Saturday, December 8, 2007

Look who came for dinner....

Marz and kitten have been glued to the door for a few days now!
Hubby set up the deer feeder and it seems the turkeys have come to share the feast!
We have about 12 turkeys in the yard at any given time during the day and the kitties just love to watch them and talk to them!
Its too cute!

Gobble Gobble.... yum yum

Oh yes I am feeling much better!

Thank you all my dear friensds for your sweet words and concern, also the warm hugz,

and get well packages!

I am back on my feet and going like the energizer bunny!

I run out of energy alot quicker but am pluggin right along!

The tree is up and looks wonderful, { hubby says it is very "elegant -chick"}the guest bath is decorated and I love how that looks, I did get some outside lights up but gosh darn why it is every year we must fuss with the lights, half the strand lights or, you get them hung and half the strand goes out? Grrrr.....

I still have to decorate the cherry kitchen... then you are all invited over!

I am excited to show you all our little christmas cottage!

Lots of thank yous and goodies to share with you next post!

{this is post number 94}

HUGZzzzzzz, Dolly

P.S. if you are waiting on swaps or goodies from me... thank you for being patient!

I am waiting on my boxs to be delivered that I ordered from the po!

Be sure to see the new treasures I listed in etsy Cherry Heart Boutique

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Alison Gibbs said...

How cute are those cats??
Look forward to seeing your christmas decorations.
Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Lori said...

Dolly, we have turkey that come to our deer feeder too!! they crack me up, they always look so frenzied!! so glad you are feeling better!!! and looking forward to seeing all of your holiday goodness:)

Kathleen Grace said...

HI Dolly, so glad you are feeling better! Being sick at Christmas time is the worst! I am so anxious to see your house all decorated for Christmas, I just know it will be beautiful:>) What is hubby putting in the feeder that draws the turkeys?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dolly, so happy to hear you are an Energiser bunny!! LOL Dolly how cute are those turkeys in the snow in your yard!! You must think we are crazy but that is an amazing photo for us :) Don't open the door, the cats will get out!!! Jenn and Jacqui x

Linda said...

Love your kitties and what a great picture of the turkeys. So glad you are feeling better...looking forward to Christmas pictures. Linda

Nunnie's Attic said...

Glad you're feeling better. Now don't overdue it! That's an order!!

I'm loving that picture. I can almost hear them smacking their lips.


Monica said...

Glad to hear you are feeling bettter!
I think I was in shock to see turkeys in your! I am a big city girl who once in a while sees a COYOTE or 2 and nothing more Very neat!

Heidi ( said...

So glad you are feeling better...just in time for the final weeks before Christmas! How fun to have so much wildlife outside your door. We enjoy deer and then across our road is an estuary where we watch geese, ducks, blue heron and many more winged friends! I'll have to take pictures and post on my blog someday!

Anonymous said...

Dolly, I am glad you like the Santa banner. That makes me happy that is now with a good home.
Lori (vintage flair)

Greenie Gardens said...

I love the cats - and those turkeys are fabulous! Who even gets to see the real thing anymore? It's so nice you help the critters through winter. Glad you are up and running again. Stephanie

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Oh boy, that'll entertain your cats for a while. Yummy, yummy!



Stephanie said...

So glad you are feeling better, Dolly! Your fur babies are just too cute watching those turkies! Where are the deer?

Boy it looks cold there! We are finally getting a taste of winter now, too!

Angelic Accents

vickie said...

So glad you are feeling better Miss Dolly! The kitties are so cute watching the turkeys! Thanks for sharing.


Rosemary said...

Hi Dolly,
So glad you are feeling better.
Your kitties are so cute. I love the turkeys. How great to be able to see that everyday.
Can't wait to see your holiday home.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

That is so cute! I can just see those two watching the turkeys! I love your cherry ornaments.

Lori said...

Dolly, Can I join the kitties by the window and watch the wildlife?? Now that's my kind of activity to do! So wish I lived in the country if only for winter!!!! Yep busy, busy aren't we? I 'll be on a baking frenzy for the next 3 days , oops wrapping too! Love, Lori

celestina marie said...

Dolly, so glad you are feeling better and I know your tree is fantastic. Can't wait to see your cherry kitchen! Did you find any skates yet?
hugs & happy holidays,

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Dolly, how sweet! We have tons of turkeys come to out back yard too! They are so funny :)

Glad you are feeling better :)
Love ya,

vivian said...

hi Dolly! I finally found your blog! I was having trouble getting to it somehow! how cute it is! love your kittys!
I'm just doing a quick check to see if you and your partner made the snowman connection for the snowman swap! I hope all went well. I didnt hear from either of you and thought well either thats good, or could be bad! so let me know how you made out! thanks and have a great night!

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Glad you are feeling better.



Anonymous said...

I just love the cats and the turkeys are so cute. I have never seen a real one. Only roasted.

Jeanne said...

We have wild turkeys roaming around the property at our cottage. Love how the cats can't take their eyes off of them! said...

So glad you are feeling better! You have been missed! We have deer and wild turkey in our yard too! Isn't it wonderful!

Mary Isabella said...

Turkeys in your yard how cool is that. Mary

Inspired Tokens said...

Those kitties are adorable. I think I would glue myself to the window too with all those turkeys to watch.

Whimsy Pink said...

Hi dolly! So glad your feeling better! I hope you liked your basket! love,laura