Saturday, January 5, 2008

Swap Crazy Ladies

Wow Wow Wow....
Oh my gosh you girls sure know how to make a gal feel awesome!
I have to tell you I am so honored that so many of yous have signed up for my very first swap!
I am honored and thrilled to pieces!
I did the happy dance with every entry... boy am I danced out! :-)

I have to close the sign ups... I am sorry I am not accepting any more swappers...
100 wonderful swappers have signed up already!
I have to stop now before it gets too crazy!
{and hubby thought I was the only one addicted to swaps}{ ha}

I will pair you all with a partner and email you their info by the 10th!
Until then put your creative cap on

Ta - Ta for now

I am spending the weekend away from the puter to celebrate my sweet grand daughters' first birthday!

Happy Birthday my dear sweet Emma!
you get 100 percent of grammas'attention for the entire weekend sweetpea!

~~Thanks again with all my heart~~

Enjoy your weekend,

Hugz and blessings, Dolly


Carol said...

We are all just wanting to swap our lives away....Thatsa lotta gals!!! Thanks for hosting and so glad I am in early!!!

Scrappy Jessi said...

yeah this is going to so fun!!!
have a great b day weekend with emma!

Rhondamum said...

Hey Dolly! I just wanted to make sure that you got my info. I sent it the other day, but maybe I got the email address wrong. I just resent it to from your blog.

Happy Birthday to your sweet grand baby! How wonderful! She is a lucky little girl to have you for a grandmother. May she have a life of peace, happiness, good heath, and all of God's many blessings!

Nora Lee said...

Dolly, thank you for the comment on my blog about the oxyclean. BUT I have now learned my lesson, next time a swap is posted I need to get in right away! I delayed and now out of luck to join in the fun. Looking forward to seeing the posts from others who got in on time! Have a wonderful weekend.


Back Through Time said...

Hope you have a great weekend! Happy birthday to your sweet grandbaby!
Bummer on you closed up 4 days early:-( Good luck with it all!! You will have fun!

The Rose Cottage said...

Oh noooooo, I missed it. If you have anyone drop out I would really be interested, It would be my first swap :)

Genevieve Olsen said...

Sorry I missed your swap ! Happy Birthday sweet little Emma!!!!

Our Back Porch said...

Hi sweetie. I emailed you all my info but haven't heard back. I hope I am in!! let me know.
Hugs and Blessings,

Mercedes said...

Thanks so much Dolly, waiting for my partner. I´m very exciting.!!

Pinkie Denise said...

Boy, how did I miss this? Well, I know, I have been sitting in the dark
with no power the last couple of day..If someone drops out could you let me know, I would love to do your swap, Thanks Pinkie Denise

Pinkie Denise said...

Dolly, I am in your swap, forgive me,
I am really out of the loop, guess it
did something being without my computer for awhile, withdrawls....just kidding I can't wait and love the music Pinkie

Alison Gibbs said...

Dolly, way to go 100 swappers!!!
happy birthday to sweet little Emma.

Mary Isabella said...

Hi I just sent my information and hope you have recieved it. Mary

Susan said...

Rats...I missed it! I stopped by the other day and thought I'd just sign in later. I guess I've learned my lesson! Have a wonderful swap...I'll be watching with big green jealous eyes!

Sharon said...

Wow Dolly what a great response. Can't wait to start seeing the end results.

Liz said...

Hi there -this is my first visit, love your Blog -shame about the swap. but maybe next time -I will just have to be `more onto it'
Hugs from N.Z.

vivian said...

Dolly, was just thinking about your swap of 100 girls.. do you want some help?

Tutti Chic said...

Your swap sounds FUN!!! Have a wonderful weekend with your grandaughter! Love your BLog~I'm off to read some more! :) chris

Linda said...

Hope you had a happy weekend and Happy Birthday to your little grand daughter.
Your swap is going to be such fun! Love, love, love it. Thanks for hosting. Linda

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Wow--congrats on the wonderful response to your swap!

Happy Birthday to your little Emma--now, Grandma--don't you go spoiling her now! haha!

Smiles, Karen

Inspired Tokens said...

Wow - 100 or so! This is going to be fun! Wishing Emma a wonderful birthday!

Casii said...

Can't wait to get a partner to spoil with soem heart-filled fun!

Kari & Kijsa said...

WOW! What a blessing to have so many people signed up for the swap! We can't wait to see what everyone creates!

Have a blessed day...

kari & kijsa

Cheryl said...

lol...I've never heard of such a large swap before..congrats!

*big smile* Enjoy your weekend with the birthday girl! I am in the midst of working on my grandsons first birthday party (in April) Sooooo much fun!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Dolly, I am really looking forward to this came up with a great idea! Thank you. Susan

Bren said...

Nice turnout for your first swap.
Congrats. :) Bren

Pinkie Denise said...

Dear Dolly,
can't wait for your swap, I have to tell you I grew up on a farm,know tractors and love the country and at heart I will always be a farm girl...
but, you can't take away my pretties!
Thanks for visiting and your kind words Dolly, come again Pinkie Denise