Friday, July 20, 2007

Put your feet up....

Hubby and I took a trip into town on wednesday
to get a few much needed things and I spied a family flea market/yard sale sign!
We whipped the truck around in the bank parking lot
and much to my suprise it was starting on wednesday!
That was unusual.... most sales run thursday thru saturday up here!
I have to show you the goodies I found
Ohhhh don't you just love foot stools/ottomans?
I can't get enough of them...
I love to have one in front of every chair!
I saw this lil treasure and knew it was coming home with me...
and at 5$ I was feeling pretty happy to give it a new home!
Its very comfy and sturdy... and vintage!!!

Here is a peek under the top cushion

of what the tapestry looked like when it was new....

augh....I love the worn, faded, well loved look it has now!

Take a look at this close-up...
love those sweet lil cottages
These cute lil scrolls with roses
are the perfect accents for above a picture or mirror!
I plan to paint them first!
Hmmm.. maybe white with the rose pink...
or creamy white then antiqued...
or just white and shabbied up here and there!
What do you think????
This lil lady has been a staple in our house since I was a lil girl!
The only syrup mum bought was Mrs. Buttersworth!
She never talked to us though...
When I saw this sweet lil bottle she finally talked to me...
she said "buy me buy me"!!!
Look how cute she is.....
I just love her...even with her chips and dings!
Now she stands proud in our kitchen ....
When I look at her she makes me smile....
I can hear her whisper....
"Thank you"
I also came home with an 1935 canning book.....
I love to can all of our veggies that we grow in our garden...
there is no reward better then opening a jar of tomatoes
in the middle of january
and they smell as fresh as the day you picked them!
I leave you now with this lil saying on the back of the canning book
How to preserve a husband
"Be careful in your selection.
Do not choose too young.
When once selected give your entire thought to preparation for domestic use.
Some insist on keeping them in a pickle, others are constantly getting them in hot water.
This makes them sour, hard and sometimes bitter.
Even poor varieties may be made sweet, tender and good by garnishing them with patience, well sweetened with love and seasoned with kisses!
Wrap them in a mantle of charity.
Keep warm with a steady fire of domestic devotion and serve with peaches and cream!
Thus prepared they will keep for years!"
><> Enjoy your day <><


Kathleen Grace said...

Love the footstool and the rose thingys! I hit some great sales this week too! Aren't they fun!?

Rosemary said...

You found some really great stuff.
The footstool is a nice one.
Glad you had fun.
Have a great weekend.

Bertie said...

Oh, Dolly, I'm so glad you posted this! I was going through "Dolly Withdrawal" and it wasn't pretty!

I, too would have a footstool in front of every chair. I even have one under my computer desk. You'd be amazed how it releaves back and leg pains when you're on there as much as I am! You really found some treasures yesterday and thanks so much for sharing them.

Ele at A Bit of Pink Heaven said...

How funny was the back of your book??? That was cute. You also got some great stuff. I'm with Bertie, I was going through Dolly withdrawal and not liking it at all. I've been looking for some of your cherry goodies! I am decorating my studio in PRH goodness. Let me know when you list stuff!

Miss Rhea said...

I love Aunt Jemima ! Boy that brings back memories of Happy Saturday mornings ! What a sweet poem, and so true. *smile* you scored big time !

vickie said...

Miss Dolly, what great finds! Love the footstool, actually love it all!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Dolly I love that saying about hubby's. so cute! I have to print that one out.

Love your footstool and those great rose scrolly things... I think just paint them white and shabby them up a bit to let the gold shine through.

I didn't forget about our swap...I am still working on it!! lol

xoxoxo Heather

Sharon said...

That's the best recipe I ever read. Love your treasures.

Charity said...

Great footstool. Just found your sister's stockings on Ebay. LOVE THEM! And goodness, what a bargain! I added her to my Favorite Sellers list.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Dolly! So happy to hear from you!! We miss ya :) What wonderful finds! I love Mrs. Butterworth ;) And I love the rose scrolls. I cant wait to see them when they are done. I pick white with the rose pink :) Cant wait to see what you choose!

Love ya,

TheMomInTheFamily said...

Dolly, Wow some great finds. I wanted to invite you over to my blog. I'm having a drawing for a paper flower bouquet that I made.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dolly,
Thanks so much for your lovely warm welcome! I am sure I will be addicted to blogging before I know it!!

Wow, all your treasures look beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us.
Kathy :)

Stephanie said...

What great finds for you, Dolly! No wonder I've been missing chatting with you. I always loved Mrs. Butterworth syrup, too. She is a honey!

My sweet MIL gave me that "recipe" on how to preserve a hubby years ago when my DH & I were first married. Thanks for the happy memories!

Angelic Accents

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...


Love everything from the yard sale. The footstool is very nice. Nothing like putting up your feet! I absolutely loved the "How to Preserve a Husband". Very cute. Thx for sharing. Have a great day!


michelle said...

Yup, you can never have enough footstools! Love mrs. b too, wow you just really hit the jackpot!