Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Welcome to the party

Come along and I will share with you what I love about our Snow covered Christmas cottage....

Our front porch

The wreath is accented with white pearl clusters, red berries, pinecones, gold glittered twigs, a white bow, and white lights!

This cute lil vignette was on my summer porch and I liked it so much I thought I'd use it for christmas too! Don't you love these vintage skates? I think I will paint some pinecones and glitter them for around the candle!

Pink lights, pink & white bulbs, crystal swags, berries and pinecones accent the garland around the door way!

One of my favorite fairies here to greet you!

As you walk thru the door you see Our white feather tree....

my very very favorite christmas decoration!

I just love haveing a white tree!

I love putting it up, I love all of the ornies and the feel it gives the house!

{hubby says its very elegant Chick}{he means elegant chic}

Although I miss cutting down a real tree, the smell that fills the house, and the needles stuck in the carpet for months... yep I miss that!

Sorry for the not so great picture.... its really hard to get a good picture of a white tree, with white ornies against a white background!
I use a white chenille bedspread for the tree skirt! In past years I have used a vintage quilt... Since the kitties think under the tree is their new bed, I have to use something I don't have to worry about them ruining!

My shabby sweet angel tree top!

I think she needs a crown.... don't you!

Here are a few of my favorite ornaments!

This one reminds me of baubles from grammas jewelry box!

I have quit a few white birds here and there.... sprinkled with glitter!

Love their curled tail feathers!

Pink blown glass icicles, glittery snowflakes, pink and white pearl garland, and white satin ornaments!

Hubby bought me this blown glass pink ornament for one of our anniversarys!

More pearl clusters, and pink glittered ornies and pink and clear blown glass icicles! I love icicles!

I collect miniature snowbaby ornaments for my smaller feather tree but hubby bought me a few bigger ones. Are'nt they precious!

This handpainted cherry heart ornie was a gift from my sweet friend Celeste!

It's perfect.... cherries, heart, pink... definitely Dollyish!

Thank you my sweet PRH sister Celeste!

Seraphim angels grace our tree as well!

This one I received when our first grandbaby was born!

More sweet faced snowbabies! This one clips on a branch and you can stick a light up its bottom and it glows

hmm..... I'd glow too if someone did that to me! :-0

One of three pretty pink rose stocking ornies that my sis made for me!

Those are just a few of my favorite ornies that I love to unwrap every year, I get tears in my eyes remembering the family and friends whom gave them to me!

The special occassions they commemorate!

I have alot more to show you.....

Our new nativity

My vintage ornament collection

Our french chic guest bath

Our Cherry Kitchen

And many more vignettes

Please come back tomorrow evening to tour more of our Christmas cottage!

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Warm hugz, Dolly


Southern Heart said...

Oh, how beautiful! I love your fairies, and your ornaments, and that beautiful white tree! Everything is just perfect~

Happy Holidays,


HopHopJingleBoo said...

oh! your pictures are so 'loverly'..thank you for sharing your delightfully pink holiday home decor!

Miss Sandy said...

Heavenly - I love those faries! Thank you for a peek into your home. Merry Christmas, Miss Sandy

Anonymous said...

Everything is beautiful. I especially love that pink door! Thanks for visiting my holiday decor.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

You have some wonderful ornaments. The photography is just amazing..beautiful pictures. Susan

Monica said...

OMG Dolly your house is gorgeous! I am loving all your photos and the creative eye behind them!Thanks for sharing and happy holidays!

BECKY said...

Lovew your Pictures Dolly, and your so welcome. Ya'll makin this give away stuff so fun, its makin me want to do another one soon.
Thank you too.
Oh and I had a sister named Dolly and I just saw you have a commenter named Monica, I had a sister named Monica too. This is weird. Especialy today.


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Your pictures are fabulous! I love how everything twinkles and sparkles!!

Sharon said...

Thank you for the Holiday Tour of your home, everything is beautiful.

celestina marie said...

Dolly, Everything is just gorgeous and so inviting. You have of lovely holiday home. Love your door and lil vignette! Merry Christmas!

Barbara H. said...

It's all beautiful, but I love that last little stocking!!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Alison Gibbs said...

Thanks for sharing so many christmas pretties.

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Hey Dolly, thanks for the tour. I don't think I've ever seen a feathered tree before. Cool.



Natasha Burns said...

Dolly I love your magical twinkly wonderful photos!!! It looks so chilly cold outside!

Lori said...

Dolly, you home looks so festive and sweet...i just love your white tree!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dolly! You have a beautiful home, so many lovely ornaments, all your pictures are lovely! Jenn and Jacqui

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Okay Dolly, I am moving in!!! I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!!! Your Christmas decor is so beautiful!!!


The Rose Room said...

Just beautiful Dolly - Merry Christmas and Blessings - xo

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Could it get any prettier?!!!! Love that fairie by your front door. So lovely.


hey Doll, how totally and utterly gorgeously delicious is your christmas cottage! Those photos are like something from a magzine.
Oh i wish i could do up our front porch like that but last year we had some things stolen so i am afraid to do it again....

I know what you mean about crying over the special ornaments...ive been a huge sooky la la myself while i was decorating this year.
Nothing like a good ole cry hey!

luv ya bunches and thanks for showing us all your pretties sweetpea.


Lori said...

Dolly, Sweetie you had me sold at the front door!!! Guess what I will be souting for in 08??? Little chairs of course! i'm kinda disappointed in my self cause my porch is not what it usually is, due to my back, which I'll tell about on Monday! I love the red bath too, boy if it has a big tub we'd all want to take a number for a cozy winter retreat! Love the white tree too, can't forget that! Will write again next week! Lori

vickie said...

Your entryway is beautiful, Dolly, that fairy is so pretty! Your white tree is beautiful. I like the individual pictures of the ornies on the tree, the pics came out extremely well, the lighting in each one is so pretty.