is well with each and every one of yous!
I will be back soon... promise!

Big Hugz,


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Yippee you're back! Sounds like you are busy. Digging flowers beds, canning corn, kissing grandbabies! So much fun!

celestina marie said...

Hi Dolly, WOW!! I thought I was busy. You sure have gotten a lot done. What fun too. Yes, you have been missed, but glad you are getting some time to blog again.
Happy Fall and Blessings always.
Hugs, Celestina
la rea rose

Jennifer said...

Hi Dolly ,Glad you are ok,wow have you been busy.Glad to hear your daughter grandson and fiance are getting better.My son got that during football last year.It was going around the locker rooms.He got over his with lots of meds.At the time it was on the news and we were scared to death that was it.Then went to drs to find out it was.Marcus said to the Dr so I'm going to die then?She said no we will fix you right up.He was a very serious 14 year old.Now I send all 3 with the travel size bottles of hand wash with them to school.

The grand babies are beauitful!!!Hugs,Jen

Robyn said...

Wow girly you have been super busy and that corn looks super yummy too! Good to see and hear about whats going on with you! Life is good here too hanging in the fight!

come by and say hello!


I was just about to book my airline ticket and bring my torch wielding villagers with me to come find you! Oh and by torch wielding villagers i really just mean me and Sam, LOL.

Im so glad you're back sweetpea! You sure have been a busy lil bee.
Hope you remembered to stop and smell the roses (or did you run them over with your tractor??)LOL.

Anyways its nice to have your cheery self back with us.


Shann xx

Lori said...

O.K you have been beyond busy!!! You've amazed me all you've done, boy I remember all to well hitting a line, we hit a gas line!! Also my little grandson had MRSA this summer and was first misdiagnoised for a month! Luck for us he's fine now, but it was so sad and scarey! Whew, now take a rest!!! LOL Lori

Becky said...

Hi Dolly,
How nice of you to visit me so that I could find you. We will have some good chats as you are the expert in renovations. I would love to have your exta hands involved in our restoration!
I can see that you are a busy lady. Your grandchildren are precious. Do you have any post of the restorations that you have done. I always enjoy finding pictures and stories. I hope that you will add me to your sideline and come back for a visit as I look forward to getting to know you better.
Hugs to you too.

Diane said...

Welcome back Dolly. Glad to hear the family is doing so much better.Missed you.

Kathleen Grace said...

Oh my goodness you have been a busy girl! Sometimes you have to put the blogging on hold and get something done! My advice, clear out your google reader and let it go. You will NEVER catch up and we will still be blogging when you get back. It takes the pressure off...not that I've ever done thet...:>P

Miss Rhea said...

Wow, that is a lot of CORN !! lol !! :)

Heidi ( said...

Dolly! Slow pull me back when you do--I'm going at it just as fast! Is it because we want to get tons done before winter? My poor hubby...I've got him working full time after he comes home from work. I know he'll be glad when the rains come so he can rest! Love your canning pictures...I'll can tuna next week!

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Dolly, glad to hear you are alright!! We were all worried!!

You have a beautiful family.

I froze 15 dozen corn last week myself. It's a lot of work, but oh, the rewards are so worth it!! My family is crazy about it in the dead of winter!!

I've been crazy, busy with projects too. We are all trying to get everything done before winter comes to settle down in Michigan!!



Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

DOLLY! I have missed you! I am so relieved everyone is recovering from the MRSA! Such a scary thing.

Your grandbabies are so cute :)

You wore me out just reading this post, lol! I wish I had your energy!

Love ya,

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

So very glad you are okay. Wow you have been so busy!!! Hope you have a great night..m..

kathy said...

Oh my Goodness ! - I am getting tired just thinking of it -- Must be all those wonderful veggies --
giving you super powers -- So glad you are back -Glad all is well -
You grands so cute - KAthy - GA

vivian said...

yeah!! dolly you were missed..I've been by quite a few times! You have been very busy.. I know it feels great to get all the canning put up though doesnt it?? I'm glad your family is on the road to recovery with the much dreade MRSA!
have a wonderful and blessed weekend!

rosechicfriends said...

So Nice to see ya Dolly! Sounds like you are busy living LIFE!!!

Thanks for your sweet comments on my can come visit any ole time!

Happy PINK...Lorena

Nancy at ManicForMosaics said...

Dolly! I need to take a NAP after reading all the things you've been doing! You are just the Energizer Bunny, aren't you?!

That corn looks YUMMY!

Malphi said...

Lovely blog to scroll through...lovely pics,
Susannah x

Kai said...

THERE you are, Dolly! I'm glad everyone is recovering from the illness! AND I'm in AWE of all you've been doing! What gorgeous children! Lucky you!!!! You have definitely been insanely busy & productive! (We won't count upsetting the phone line. You destruct with tractors, I cut hunks out of dining room tables with jigsaws. Ooops!) That corn looks HEAVENLY! Between Jan Glover's apples (Jan at Day Lily Lane) and your veggies, I am suddenly STARVING! LOL! I've missed you! Don't stay away so long next time!

Tammy said...

yay! I am so glad you commented on my blog so I could come over and see what a beautiful place you have here. It's so pretty and full of life. I plan to make it a regular stop. Have a blessed evening.
Tammy Oh and good luck!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Holey Schmokes Miss Dolly--you are a busy lady!!

I'm glad to hear that the MRSA is on the way out--yikes!

I had to chuckle about you cutting up the phone line with the tractor--it just sounded so much like something my sweet hubby would do.

I want to thank you for the comment you left on my blog--I laughed so hard!! YOU, my freind, are the best schmoozer I have ever met! LOL Very nice--and I know it's all true too! LOLOLOL!

Smiles, Karen

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

So glad you are back, Dolly! I miss you! Sounds like you have been SUPER busy!! Hope daughter's son & fiance' are better by now ~ that is nothing to mess with.

Come visit when you get a chance.

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Back Through Time said...

Wow have you been busy!!! but sound like you have had a bit of fun along the way too:-)
Did you ever get that camper?
Have a great week

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Dolly,

I know just what you mean. Sometimes life just grabs us and all we can do is hold on for the ride! We'll always be here, no worries ;)