Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dolly plays with dollys

Lori is hosting a Dolly Day
Everyone is invited to show their dollys!
I am thrilled to be included in this show and tell!

For as long as I can remember I have played with dolls.
I made my own clothes for all of my barbies and made their furniture from fabric covered boxs and things I found around the house!
We had very little money so I had to get creative!
Mum wasn't a saver so I don't have any of my childhood dolls. Sad!!!!
I remember my favorite doll was a Chrissy doll!
She had red hair that you could make long or short by turning a dial on her back!
Thanks to ebay I can now find the dolls I remember playing with as a young girl...
and buy some that cry out to my heart!
My dear sweet hubby bought me this vintage wicker doll buggy... don't you love it!
This sweet doll was made by me back in 1987.....
her name is Bunny!
I made her for our daughter Samantha!
Sam was a thumb sucker so when I saw bunny I knew I had to make her!

Isn't she precious?

I know you have seen this beauty before!
I received her from my sweet talented friend Mica @ Garb-oodle soup!
She lives in my kitchen among my other cherry goodies!

This naked cutie was a gift from the super sweet Miss Deena!
Thank you Deena... I love my naked beauty!

I bought this doll at a yard sale, because I felt sorry for her!
When I saw her I thought... she is not very pretty, no one will buy her!
You see she is not painted very well, { whom ever painted her had a shakey hand} she has missing fingers on one hand and a chipped shoe!
I had to bring her home with me!
I was going to repaint her but then I thought she was created with lots of love, maybe by a little old lady, someones gramma, or maybe a child!
I have a tendency to be attracted to the "not so pretty dollys"!
I think they are the ones that need extra love!
Sleeping beauty was the very first porcelain doll that I made!
She is just a plain jane! No shadeing or tinting.... just painted lips and eye brows!
She wears our daughter Sams' first christmas dress and sleeps in my vintage high chair!

She fell asleep drinking tea!
I used to let the kids play with her {she is a good size to dress and undress}
but now she has a broken foot and her eye lash is coming loose so she is a just look at me dolly!

This bye lo doll came from a church sale!
I remember seeing her sweet lil face and falling in love!

Who could pass up this face?

Hubbys' aunt tried her hand at making porcelain dolls...
We went to her yard sale and this sweet doll was in the trash can!
I asked why and she said she tried to wash her face and washed the paint right off!
I asked her if I could take her and give her a good home!
She thought I was crazy but I didn't think she deserved to go to the landfill!
I plan to repaint her face {someday}

Isn't she sweet?
This pretty in pink dolly came from Amy @ four sisters in a cottage!
I call her little bo peep!
She looks like little bo peep to me!
Of course I had to show you my pride and joy!!!!
Meet Miss Cherry Annie!

Cherry Annie is the queen in my cherry kitchen!
I have always wanted a raggedy ann doll.... but never bought one!
A few years ago I saw a handmade raggedy ann on ebay and asked the seller if she could make me one with a cherry dress!
This is what she sent me!
Cherry Annie sits on a pink ice cream parlor chair that came from grammas house!

I do have more dollys but they are packed away since my daughter temporarily took over my guest room and packed alot of my pretties away to make room for her things!

Thank you Lori.... this was fun sharing some of my dollys with all of you!
Go to Loris blog to see a list of all the other bloggers showing their dollys!

Be sure to stop by my etsy boutique to see whats new!!!


Lori said...

Dolly i am glad that you are playing with me but for some reason i can't see your pictures right now...i will stop back over later!!!

vivian said...

Dolly Im dying to see those pics!! please repost them!

Pinkie Denise said...

Oh, Dolly your dolls are great I love the one made by your friend Mica she is wonderful thanks for sharing Pinkie Denise

Natasha Burns said...

Love the dolls Dolly (lol that was a tongue twister!). The sleeping ones are so wonderful!

Rosemary said...

Great dolls miss Dolly!!
Thanks for sharing,

Mica said...

oh dolly you have some sweets here that is for sure. i love the one in the pramble and oh the one from the trash... so glad you saved that sweetie pie. And the Cherry doll !!! ahhh I am so thrilled to pieces you like her so much and keep her in your kitchen. It was a pleasure to create just for you !!! Have a great day sweety. thanks for sharing all your dolls, Mica

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Dolly, I am so bummed! For some reason, I cant see your pictures :( They sound just beautiful and I will be back to see them :)

I will email you tomorrow too :)

Love ya,

Mary Isabella said...

I thought it was just me, but I cannot see your pictures either....Mary

The Rose Room said...

Beautiful Dolly's Dolly. Love the pram, love Bunny, love it all:) Rachael

Dolly said...

Gosh I am not sure why some of yous can see the pictures and some cannot!
I can see them!

Did you try to refresh the page?
Anyone have any ideas please let me know1

My pictures are posted in my flickr as well if you'd like to jog over there to see them! That link is on my side bar!

Thanks for stopping by
Hugz, Dolly

Dolly said...

If the pictures are not showing for you....click here to see them in my flickr!


sorry for the inconvienance!

Hugz, Dolly

Katie said...

Dolly, what fun the doll sharing was! I have a new rose in the rose garden named Hello Dolly and it is so pretty, do come see on my blog, it's a couple posts back!

Sue said...

Thanks for visiting Dolly, and I love your suggestions! Hopefully more people will help me out, but yours are looking good! I cant see your pictures of your dolls, but Im sure they are so sweet!

Miss Sandy said...

For some reason I can't see your pictures but I did read your post. I too had a Crissy doll! I had forgotten about her until your post! Loved her red hair and satin aqua mini dress! Thanks for the memory!

Sassafras & LuLu said...

Hi Dolly,
I loved my dolls too, played w/them alot and even would try to bribe my sis for some of hers!! ugh!
Glad you are all well.

cindy said...

What lovely dolls! Pea pod would like to come over and play! : 0