Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rice Pudding and Thank yous

Welcome back all you Silver bellas! I am loving all the pictures and fun stories!
What fun classes and goodies everyone has to show!
With the temps cooling off I get in the mood to bake more often!
Mmm... I Love the smell of anything baking in the oven... don't you!
This recipe was my daddys' favorite and has been my favorite since I was a lil girl and is now my children and hubbys' favorite!

Gramma Irenes' Rice pudding!

1 can PET milk

4 cans of water

1 cup rice

1 1/2 cup sugar {optional}

1 cup of raisins {optional}

mix into a casserol dish

sprinkle cinnamon on top!

Bake 350 for 2 hours

Yummy Yum!!!!
Gramma Irene would make this rice pudding for us everytime she'd come to visit!
We looked forward to her visits with anticipation of that yummy rice pudding!
Now my mum makes this for her grandbabies every holiday

~~ Cute Story ~~
Gramma Irene lived in florida and we lived in michigan when our children were little, we would have to pick Gramma up at the airport each time she came to visit and we'd drive her back to the airport to go home!
Our children thought Great Gramma lived at the airport!
I over heard them telling their friends that their Great Gramma lived on a big airplane at the airport!


I'd like to Thank each and everyone of yous for visiting my blog, leaving your wonderful comments and for visiting my Cherry Heart Boutique and making this an exciteing adventure for me!
It's so scarey putting yourself out there not knowing if anyone is going to like what you create!
I have met so many new gals thru this give away!
Too Too fun!!!
there are so many awesome decorators and artists out there in blogland! It is such a pleasure haveing you stop by, leave a comment and add me to their favorites!
Do take a moment and visit these gals who were kind enough to add a shout out about my Cherry Heart Boutique on their blog!

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Also each purchase made from my Cherry Heart Boutique before November 23rd will enter you into a seperate drawing for my Etsy boutique Grand Opening!
Thank you very much to those whom have purchased from me!

I added more paper stockings and lavender stockings.... go looky look!
And to my very first customer Princess Heidi
THANK YOU & big hugz for you too!

More tomorrow!
Hugz, Dolly


Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Oh the rice pudding looks fabulous Dolly. Your etsy looks gorgeous!

Check out this hat. It is so fabulous and reminds me of you!


Anonymous said...

That rice pudding looks amazing.


Alison Gibbs said...

Dolly, Gramma Irene's Rice Pudding looks yummy.Isn't it funny the things kids think. My kids used to think my Maiden Aunt that lived with my parents was the Cook. So funny.

Cottage Contessa said...

The rice pudding looks very nice, but the little cherry dessert bowl is delicious! I just love it!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Lori said...

the rice pudding sounds wonderful, the perfect little comfort food!!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Thank you Dolly! I have the pleasure of owning some of your gorgeous work and I LOVE it all! I wanted to share that with others :) I plan to be in soon to shop your Etsy!

Oh those pictures are making me so hungry :)

Love ya,

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks for swinging by my blog!! It was nice to have you visit :o)
About the little stocking ornament--there is one left in my Etsy shop!

That rice pudding looks so yummy! It's been years since I had some. I am going to make some today, and surprise the family! Thanks for sharing your recipe.

Congrats on the shop--now I'm off to see your new stuff.
Smiles, Karen

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oh! and one more thing--my Grandma's name was Irene too :-)

Nunnie's Attic said...

I love rice pudding almost as much as my Daddy! I think I'll make this for him. Ssshhh though. It'll be a surprise.

p.s. - You are most welcome on the shout out!

Heidi (http://journals.aol.com/hwoodred/everyday-cookies/) said...

Ah, blush... I love being a Princess...Thanks to YOU!!!

Do you know I've never made nor tasted rice pudding? When I was little my mom would make white rice for breakfast and I always poured on the white sugar. That's what I always thought rice pudding was! LOL Thanks for the recipe, I think I'll have to try it and taste REAL rice pudding!

Lori said...

Dolly, Lost your email! Yep would still love the pumpkin and clothespin holder! keep in touch! lori

Linda said...

This looks sooo good. I love rice pudding and bread pudding too. Haven't made either in years. I like your recipe and I'm going to try it. Don't little ones come up with the cutest stuff,the airplane story is so sweet. Linda

Brenda said...

I love rice pudding. i used to walk to alittle old ladies house everyday when I was a wee girl. She was about 80 yrs old and had a maid and that women could make some good pudding. I guess because of that memory it is something I will always hold near and yours looks awsome.

Diane said...

Oh wow I am getting hungry going through my list of favorite blogs! Looks so yummy!
Hey you forgot me! I put a shout out about your shop on my blog.

Dolly said...

Diane I am so sorry!
Thank you for the shout out girl friend!

Ladies go see Dianes' white deer and visit her shop! She creates the awesomest pillows, totes and cushions!
She designed the cushion on my white wicker love seat on my porch!

Ohhh do try the rice pudding...its easy and tastes sooooo yummy!
Stop back and let me know if you do!

Hugz, Dolly

Rosemary said...

My husband's favorite, is rice pudding.
Good recipe,

Sid Simpson said...

Thanks for sharing that recipe. I have never been able to do rice Pudding correctly on the stove. Now I have an answer! : )

tina said...

Thanks for the Rice Pudding recipe! I've been w/ my Mom so much haven't had a lot of time to visit blogs...I want to try to make this Rice Pudding this weekend! It will be great cause its so cold outside!! Thanks sweet Dolly!!